Ass-Whuppin’ Video: Asian store owner pummeled a black woman at gunpoint

Asian owner spanks black woman/YouTube

Asian store owner thwacks customer.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

DALLAS — She was lookin’ for a fight and they gave her one. Law enforcement officials in Texas are investigating after an Asian store owner beat the sh*t out of a black female customer as his co-worker held her at gunpoint. The sweet and sour ass-whuppin’ went down inside a convenience store in Dallas. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the Negro Karen cussin’ out the Korean cashier after going behind the counter. She was reportedly pissed about gettin’ swindled on a cigarette purchase.

“Don’t disrespect me,” the woman yelled.

“I’ll beat your ass!”

The proprietor then punched the lady several times in the countenance and torso as another employee pistol-whipped her. A black man standing in line wanted to succor the woman but the gun scared him off. “He got a pistol,” he told another customer. “That’s the only reason why I haven’t went back there yet.”

“I’m gonna get him when he come out,” he added.

A third employee creeped up from behind with a hammer.

He was about to bash the lady’s skull in.

In a separate incident, an Asian store owner in New Orleans pummeled a black woman.

The rash of Asian hate crimes nationwide have Koreans on edge.

Was the owner justified in beating her ass?

Should black people continue to patronize Asian businesses?

Watch disturbing footage of both incidents.

Share your thoughts.


  1. She was stupid for going behind the counter.

  2. @Storm96: She was stupid for going to the store. How many times we keep going to these Asians stores that sucks money out of the community and you still get disrespected or killed going in there. We can’t seem to get on code and buy from each other because we have been taught to hate ourselves and love every one that hate us. I will drive extra miles for a black owned store before I will ever walk in their shit. I’m at the point if you keep going in there buying their shit and get your ass whooped in the process then that’s on you. Ever since the murder of Latasha Harlins in the early 90’s we should have know better but think giving these people our money and caping for everyone else will make them love us that’s pure insanity.

  3. i was yelling BEAT HER *SS lol
    she deserved every bit of that and i hope it humbled her….shoutout to the storeowners for not being bullied

  4. Lifewithout Parole

    Stop spending your money in their stores. Your guilty before you walk in.

  5. Why did the post say black women when this was obviously a chick who thinks she’s a man n carries her self with masculine energy n attacked the cashier..anything that happens after that is ur fault I don’t feel sorry for the women

  6. So sad to say but truth is once she walked in “ their” area it was no holds barred, period. You got to be major stupid to be that bold to think you should walk behind the counter and everything is going to be honkie dory. All this recent Asian assaults and yo dumb behind exacerbate the situation even more lol. Boy I tell you ! She bought that whipping

  7. A Dumb Animator

    That guy weak as fuck

  8. First black folks take care of business, and stop shopping at these stores

  9. I’d like to be in a asian store when this kind of shit happens

  10. Furious Stylez

    She took her ass behind the counter…she got exactly what she deserved. Next story….

  11. Good Job Asian People! More More !!!!

  12. And this is the number one reason why BW are hated.

  13. introduction2life

    Don’t dress like a man and run up on a man it ain’t gone end lady like 😏 🤣🤣🤣 wtf am I even saying 🥴

  14. It took 3 men to beat up one woman. The sad thing is, the majority of comments on this site are justifying this behavior. No wonder, non black people come into black communities and disrespect you. Black men don’t run nothing but their mouths.

  15. Stop buying from the Asian’s, they have zero respect for black people. Why can’t you understand this, it’s not that hard, if you don’t give them your money the business goes under. That woman was dead wrong for going behind the counter.

  16. Honest to god the person filming sucks ass

  17. Shaqwanda is a big burly bih who ain’t goin down without a fight cause her ancestors were slaves so it’s okay for her to do what she wants cuh

  18. This site is on some bullshit with this post. I don’t condone hitting women but she got what she deserved… Period. What you doing going back there and hitting people. She’s lucky they didn’t go further.

  19. Uhhhhhh i don’t see anything wrong with this 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    girl bye you got your ass beat .

  20. People tired of nigga shit

  21. I am glad that I’m not black.

  22. @Kaiser 129: I am glad I’m not white. Y’all smell like wet dogs and bird shit.


    @Katrina Loera: so if a asian defends himself against and black woman it’s okay, but if a black man does the same thing he aint sh*t and less than a man. got it.

  24. Liberal Standard

    Not one mention of Juneteenth on this website. A new federal holiday but Blog King got time for this.

  25. Asian win 💪💪💪

  26. #StopAsianhate

  27. Rapmagic Deleon

    Dam those Asians love their customers! 😆

  28. That’s what her dyke arse gets for wanting to be tough! I don’t blame the man for not running behind the counter to save her. She’ll learn today!

  29. I 💖 it when AA’s get their a$$es handed to them & put in their place by the same people they thought they had the upper hand over!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Kudos to the Asians for taking her down!!!! 💯👍🏻

  30. Filmed by a black man. Smh

  31. First, she was wrong, but what those men did was over kill. Asians know they can come into the black community and treat black women this way because the community let them get away with it. I bet that store is still open and black people are still patronizing that store. Now, that is sad. Black people do not demand respect.

  32. You posted this trying to make the Asians look racist when in reality the black lady was in the wrong in this incident. Stop lying to these folks lmao

  33. that wuz a bruce lee ass whoopin

  34. She was wrong as two left shoes & seems to have precipitated the physical confrontation.

  35. Women nowadays want to be treated as equal. She wanted to play like a man and she got hit like a man. I don’t feel sorry for her stupid azz. Lol


  37. I stay out of all of these folks beauty supply shops, salons, restaurants and all other businesses. It’s been decades now. Period.

  38. But Karen’s can grab things push hit men and never touched. She stopped and they continued to hit her. Three men. But they know it’s a blk person no consequences. They don’t matter. It was assault after he pulled gun and she stopped then a hammer

  39. SMH. NO she should not have went behind the counter like she billy badazz but those zipperheads took it to another level. This is why I can’t do them, lol. They have ALWAYS been disrespectful to the black community…even though they depend on a lot of black money for their hood located businesses. This is why I do not GAF about Asian hate. They hate us and not ONE has said a peep about the violence against black people.

  40. Barry Machezmo

    Completely over the top and unnecessary. Send them back to Asia.

  41. Yes the lady was wrong for going behind counter. But for two men one armed with a gun to pistol whip and punch this lady like that shows deep resentment towards her. I’m so sick of seeing Asians, Indians and Middle Eastemers come over to our country then open stores in our Neighborhoods where they dont even like the people they served. Enough. If you dont like the people in the community Why In The heck Do You Even Come There and open a buisness. You never see them in White neighborhoods and I promise you wont find one video of Them beating a white women like that. Now what you think will happen if Two Black Men Beat up an Asian Woman like that. Oh the media will be outraged. Hell they proabably even pass legislation for that women.

  42. Black woman hit him first

  43. She should have shot that f**ker.

  44. We need the blk mans help !! Blk women and blk men need each other protect each other please

  45. Well Well Well

    I’ll never understand how other black people stand around, record and watch this happen. We all beating his a$$.

  46. Black women this is why you need black men, you think that man could have done that to Becky-ann? NO…cause Billy-bob would be in the car waiting, and as soon as he got that call he would be dead!

  47. Where TF are the black men to protect us women? Too busy killing each other?!


  48. Black women who still go to Asian stores really aren’t thinking straight.

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