Sesame Street officially “Woke,” popular children’s show features two gay dads

Sesame Street is now gay/Alan Muraoka

Sesame Street is officially “Woke.” 

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NEW YORK — First, we learned Bert and Ernie are a gay couple. Now this: The stratagem of globalists entails transmogrifying heterosexuals into homosexuals to expedite the new world order which makes sense. After all, international sovereignty is much simpler to procure minus hypermasculinity. But, for that to transpire, the machination must include programming sexual orientation into greenhorn children. During Thursday’s Family Day episode in celebration of Pride Month, Sesame Street unleashed its first LGBTQ family featuring two gay fathers and their daughter.

No bullsh*t.

A pair of homo dads just in time for Father’s Day.

Sesame Street is officially “Woke.”

Nina, played by Suki Lopez, introduced her gay brother (Chris Costa) and his husband (Alex Weisman) to Elmo and his coterie of queer acquaintances. The aforementioned daughter is portrayed by Olivia Perez. Alan Muraoka, an actor on the show, co-directed the episode. He conveyed his jubilation via Facebook.

“Sesame Street has always been a welcoming place of diversity and inclusion,” Alan wrote. “So I’m excited to introduce Nina’s brother Dave, his husband Frank, and their daughter Mia to our sunny street. Love is love and we are so happy to add this special family to our Sesame family.”

Parents are understandably pissed and there’s threats of a boycott.

Do you agree with the new gay direction of Sesame Street?

Are heterosexuals becoming an endangered species?

Watch the disturbing episode.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Now that’s gay!!!!

  2. Igbt is good

  3. sesame street is for faggots

  4. fucked up

  5. Sick sick sick

  6. Would let my son watch play boy before this!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😠😡😵😱👿


  8. I guess they’ll be showing kids how to smoke crack, deal drugs, use condoms, birth control, STDs, and other teenage/adult topics.

  9. This is so wrong on every level!

  10. NoneofYaFuckinBusiness

    When did Sesame Street start teaching four year olds about sexuality?!
    Stick to the ABCs, 123s, colors.

  11. wow. it’s the end of the word😟 how dare sesame street show show kids that it’s okay to be different

  12. Justsome Randomdude

    Luckily my kids watched back when it was watchable.

  13. I grew up watching Sesame Street but its obvious at his point that it is a Godless show now. You would do well to keep pretty much all the shows out of view of your children. Look for old shows from the 70’s to show them, if anything.

  14. They need to leave our kids alone…you want to cause a war that’s the best way

  15. These people are in so much shit … Sesame Street started looking very ‘evil’ a long time ago … not surprised it has evolved to this …sad this is kids around the world watch this … they are going to find themself in the position for woke, go broke’ ..

  16. next they gonna show little boys how to pack fudge

  17. No more taxpayer money to PBS

  18. Stopped letting my kids watch seasame street long long long… Time ago…
    They no longer teach ABCs and 123s, just a small tiny snip, then they show nothing but “programming”

  19. Not surprised. Bert been fucking Ernie up the ass for years.

  20. A man wearing makeup, women’s clothes and fishnet stockings was in target. My friends’ son, aged 3, sees him and says, “He’s wearing spiderwebs on his legs.”
    Notice the pronoun. I don’t know who this guy thought he was fooling, but it wasn’t the 3 yr old.

  21. Time to kill all faggots. They are threatening our way of life.


    My children are now banned from watching this woke trash.

  23. Why can’t they be like Bert and Ernie they kept it in the down low.

  24. Days of Noah

  25. Isabel Calixto


  26. The Stand up guy

    @Isabel Calixto: Nah going to have to disagree with this. Children aren’t worried about sexual orientation at this age. While I don’t agree with homosexuality I will not sit in the judgement seat so I’ll leave it at that. But this is not necessary let kids be kids and stop trying to push this agenda.

  27. There’s been a big push to get homosexual boys to come out of the closet for years. The gay male community always has a shortage of young men who will play the woman’s role sexually. The idea is to get middle and high school boys to acknowledge and accept the fact they are gay so they will be available ASAP while they are still young and open to experimentation.
    That is how my gay neighbor explained it to me.

  28. Why are “Lifestyles” being showcased to kids? What’s next! A Polygamist, Satanist, Nudist, Race impersonator etc.

  29. Gtribe overland

    first they take away cookies from cookie monster now this garbage. Sesame street is dead

  30. This should say “Two Ugly Dads” ~

  31. These pædo-weasels need to be stopped!!! 😡🤬

  32. America has no reverence for God of the Bible. What do we expect?


    America is going down the tubes!

  34. Muppets have always harbored Marxist agendas… this is nothing new. Hollywood has always been Red… always. Much of the TELL-A-VISION you watched growing up was social programming. Hate to break that to ya… and now everyone’s favorite movies/shows/IP’s whatever you want to call them, are going FULL ON Godless, immoral trash mode and everyone is confused lol. Fact is these pretenders were never your friends… they just wanted their accolades.

    The solution is Jesus, always has been, always will be. He died for the sins of the world. But what’s happening today, no amount of prayers will stop. This is how it ends for a fallen world, and God will make all things new again for those who believe in him and put their faith in HIM. Not the world, not man, not themselves.

  35. The guy that shot drake

    I heard sesame street will present a new hate speech puppet who will be harrassed the gay dads

  36. Jesus take the wheel this is just plain old ignorant to kids

  37. The left is doing everything they can to confuse children and destroy the common family.

  38. This is DESPICABLE

  39. Sesame Street continuing to do the right thing. Everyone that’s having a problem with this, take a seat because your whining about two gay dad’s being shown on a kids show is totally unwarranted and invalid. Either be a part of the times and 2021 or continue to look stupid.

  40. WilClub341 Ward

    So sad, so wrong to try and push this on our kids. Little children has no understanding. My grandchildren will no longer be watching SS. It use to be so much fun.

  41. Woke culture has infested our society like a virulent contagion. Normal people have become so passive because of their good nature. Normal people don’t want to harm or offend others, and are therefore easily dominated. Leftist\liberal extremists exploit the tolerance and goodwill of normal society in the same way that con artists and criminals exploit the openness and kindness of normal people. Unless normal society is protected by a benevolent strong advocate, it is doomed. Trump demonstrates how much normal people appreciate a positive advocate to represent them, using whatever willpower is required to restore sanity. He cannot do it alone. Your leadership, combined with others in the Free Media, is making a difference. Your efforts are beneficial for society. Thank you for what you do.

  42. sandra townsend

    Are you kidding me… I use to adore and love Elmo, Mr Noodle, Cookie Monster, Big Bird,
    Oscar, and the Count Dracula…. this hurts my heart…

  43. Why yall bashing on sesame street i swaer you people need to grow the fuck up so what two gay dads on seasme street show its not going to destroy nothing i swear you people are so judge mental these days 😒 damn if two men are happy let them be happy GROW THE FUCK UP GOD DAMN YALL BITCHING AND CRYING ABOUT TWO MARRIED MEN ON THE SHOW Seasme street is still going strong all day everyday

  44. baileigh blanchard

    Why are these comments so disgusting? Sad. Love is love

  45. @baileigh blanchard: Because the homophobes realize that they’re losing their grips on society and are all whiny about it. 😎

  46. Remember when things like this used to be taboo? Now this is everywhere and you better like it or else!! 😳

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