Busted: Khloé dumped Tristan

Sydney ruined Khloé & Tristan’s relationship/Clutchpoints

Khloé & Tristan calling it quits.

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in Khloé Kardashian’s relationship because it’s done. The 36-year-old reality TV star and her baby daddy, Boston Celtics forward Tristan Thompson, are calling it quits… again… amid Tristan’s latest cheating scandal. Khloé concocted the cessation after a vixen named Sydney Chase claimed she gave Tristan some vulva. The 30-year-old baller denied copulation ever took place. He also threatened to sue Sydney’s ass for defamation of character.

But Tristan’s protestation fell upon deaf ears.

Khloé has apparently had enough.

“They had been working through the cheating rumors for the last couple of weeks,” an insider told E! News. “But Khloé told Tristan he lost all of her trust and the relationship could not be repaired. Khloé really tried, but ultimately, felt too betrayed by him. She’s done and says she will not go back.”

If you recall, Khloé took Tristan back in February 2019 after he was caught swappin’ spit with family friend Jordyn Woods. Tristan was also spotted making a champagne room ingress with a trio of popsies plus a dude during a Friday night soirée on June 18th. Rumor has it they had an orgy that lasted 30 minutes.

That’s 3 strikes you’re out which means Khloé is done.

The insider said the quondam lovebirds are sundering on amicable terms and they’re committed to co-parenting their 3-year-old daughter, True. The threesome also spent Father’s Day together.

Do you agree with Khloé’s decision to break things off?

Should they stick it out for True?

Share your thoughts.


  1. At this point he doesnt give 2 shits about her and it shows smh she needs to wake up and move on because this is ridicolous

  2. The Kardashians can’t hold any relationship .

  3. He had an 0rgy with 3 women and 1 men last week. That’s what happened. She is just saying she broke up with him before that to avoid the humiliation

  4. The icing on the cake was him hooking up with 3 girls and a guy cuz they supposedly passed the girls around 💁🏻‍♂️how yoouuu doinnn Tristan 🤭🙄

  5. Khloe can’t get it through her head he doesn’t give a 💩 about her!

  6. But she wants another baby with him smfh I don’t feel sorry for her that’s her Karma her and Tristan got together when Tristan’s other babies mother was pregnant with their son and she had no remose now the same thing is happening to her like they say you loose them how you get them smh

  7. Nicholas Bennett

    This man is the definition of trash man

  8. Honestly 🙄

    How many times will they get together and than realize they don’t mesh

  9. She will find another Brother.

  10. Omgggg! What is wrong with Tristan? At this point he makes me sick to look at him… it sounds like he is a sex addict. Khloe danced around her answer when Andy asked her if she trusted him. Goodbye already Tristan. I don’t know if Khloe deserves better since she found Tristan the same way… but True and Prince definitely deserve better from you. Quit the act of pretending you are a loyal partner and just focus on being a good father… before it’s too late!

  11. Khloe needs to realize Tristan will never be able to be in a monogamous loyal relationship, he will continue to want to live the fast life sleeping with anyone he wants.

  12. Nobody cares

  13. B. Jerell Jones

    We all saw this coming a mile away 🙄🙄🙄

  14. I’m 42 and I wish my mother had knew her self worth when I was a child. I wish she would’ve found strength to leave both of her husbands(my dad and her current husband). She allows these men to cheat continuously on her, physically and verbally abuse her. I have no respect for my mother. I used to allow men to mistreat me because I didn’t know my self worth but woke now. True will see Khloe’s behavior and the cycle will continue. It starts at home.

  15. She looks stupid now 🤣

  16. This is not “news-worthy,” or even worth mentioning! Any time a “woman” allows a “man” to trample all over her feelings and strings her along, has a child with her, won’t marry her, disrespects her in front of her family and friends, GTFOH!

  17. The world is opening back up and the franchise show is over Tristan went right back to cheating! No shocker there. He is just not that into Khloe. And don’t think we don’t know how conveniently the break up news comes after news of him being with women again as if we the world don’t know the kardashians have the blogs on speed dial so they can quickly clean up and push their own narrative about whatever.

  18. Tristan went into a room with 3 women and a man and came out after only 30 minutes??? They were probably doing nose candy not passing each other around. Don’t get me wrong though he probably did cheat i just don’t think it went down like that lol

  19. At this point, Khloe needs to focus on being a confident for the sake of her daughter. By taking him back, she’s showing True that it’s okay to allow men to mistreat you.

  20. Your guy constantly disrespects you, and yet you keep forgiving him. Hope this time she has finally kicked him to the curb. If not, she is somehow wired to be a doormat.

  21. Adrianne Rivera

    Khloe had no problem getting with him while he had a pregnant GF so this is what she has coming.. why should she be different than that other woman..

  22. Khloe can find someone who would truly love her if she just leave the athletics and jocks alone. They’re not the only ones with money. Get someone who’s not in the limelight.

  23. notice how they “called it quits” right when another scandal broke yet on the reunion taped less than a month ago she was just saying they were together. GIRL BYE

  24. He was just riding out the pandemic with her, as soon as the pandemic was over he was back on the prowl.

  25. “Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me!” 🙄 Wake up Khloe

  26. These men and women with money just do anything and think it’s cool until they’re at the doctor cause their stuff’s is on fire 🔥 the flames 🔥

  27. I came here for the comments

  28. What seems to amaze me is when a SINGLE MAN walks down the street by himself a WOMAN pays him no mind… But let him hold hands with another CHICK… THEN HEADS START SPINNING 😂😂😂

  29. DemsPunkdAmerica 3rdBananaRepublicElectionTactics

    Low self esteem keeps one returning to skum bath.

  30. “He can’t keep it in his pants” he’s like a door knob, everyone has had a turn!

  31. Chloe should stop chasing NBA guys.

  32. Live Laugh Love

    Khloe,have you ever heard of the word, “Karma?”

  33. I think Tristan is done and has been done for awhile. But the problem is, the Kardashian women just don’t get the hint and hold on in spite of being publicly dragged. He isn’t even trying to hide the cheating anymore. It’s almost like he wants to get caught just so she will walk for good. He has no respect for her because she has none for herself. But the real tragedy is, she is teaching her daughter to be the same.

  34. He did the work during the COVID lock down but as things opened up again HE MADE UP FOR LOST TIME & CHEATED God Only knows how much.. We know about the times he got CAUGHT. I am pretty sure there are a lot more times

  35. KHOLE is just another baby mama 🙄

  36. Who remembers His previous baby mother distraught at the fact he cheated with this Kardashian n left her high n dry, not even acknowledging their first born??? Anyone ?!
    This kardashian woman was all the way wrong while being naive with a distorted sense of grandeur. You loose them how u get them my dear, no matter ur popularity n all that comes with it. She has no integrity. Her karma should come with an award!

  37. Mystic Sunflower

    i swear, if Khloe takes Tristan back after another cheating scandal… imma lose my god damn mind!
    Cmon, gurl. Just find a new man! 🤧

  38. it’s called “karma” and Khloé deserved that after what she did w/Trina, she bullied Jordyn, dated Montana ! She deserves all that she’s getting. It’s sad how she took Tristan back and made herself look like a total IDIOT.

  39. Can someone tell me why Khloe wants Tristan other than she fell in love him? There are other ballers better,more famous,richer,bigger better bods,nice or nicer than Tristan. Khloe doesn’t need his fame or money so…….? After bullying Kim and Kourtney, maybe this is karma for Khloe.

  40. Unmarried Men cannot cheat! 😂

  41. I don’t feel bad he cheated on Her at all bitch that’s what she gets all the stuff that’s happening to the Kardashians is what they get for sleeping with their friends men and stealing their friends man karmas a bitch isn’t it 😂👋🏽 I’m not the person to laugh at other people’s failures and I’m crying and getting your feelings hurt but I’m not upset I really hope after this experience she does a lot of self healing and then she love yourself because no offense all these Kardashian women are single moms now

  42. Unpopular opinion but I think they should stay together. F the public. If you love each other be a Fam. Also, okay he sleeps around a lot. And?? I don’t really get the public outrage about how he cheats. Ok he cheats lol

  43. Daphne Cano-Aviles

    If I was as financially stable as Khloe, I wouldn’t put up with no man! I would buy myself a whole new mf with that money 😂 I don’t even put up with them now that I’m not rich. 🤬😌

  44. Tristan is seemingly younger and wants to enjoy different punannies before he truly wants to settle down

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