O.J. Simpson claims he played alongside homosexual athletes, commends Nassib

O.J. played alongside gay athletes/Clutchpoints

O.J. Simpson supports gays.

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LAS VEGAS — Carl Nassib, defensive lineman for the Las Vegas Raiders, came out the closet earlier this week — becoming the first active player in NFL history to proclaim he’s packin’ fudge. But he ain’t the only homo befouling the league. Disgraced Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson said he played alongside several gay athletes who were too chicken to publicize their homosexuality. O.J. (nicknamed “The Juice”) spoke out in support of Nassib shortly after the homo announcement.

“Aye [Nassib], more power to you, man. That’s terrific,” O.J. said in a Twitter video.

“You know, over the years people have asked me ‘Hey man, did you play with gay athletes?’ Of course, I did. They’re everywhere in every profession. It’s no different in football as there would be in whatever. You know, post office workers or police officers, any profession, you have it.”

“I mean they may not come out. But, they are there,” O.J. continued. “Trust me. I gotta say this, I do protest what’s happening down in New Zealand. They’re allowing [Laurel] Hubbard, the weightlifter-transgender-female weight lifter, to compete in the Olympics. Now that’s, as far as I’m concerned, wrong. He was born biologically a guy. Men are biologically stronger, faster, and in most cases have more endurance than females.”

O.J., 73, ain’t the only Hall of Famer fulminating against New Zealand.

Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre is also not in favor of Laurel competing in the Olympics. “It’s a man competing as a woman,” Favre vented in a recent podcast. “That’s unfair. It’s not fair for a man, even if this person wants to be a woman or feels compelled — if you want to become the opposite sex, that’s fine. I got no problem with it. But you can’t compete against — males cannot compete against females.”

Hall of Famer Warren Moon admitted he had several gay teammates as well.

Is it time for all homosexual athletes to come out?

Will today’s “Woke” culture sabotage the NFL?

Watch O.J. show Nassib some love.

Share your thoughts.


  1. They should have gay Olympics or make them part of special Olympics

  2. F. Loyd B. Pippin

    In other words, this dude ain’t special and shouldn’t be getting all of this attention. And I agree about that weightlifter comment too.

  3. I wish people would keep their business to themselves, coming out the closet to the public isn’t always best for your image, especially as a football player. How are all his team mates gonna feel about locker room time?

  4. I have never met a gay person. They are only 2% of the population.

  5. No Lies Told!!! Homosexuals are Everywhere 🤷🏽‍♀️ Too bad that NFL guy Sam didn’t wait to come out until he signed a contract..

  6. I remember the good ole days when people kept their perversions to themselves

  7. OJ, what did you play with those gay guys? Pin the tail on the donkey? 😳

  8. Raefer Singleton

    ok OJ please define the word PLAY.

  9. O.J. is just starved for attention. You’d think after getting away with two murders he’d try to disappear.

    And for anyone asking how could one guy kill two people? Easy:

    1) Before he committed those two murders, NOBODY (including his two victim’s) thought O.J., in their wildest dreams, was a murderer
    2) Killing a 5′ tall, 100 pound woman took him almost no time at all.
    3) Killing that guy was fast too. At that time, O.J. was a 47 yo former NFL running back. Much stronger than your average guy. And the guy was in shock, after he saw O.J. kill Nicole, too slow to react…

  10. He wasn’t the first to come out as gay….david Kobay was the first but okay let’s give the white boy credit

  11. 1st of all Michael sam was the 1st openly gay player….and was a big deal because he was open even tho he was trash as a player.

    2nd….who you’re phucking is no reason to be celebrated…we act like these folks that come out are actually doing something profound….go cure cancer then i might applaud you

  12. Abominable defective fudge packers.

  13. O.J.Simpson the butcher, he knifed Nicole and Ron to death.

  14. i DIDNt know OJ wuz still alive

  15. TRUTHbeabsolute

    Who didn’t know American Football is a gay sport! Men are bending over in each other’s faces for goodness sakes! Everything about football is gay!

  16. Talk about double standard and white privilege. Remember Michael Sam got vilified and bashed for coming out as a black male athlete. Really don’t get why people make these coming out announcements. The only people who should know your sexual preference if you want them to know should only be your family, and close friends only and not the whole world

  17. @diva864: Yup. Big difference is Michael Sam is black. White’s celebrate gays coming out, blacks don’t.

  18. This man getting praised for liking men, but Paul Pierce got fired for liking women. Twilight Zone $hit

  19. @Mister: Paul Pierce got fired for being stupid, Not his sexuality.

  20. So, we all forgot about fruity’licious Michael Sam? I mean, he s u cked *no pun* but he was the first.

  21. RatchetPatrick

    This isn’t a shocker. I’m sure there are plenty of guys in professional sport who are fruit flies.

  22. The Face Of White Supremacy

    @A.P. Millz-CT: They said first active. Michael Sam never played a game. He got cut by the cowboys and it was over from there.

  23. An NFL player coming out as gay is fawned over by the media as “courageous” and “brave”

    But an NFL player (Cole Beasley) coming out against mandatory vaccines and tyrannical, unscientific league rules is attacked by the media as “repugnant” and “dangerous”

    Do you see the problem here?

  24. LGBT community taking over the NFL 🙄🙄

  25. Yup gay athletes exist news at 11 lol

  26. Oh shut up you k!ller!

  27. “OMG WHO THE HELL CARES”- Peter Griffin


  29. Is there such of a thing as a closeted killer?

  30. Cant stand no g4y fruit fly asz niccas trans is cool but g4y niccas can’t be on the blocc 💯

  31. Deion Sanders said the same thing years ago, that there were gay players on all of his teams but his main concern was can you run the ball and do you know what you’re doing on the field?
    I hate this generation always announcing something for social media, likes, sympathy. In no other profession do ppl come out. Nobody cares who was in your bedroom last night, can you do your job this morning?!!
    I can’t stand attention seeking ppl

  32. many gay NFL players said they’ve played with a murderer 💀💀

  33. Where was this same energy for Michael Sams 🤔

  34. Brandon Uwanawich

    My Mans gonna be the All time sack leader … off the field 💩💩💩🌈🌈

  35. O.J.Simpson the butcher, he knifed Nicole and Ron to death.

  36. I believe Orenthal James (aka: OJ, the Juice, the slasher) viciously, and savagely, murdered and nearly decapitated both Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson.

  37. Kalel311 superman

    he confessed to killing nicole and ron otherwise why would he write a book

  38. Walmart Cashier

    How did OJ know his teammates were gay? Did he witness something?

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