Warren Buffett leaves Bill & Melinda’s foundation but donates over $4 billion

Buffett is done with Gates/Nati Harnik, AP

Warren Buffett dumps Bill Gates.

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SEATTLE — Seems everybody’s divorcing Bill Gates these days. First, the Microsoft originator lost his wife of 27 years. Now Warren Buffett is leaving his Satanic ass. The 90-year-old investor resigned from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation on Wednesday for no damn reason. Buffett also announced he’s gonna donate a mind-boggling $4.1 billion worth of Berkshire Hathaway shares to these five foundations: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, Sherwood Foundation, Howard G. Buffett Foundation and NoVo Foundation. “Today is a milestone for me,” Buffett said in a statement.

“In 2006, I pledged to distribute all of my Berkshire Hathaway shares — more than 99% of my net worth — to philanthropy. With today’s $4.1 billion distribution, I’m halfway there.”

“For years I have been a trustee — an inactive trustee at that — at only one recipient of my funds: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMG),” Buffett continued. “I am now resigning from that post.”

Buffet served on the executive board along with Bill and Melinda. His abrupt resignation comes on the heels of Melinda’s divorce filing in May. Bill, the primary charitable funder of the COVID-19 vaccine, has a patent (060606) that’s allegedly designed to transform vaccinated humans into cryptocurrency “Miners.”

That’s not a misprint.

His patent number contains “666” also known as Satan’s “Mark of the Beast.”

This could explain why everybody’s jumpin’ ship.

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  1. Blood money 💯💥

  2. Buffet is mad about bill gates going to Epstein for marriage advice before him

  3. suspicious?

  4. He realized how freaking evil Bill is and got out. Probably why his wife divorced him too. That maniac proposed to block the sun and has been talking about population control and virus pendemics for years. Gates is a sick sick man!

  5. Wouldn’t have anything to do with Gates corruption would it?

  6. Buffet is 90 years old so it is time to step back and chill. Drink a coke, take a bath in a tub full of money.

  7. his peado buddy got caught out and doesnt want to go ahead with depopulating the world

  8. Bill Gates wife files for divorce because of Bill Gates dealings with epstein and Warren Buffett resigns not long after 🤔🤔🤔

  9. The Crime Family

    I wouldn’t question Mr. Buffet’s motives. He’s an extremely intelligent man who’s made a fortune and actually knows what he wants to do with it. It’s going to be hard for the Gates Foundation to sustain under current leadership simply because the founders created it in marriage and are now divorced…

  10. 2 things going on here at minimum;

    1) Buffett distancing himself from the Gates foundation, just means there is a LOT more dark stuff to come out ABOUT the Foundation and Gates himself!

    2)The giving away of so much money is just another write off as Buffett KNOWS his Taxes are going up, so he needs the write off, this DOES NOT
    TELL how much money he made!!!!
    What we have ALL discovered is HOW MUCH money he avoided(legally) paying in taxes, then used the TAX money– he SHOULD HAVE PAID– to further enrich himself!
    So, he was just using UNPAID TAX money– to ADD to giving away money— basically — IT was NOT his money; just tax dollars that NEVER got PAID;
    because our GOVT. ALLOWED the LOOPHOLES for the ultra rich to go on for YEARS!

    This is ONE of the BIGGEST REASONS we have such a wealth disparity; We have ALL seen the 3.5%-4.0% in taxes he paid while the vast majority that make so much less,
    pay so much more!

    NOTE; this is NOT to say Buffett or the other Ultra wealthy did not EARN a LOT of their wealth; when you have a great company, product or idea that the market WANTS and it makes you wealthy— you deserve that wealth!!

    What you DON’T DESERVE – AT ALL– is finding LOOPHOLES to not PAY the REAL FAIR share of taxes you owe!
    What SHOULD be ILLEGAL; LOBBYING and making financial contributions ( in ANY MANNER, for ANY REASON)– to gain favor, rights and LAWS CHANGED — to HELP you
    get a huge financial — advantage!!
    That is what has been going on; That is NOT — CAPITALISM(which can be and was designed as a VERY good thing- in its CORRECT form) what we have seen for SO MANY years,
    TOTAL MISUSE/abuse of CREATING laws, that make LOOPHOLES — these loopholes -ALONE —made these people- MORE wealthy than the company, product or idea they created;
    this is SO WRONG and NOT how our economic system—- SHOULD WORK!

  11. Charito Garcia Garcia

    King of Genocide payback time 😡

    Crime doesn’t pay. 4.1 billion would not be enough! But life for life 😡😡😡

  12. Bewildered Bodhisattva

    That old fart could literally end homelessness in America overnight. Too bad he’s only a fake philanthropist giving money to his friends and relatives.

  13. All he is doing tranfering his wealth to his kids for tax reasons he do this every couple of years ! These people dont give back nothing to the places they plunder !!!

  14. Hedge funds dumping on option expiration again as usual. This is sad that they are allowed to do this over and over and SEC does nothing.

  15. I’m sure this resignation was planned well in advance so he could spend more time with his family, and has NOTHING to do with the Gates scandals!

  16. Highly suspicious. 🙄


    All he’s doing is funneling his money.

  18. Bill Gates is Demonic.

  19. I want to be this rich Jesus

  20. Who gives a crap about philanthropy. If all the wealthy kept their $$$ in the US and paid their taxes w/out loopholes more money would go back into the economy vs. what they donate. Are you guys really this naive.

  21. I’d like to know where that 4.1 Billion is going?

  22. Buffet is in his 90s. How could anyone be surprised, or try to read to much into this?

  23. You can’t buy your way in to heaven, Buffet.

  24. Charlene Yvonne

    All that money and none going to the homeless or the seniors who need housing.

  25. Vanessa Kammerer

    Why doesn’t he feed the poor and go dig some wells that children so desperately need, why doesn’t he throw a billion in the projects and help to lift them up, join a church and follow the way of the Lord, all his works are meaningless

  26. More BS from the rich! LOL

  27. Buffet doesn’t know what to do with all this money

  28. Did Gates also fund China’s Covid Gain of Function? Google did for certain.

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