Hotel Cat-Fight: Employee attacks angry customer at Embassy Suites in Atlanta

Receptionist attacks guest/YouTube

Front desk clerk pummels a guest.

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ATLANTA — Law enforcement officials in the Dirty South are investigating after a black hotel receptionist beat the sh*t out of a black female customer in front of guests and staff members. The bout of fisticuffs went down at the front desk of the Embassy Suites by Hilton Atlanta Galleria. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the masked employee thwacking the Negro Karen in the countenance with an office phone before ripping off her wig. The donnybrook then spilled into the lobby.

All hell broke loose when the customer accosted the associate, calling her “disrespectful” because she wouldn’t approve a discounted room rate. The ratchet damsel also vowed to “f*ck [her] up.” After the employee snatched the artificial hair, she held it up high in the air in a triumphant manner. The beatdown was recorded by someone donning a camouflage jacket. Not one person stepped in to conciliate.

Word on the street claims the receptionist was fired.

Now she’s back on food stamps.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Black bitches have no self control over emotions they react without thinking it’s in their dna they can’t help but act like uncivilized animals because the the black community mainly simps and all other dumb black bitches won’t hold them accountable for anything. It’s a sad state of affairs that we are in. Plus with Covid these dummies are all over each other..Wow

  2. Being in the hospitality field she is right to protect herself. It should not have went that far, see the supervisor behind the front desk? Why did she allow the situation to get that far? The guest should not have been able to step behind that Front Desk. Now she is forced to defend herself and get fired in the process. Smh. Bad management. The GM should have been at The Front Desk from the time they saw the woman getting disrespectful.

  3. The girl went behind the counter and was pointing her fingers in the clerk face and it started from there

  4. @Shantel: She should have just stepped away and got a manager not keep going back and forth with her go get manager that my opinion yes she has a right to defend herself not saying that but that’s situation could have went another way if she would have just removed her self from the situation and went and got a manager.

  5. Entitiled black folks sometimes meet their match!, You have a problem with a bill act like you got sense and address the matter quietly. I was raised that if you are mean enough to throw a punch you are mean enough to take a punch! Meaning hit me, I do not care who you are, male or female hit me and you will have a story to tell!!

  6. It’s the telephone for me 💀💀💀

  7. Nathanial Elijah

    Neither of them can fight

  8. Shonda Timothy


  9. Wow this why I don’t date black women in Atlanta no more

  10. Them chicks were wild

  11. Damn she beating her ass

  12. Hotel needs to be sued

  13. I wish i could be Superman.

    This is heart wrenching, I don’t understand. I am lost for words…. my sisters. 🤍

  14. Xenadom Xenadom

    Don’t let that uniform fool you.

  15. Carmel Villard

    Oh my fuckin god. Shit is wild. Black women please.

  16. She got a fatty 🍑

  17. Shit real heartbreaking to watch

  18. that vaccine has us doing all kinds of fucked up shit

  19. yo this women needs to be fired for being rude to the customer.

  20. The hotel clerk lost it, however, that customer was being a total jerk as well…

  21. The real amazonian spirit. Good job sistas

  22. She didn’t get enough of that Ass whooping. She was trying to go back for seconds.

  23. Got that ass beat !!!!

  24. She was acting tough and until she get busted and humiliated. 😂😂😂

  25. AngryBirds Andy

    Black Karen got an arse kicking 😂😂😂

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