Instagram model killed 7-year-old son to establish a “new life” with another dude

Samantha killed her son/YouTube

Instagram model murdered her son.

Blog King, Mass Appeal

SAN JOSE, Calif — Samantha Moreno Rodriguez of San Jose, California will spend the rest of her miserable existence behind bars after she asphyxiated her 7-year-old autistic son so that she can start a “new life” with another dude. According to police reports, the 35-year-old Instagram model murdered her son — Liam Husted — then dumped his cadaver in a remote area outside Las Vegas. Hikers found Liam’s naked corpse behind the bush near Mountain Spring on May 28th. Prior to the filicide, Samantha left her baby daddy — Nicholas Husted — a note that read: “I’m sorry I had to do it like this. I’m going to try and get a house for Liam and I, and we can talk about this in the future.” Turns out, the Casey Anthony wannabe wanted no part of that.

Lieutenant Ray Spencer with the Las Vegas Metro Homicide Department told a room full of reporters, “There’s every indication that when she left San Jose that she was intending on starting a new life.” Samantha was arrested June 8th inside a Denver restaurant while on a breakfast date with her new man.

Lieutenant Spencer said she “was dressed up and had makeup on.”

Samantha was also dolled up with cosmetics in her mugshot.

Nicholas defended his baby mama despite the fact she was non compos mentis. “I don’t think she was a bad mom,” he told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “She had a time of weakness, and she is going to pay for it.” She’s gonna pay alright. Samantha was slapped with multiple charges, including murder.

Now she can spend her “new life” in the penitentiary.

Watch Samantha’s court appearance and the press conference.

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  1. deprogrammed black

    This insanity of giving women all the rights to the kids must stop.

    She could have easily given the dad sole custody but no killing a

    seven year old seemed more convenient.

    Psychotic behaviour facilitated by the state.

  2. Why is it always these Latina (mexican/spanish) women and men that are the worst child abuse killers? This is so sad.

  3. She deserves the death penalty 👎😠 i hate and have no sympathy for anyone who abuses or hurt children especially their own 😤

  4. ConcernedCitizen

    Oh, you gon’ get your new life alright!

    Also, how come Blog King didnt say, “Latino woman kills her latino child.”?

    When is us he makes doggone sure to put that in the title.

    “BLACK woman kills her child!”

  5. Bruhhh this shit makes my stomach sick. Wth man.

  6. Don’t Bother

    So sad. RIP baby.

    She’s ugly first of all, and secondly at 35, she’s lived her life. Throw her under the jail.

  7. Those Mexican broads from San Jose all do Meth

  8. She going to rot in jail and burn in HELL.

  9. No mercy on her soul!

  10. Alejandro Aparicio

    This was totally the husband fault for being an asshole and not paying attention to her. The husband should go to jail and send her on a free trip to Hawaii all expenses and drinks paid for.

  11. Angry Libertarian

    Famales ain’t 💩! They’re opportunist!

  12. At that age. She needs to give up being a model

  13. A lot of people outright choose to be single parents but then immediately hate and regret that choice and will through a variety of ways take it out on the child or children. Even worse encourage their new mate to do the same thing which can also include sexual abuse on top of neglect and physical violence 😞

  14. I don’t understand these women, you’re not going to get away with it for 1, 2 why not just give the kid to his father and go live your life?

  15. How?? Kill your kid and then out here dating!!?!

  16. Why you guys keep calling these people IG Models????
    Well….she got the new life she wanted….it’ll be a penitentiary but its a new life….RIP Lil Champ….I am so sorry this happened…Bless his soul.

  17. This is something women did back in the tribal days, if the father of their children died too soon she would kill her children in order to be able to secure another mate or she would just allow the new man to kill her children.

  18. VADER The Kitten

    Imagine being killed by your own mother. 😞 RIP LIAM! 👼

  19. F that ho.

  20. Ho3 you 35, should have “started” a career.

  21. Kill her. Safe the taxpayer’s money.

  22. Omg… this is so sad because she didn’t have to kill him in order to have a new life. All she had to do was give him to his father or her parents or the father’s parents . She didn’t have to go this drastic route in order to live her life. This innocent baby didn’t deserve to be mistreated. It’s a shame.

  23. arbitrary PasTime

    Yet women and government say females are better care takers. Lol that thinking is trash

  24. I was always hesitant of dating single mothers who had young kids mainly because I thought either she will start to neglect the child to date me or she would become a bad parent by not spending the time needed for that kid.

  25. daryl richardson

    FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. Is a 80’s movie based on this & it’s quite common. Casey Anthony

  26. This is why you wear condoms

  27. @Donell: Boom!!! They don’t hear you ! Men on here blame the woman for them not wearing condoms and getting pregnant…you didn’t know ..

  28. m1st3rsl1pp3ry

    She looks like she has no remorse. We need to bring back western justice. This whole process is way too long. If she is guilty, swift justice on the end of a rope. This whole retirement in jail is bullshit.

  29. All these fuck ups trying to live their life’s and ditch their responsibilities. Smh

  30. If a mother is willing to kill her child. Imagine what she will do to you? These days being single is not too bad!!

  31. Dr. Websites 🌡

    Why not just put the kid up for adoption or let him stay wit his dad! If a new life is what she really wanted..its better to be a deadbeat mom than kill the kid & now gotta go to jail

  32. 💔RIP little Liam . There are no words. This is heartbreaking. Dear Lord please wrap your loving comforting arms around His father and family in the name of Jesus Amen 🙏 I pray that woman is never allowed to be free or have the possibility of parole .

  33. Hispanic women in action …

  34. Death penalty!

  35. marcell Thorpe

    Give these PEICE OF SHIT moms the same energy and stop simpin for them. Put her under the jail

  36. What happened to putting your kid(s) up for adoption or giving him to the father….I mean DAMN Killing that baby should not even be a thought….How selfish can 1 B*tch be!?!?!?!?!

  37. B!tch chin oblong like Jim Carey from “The Mask”. Selfish c unt hopes she gets hit by a Bus, worthless w hore deserves death.

  38. She got exactly what she asked for….a brand new life.

  39. Females in San Jose, Ca are wack. Most are fugly and out of shape. On a scale 1-10 most are 3’s and fat. Never go there if you want a attractive woman.

  40. I hope she enjoys her new life in prison. Then hell

  41. This Type Of Shit Get On My Nerves

    Some Women Need To Get They Mind Right… CHOOSE YO CHILD OVER A NIGGA!!! If He Make You Choose. Or Simply Just Give The Child To Other Relatives Or THE FATHER, If You Don’t Wanna Take Care Of Yo Baby. STOP Making Excuses & Neglecting YOUR CHILD Cuz A Man Don’t Want You, Cuz You Come Wit A Kid. LADIES, DO BETTER When It Comes To These Types Of Situations & Make The Wiser, Better Decision That’s Not Gon Leave You Mentally & Emotionally Fucked Up From Making A Choice You Could’ve Avoided


  43. You are making a huge mistake knocking up females in this generation

  44. As they all say:
    “All children deserve parents, but some parents don’t deserve children.”

  45. Poor kid💔💔 RIP

  46. DEATH PENALTY ASAP. any race.. any person. YOU KILL YOUR OWN KID OR KIDS. DEATH PENALTY. humans need to LEARN. or give your KIDS FOR ADOPTION…

  47. SMFH my son is almost 7 and is autistic. yes it gets hard AF but there are countless resources available if you are overwhelmed or don’t have help. She is a pathetic excuse for a mother!

  48. @Kayla Kayla: 1000000% and it’s infuriating .
    So many women dying to be mothers and can’t , then a POS like this gets blessed with one.

  49. Wonder if she would have offed her child if it was a girl…gotta ask these types of questions without fear.

  50. Damn..women …you carry a child for 9 months to kill him

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