Instagram model killed 7-year-old son to establish a “new life” with another dude

Samantha killed her son/YouTube

Instagram model murdered her son.

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SAN JOSE, Calif — Samantha Moreno Rodriguez of San Jose, California will spend the rest of her miserable existence behind bars after she asphyxiated her 7-year-old autistic son so that she can start a “new life” with another dude. According to police reports, the 35-year-old Instagram model murdered her son — Liam Husted — then dumped his cadaver in a remote area outside Las Vegas. Hikers found Liam’s naked corpse behind the bush near Mountain Spring on May 28th. Prior to the filicide, Samantha left her baby daddy — Nicholas Husted — a note that read: “I’m sorry I had to do it like this. I’m going to try and get a house for Liam and I, and we can talk about this in the future.” Turns out, the Casey Anthony wannabe wanted no part of that.

Lieutenant Ray Spencer with the Las Vegas Metro Homicide Department told a room full of reporters, “There’s every indication that when she left San Jose that she was intending on starting a new life.” Samantha was arrested June 8th inside a Denver restaurant while on a breakfast date with her new man.

Lieutenant Spencer said she “was dressed up and had makeup on.”

Samantha was also dolled up with cosmetics in her mugshot.

Nicholas defended his baby mama despite the fact she was non compos mentis. “I don’t think she was a bad mom,” he told the Las Vegas Review Journal. “She had a time of weakness, and she is going to pay for it.” She’s gonna pay alright. Samantha was slapped with multiple charges, including murder.

Now she can spend her “new life” in the penitentiary.

Watch Samantha’s court appearance and the press conference.

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  1. R.I.P. little dude.

  2. Feminism is spreading like a virus.

  3. I hope to GOD this doesn’t become a trend since a large majority of men are refusing to date single mothers.

  4. Curiosity in motion

    Mom kills young son and very few know about it. If a dad killed his daughter it would be everywhere on all platforms of news. I swear this country caters to women in the worse way. I was lucky enough to have my pops was in my life growing up. Feel for those that didn’t have both of not a parent that cared

  5. I’m just expressing my own two cents here. For a mother to do this to her own child shows she never had a maternal bond with him, and I’m sure she harbored a deep seated resentment towards the child blaming him for her insecurities and problems. She was caught in another state hooking up with an unknown guy, so she probably thought she was now free to do what she wanted for her life. Well, child killers don’t stay free for long…hopefully.

  6. It’s some weak and nasty woman that will do anything for a man…

  7. Gray Reyes Reyes


  8. Jesse Rodriguez

    Rest in peace little boy ..rot in hell bad mama

  9. That’s why we got to be careful of the culture we create. To tell women their lives are basically over or your not marketable to men with money may make some women do this type of shit. She sick but I promise you she’s not the only one.

  10. Glowing Crowns

    So now that there’s a movement to leave single mothers the hell alone alone these witches finna start killing their children. Man we living in some crazy times.

  11. Y’all better stop messing with these evil thots that’s why y’all weak

  12. Not the first time won’t be the last remember Susan Smith?

  13. wtf kinda shit is this

  14. Alot of modern women brain washed into thinking it’s
    Better & EASIER to be a Single Mother
    Than to be
    A wife, married.

    Smh, 🤦🏾

  15. Martell Simpson


  16. Juan Humilde J

    Her mugshot is one of the most disgusting things I’ve seen ever. The face of a coward. You know she’s nuts when she got eyebrows like that.

  17. Model? Yea right

  18. Of course she’s from San Jose. Worst city in California.

  19. She’s on drugs

  20. A lot of people outright choose to be single parents but then immediately hate and regret that choice and will through a variety of ways take it out on the child or children. Even worse encourage their new mate to do the same thing which can also include sexual abuse on top of neglect and physical violence 😞

  21. moms nowadays.

  22. This sounds eerily similar to Susan Smith in South Carolina who drowned her two sons because she wanted a man who didn’t want her, AND she tried to blame a black man for the murder too, and NOW we have this woman, Samantha Rodriguez, doing the exact same thing as Susan Smith did and for the same reason….smdh!

  23. Gustavo Omar Lira

    @Makaveli2die4: It’s that vaccine


    Prophetic f*cking Times

  25. This world is getting more evil daily

  26. @Gustavo Omar Lira: Vaccinated people are going to get worse be ready because literal hell is going to break loose.

  27. Hell has a special place for her.

  28. @Reemo Williams: Please, you think she cares to get vaccinated? Selfish, cold, evil, and her culture to easily discard people and lives.

  29. The One Winged Angel

    I can confirm this is true my mother did this to me and my siblings growing up if the bf was mad so was she if he was happy so was she then if we’d ask for anything whether it be food or to go somewhere she’d say no but if hed ask for the same thing she’d drop everything for him and go get whatever he wanted to eat or to wherever he had to go shit is sad. Single moms will do anything to keep a man and if that means treating their kid like shit in order to even have a man then they will do it in a heartbeat

  30. Michael Pratchett

    You’re supposed to put the man before the child. The issue is the woman should stay with the man she creates a family with.

  31. Just leave the child with the father, then go do your nasty business…don’t kill innocent kids..

  32. Raymond Carter

    Seriously…that’s a IG model?
    She is average maybe. I guess my ex girlfriend was a super model.

  33. Give these demons the death sentence. Now, you see why we say modern fefails are trash mothers. And, it’s always the Boys that’s dying and wonder why they are fewer Men and women

  34. This is evidence of why I don’t advocate for women having kids by men who don’t want them.. I know why the man doesn’t want the kid. It’s because he didn’t think of HER as HIS WOMAN

    And women only think they love a kid, because nature forces us to be the carrier.

    You’ll never sell me on the idea that women who get stuck w kids from men who never wanted to keep HER , and barely provide any aupport to them – REALLY love them.. They’re just stuck

  35. Ladies,
    Maybe it’s time to start considering letting the childs father have full custody if you’re not fit, mentally or physically, to be a single parent. The child is innocent in all of this.

  36. The same type of mother who turns a blind eye when she knows her husband is having relations with his stepdaughter.

  37. She doesn’t know how to properly get rid of kids.
    She is suppose to abandon the child at the Mexican border.

  38. She will be treated the same as a man who kills kids.. Put in her in general population.

  39. The Melancholic Tigah

    Bottom line, Men need to STOP “loving” those who declare war on them by taking THEIR child(ren) and killing them all because the heifer couldn’t get what “she wants” in the relationship/marriage.
    This is why when I hear about horror stories like this, I made a vow and swore on oath that I’ll Never EVER reproduce and procreate with the typical modern day western fefail period or ANY heifer!

    Thought For Food.

  40. She’s on Meth

  41. Another Casey Anthony. Another doomsday “mom”. POS💩💩💩

  42. Anthony Martinez

    What if she sold his organs and just left the lifeless little body? I hate people who act on this cowardly way as if a child can defend themselves from such Demons. May the lords wrath be against her and may she get beat every day in jail.

  43. Liam my hearts breaks for what happened to you bud. You must have been so confused and so afraid on why your mommy did that to you. I know you’re happy now in Jesus’ loving arms. No more pain and tears bud. Praying for God’s protection to our children.

  44. Florencio Medina

    See wut meth does

  45. Captain Obvious

    @Florencio Medina: It wasn’t meth. She took the vaccine.

  46. Denisse Gutierrez

    DISGUSTING ! Rot in hell ! you were supposed to protect him.

  47. Kenny Michael Alanya

    They got her easily because she got vaccinated and she had a tracker.
    Fools will say it’s because of her cellphone 🤣

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