No Days Off: “Showtime Cruz” is drawing comparisons to Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes

Cruz has bright future/YouTube

Showtime Cruz favors Mahomes. 

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MIDLAND — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has a Mini-Me clone (à la Dr. Evil) who goes by the moniker Santi “Showtime” Cruz. The talented fourth-grader is only 10-years-old. But he looks, acts and plays football comparable to Mahomes. Not to mention both are Texas natives, both possess a cannon for an arm and they even share the same Foghorn Leghorn coiffure. Mahomes, 25, and Cruz recently met at a youth football camp so they’re quite familiar with each other. They were also featured in this week’s episode of “No Days Off” — a YouTube series sponsored by Oakley.

“I met Patrick Mahomes yesterday,” Cruz said. “He actually signed my football [and] gave me some advice.” To call the dual-threat QB a gridiron junkie would be a vast understatement. Cruz eats, sleeps and breathes football. “A typical day for me consists of speed and agility in the morning and drills to get my feet faster and better footwork,” the youngster explained. See, Cruz even trains like a pro athlete.

Many scouts believe Showtime Cruz will become the next Mahomes in 15 years.

Do you envision stardom in his future?

Could he end up being the next great quarterback in Kansas City?

Watch the show.

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  1. Ravens Kryptonite

    Looks like a mini-me Patrick Mahomes. Maybe 1 day he will sign a 10-year, $1Billion contract!

  2. This kid grinds hard 💪

  3. I’m sure he will also go up against Tom Brady one day…good luck

  4. Santi You can look up to Patrick mahomes but your santi not mahomes focus on yourself you look fantastic keep up the good work 🤘

  5. Do not compare him to mahomie just cause they have the same hair cut! No no

  6. The kid littery looks like Patrick

  7. he looks just like mahomes too

  8. just me or does he look like Patrick Mahomes, oh wait, he IS.

  9. blueprint2000XD

    So basically he is the combination of Lamar and Mahomes.

  10. Dont be like Mahomes. He only dates white women.

  11. he will be in the 2031 nfl draft

  12. Robert Jackman

    Yea since he looks like Mahomes, and SOUNDS EVEN MORE LIKE MAHOMES,
    Then naturally, yes, he’s the next Pat Mahomes. 🥱

  13. He’s gonna be dope i see it in him god bless kid 🙏

  14. His juke move is nasty. Can’t tell if 10 year olds can tackle but he makes them look like 4 year olds

  15. mariela gonsalez

    He looks like Patrick mahomes but 10 year old. Sheeeeeeeeesh

  16. Man……hes just a kid…

  17. Lawrence Daniels

    This kid is 10 years old, doing all this stuff now is going to cause him to reach his ceiling too soon. He needs to grow and develop naturally. He shouldn’t be training like a pro or college athlete.

  18. as a 10 year old he’s legit but 5 years from now he’s going be a beast watch u going be hearing more about him #nextpatrick #releasethebeast 🤙💪

  19. AKA mini Patrick Mahomes

  20. Tf is wrong with you people? He’s ten years old let him live

  21. Every light skin kid that can spin a football shouldn’t be compared to mahomes

  22. Bruh he lightskin

  23. hopefully, he doesn’t turn out to be another Dwayne Haskins

  24. That Hits Different

    Bro he’s 10 and ur saying next Patrick mahomes like shut up

    And I’m not jealous

  25. He’s 10 ……… let him be a kid

  26. Jeez bro when I was 10 I looked like a 15 year old 🤣this kid looks 6

  27. Wanna be mahomes😂

  28. “With the 32nd pick in the 2033 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Santi Showtime Cruz.”

  29. Any decent QB they have to say the next Mahomes. Why can’t we compare to other quarterbacks besides Mahomes? Just curious?

  30. KC Masterpiece

    I hope he becomes the next Chiefs quarterback after Mahomes retires

  31. Can we stop doing this to kids? He is 10…we have absolutely no idea if he is going to be good or not. The kids haven’t even hit puberty yet. It’s not even the pressure that’s too much it’s just the fact that they are getting exposed to so many people who will never let them live it down if they are a bust. Julian Newman gets crushed so much and I would hate to see that happen to him. Also this seems like a case of a dad who wasn’t good enough trying to live through his son. I just hope the kid is wanting to do this.

  32. Kid finna be the next Patrick Mahomes, you see how fast he throws???

  33. Parkour With more77

    Keep it up little dude!👍👍👍

  34. Lol next Patrick Mahomes 😂😂😂😂

  35. Isaiah Mcfadden

    bruh i was saying he look liked Patrick Mahomes whole vid and then he meets him lol

  36. Kingzack fam11

    His speed like Tyreek Hill

  37. Obsidian Limitless

    When you need physical therapy everyday after training, you are training to much.

  38. The last kid who trained like this for football was Todd Marinovich. His career was a disaster. He wound up drug-addicted and locked up in jail. For years he was lost.

    Beware. It’s okay to train your son, but let the kid be a kid.

  39. 1. Light skin 2. Gets mahomes haircut 3. Automatically compared to the greatest current Qb.

    Makes sense

  40. Unfortunately in football what you can do at age 10 doesn’t count. All this kid has to do is focus on starting as a sophomore in highschool and balling out when he’s age 16. Everything will fall into place. But at age 10 he should be enjoying life a kid, cause he can’t get that time back. He’ll burn out before he gets to 16 at the pace he’s on. Chillax and have fun right now and peak in college not in the the 5th grade.

  41. This kid looks more like hes 7 and the other kids on the team look like they are 10

  42. Real_Blackmamba

    Light skin+brown curly hair=Mahomes BRUH GIVE ME A BREAK 😑

  43. Please don’t burn this young man out! Let him be a kid first, football 🏈 second!

  44. This kid is like Mini Patrick Mahomes

  45. Stop comparing him to Patrick Mahomes and let him be better than Mahomes, sheesh 😤

  46. its all good until he not playin with kids anymore! its way too early for this kind of hype on a kid!

  47. Bro the things these kids are doing these days some high school kids couldn’t even do 15yrs ago it’s crazy

  48. Oh, my gosh, this little guy is so adorable and an amazing athlete! I will be looking forward to seeing him play in the Pro’s! Mostly, I’m really happy that his Parents are Solid and that they recognize that he needs to be a kid still, even though he trains hard! Good Luck little Showtime!!! Catch ya later!………..

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