21 BET Awards: Lil Nas X delivers gayest performance ever, homophobes are livid

Lil Nas X celebrates Pride Month/Getty

Lil Nas X kisses backup dancer.

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LOS ANGELES — A few weeks ago, Lil Nas X delivered the gayest performance in “Saturday Night Live” history. Sunday night, inside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the 22-year-old homosexual upped the ante by delivering the gayest performance in “BET Awards” history. Donning gold Egyptian apparel to pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s “Remember the Time,” a scantily clad Lil Nas X (né Montero Lamar Hill) and his sextet of fudge packin’ twerkers celebrated LGBT Pride Month by putting on a “Woke” choreographic conception for the ages while performing his hellish single “Montero.”

Lil Nas X wrapped up the show with a passionate tongue kiss with one of the gay dancers. They swapped spit for roughly 3 seconds. Yuck! That’s disgusting! Prior to that, another homo sniffed his crotch. The entire performance was borderline pornographic. Homophobes were understandably pissed.

One twitter user wrote, “DONT USE AFRICAN CULTURE FOR SH*T LIKE THIS!!!!!!! RESPECT OUR ANCESTORS.” Lil Nas X clapped back, saying,“y’all really like to pretend homosexuality didn’t exist in african culture.” Rapper P. Diddy, a closet homosexual, lauded Lil Nas X’s performance via social media.

“Lil Nas X did that!!!” Diddy wrote.

“Be fearless!!!”

BET (Black Entertainment Television) is owned by Viacom, a white company.

Is it time for the network to change its name?

Did Lil Nas X cross the line?

Watch the disturbing performance.

Share your thoughts.


  1. @Joshua Sawyer: too bad heaven isn’t a thing

  2. WoW just Wow how much they hate God that gives them life.And people appreciating him in the comments? Just wow.

  3. This is just plain disgusting. That’s what happens when you let feminism, and the alphabet community infiltrate our space. Time for this bullsh*t to stop.

  4. Homosexuality is being forced into society of all generations and it’s not fair to those who don’t wish to see that BULLS H I T🤨 we don’t need such a distasteful performance to remind us how weak black men are. MJ turning over in his grave right now like my me, why molest up my music after ppl tried so hard to destroy all he was. #DAMNSHAME

  5. Degenerate behavior is being pushed onto Black people. That man’s performance was disgusting, inappropriate and plain vulgar. The FCC used to regulate the media to ensure that pornographic material was not seen by the masses. Lil Nas X five minutes of fame was over two years ago. At this point, he’s nothing but a gay porn performer. BET is no longer Black owned. It’s owned by Viacom. the parent company of MTV. They are not going to portray Black people in a positive light. Smh

  6. Reality is this straight people give birth to gay people take responsibility for your DNA, lol gays are the future because we can reproduce and the government will promote anything that don’t reproduce an offspring. The ptb want the world to stop reproducing horrible criminals

  7. If you’re a black Christian it’s no way that you should be voting Democrat. All this crap is coming from the Liberal agenda.

  8. Joe Biden/Kamala Harris support LGBTQ types and ‘you blacks’ overwhelmingly voted for him. You reap what you sow.

  9. Totally disgusting once they get an inch they take a mile the world will hate them all over again after all those years of campaigning bc they always add yuck to everything they cant help look what they did in Greece when they were free to let loose

  10. Im glad proud month is over 🤣! I don’t know what’s there to be proud of being LGBTQI

  11. That performance was straight gross and disrespectful. That’s how you know the music is garbage. When all the focus is on the bs performance and not the actual music behind it. This is basically forced inclusion.

  12. It is obvious the guy is backed and promoted by the industry. The agenda is not friendly to Black people.

  13. @Prime time: Christianity was pushed on blacks by their white slave masters during slavery to create false hope. Our original following was voodoo.

  14. L'n Degenerates™

    That’s the White man agenda, to portray black men as gay.

  15. @L’n Degenerates™: And the black man is a willing participant.

  16. Wake up people they are pushing this on black people to feminize our men and destroy our children. It’s one thing to say you have rights but it’s another to take away someone else rights in doing so. It ain’t no peace. This is dangerous.

  17. @Whataday: Preach it now.

  18. I don’t believe he was all the way in with this lifestyle when he came out, I also think he does the gay community harm by pretty much making it seem like there into devil worship and dark places…

  19. @P47: Some of them are 😬.

  20. Lil Nas X is just an industry puppet being used to normalize homosexuality among Black men. I don’t know why some people refer to him as a rapper, I’ve never heard him drop any bars and he only sings with the help of autotune.

  21. @Jay: As soon as they are done using him they will throw him away like a dirty, used block of tissue. He think he was mistreated before, just wait until the industry kicks him to the curb.

  22. Its funny yall slamming ole boys performance and BET showing it cause im surprised yall even watched this shyt. BET aint been right for a very long time so why is anyone surprised by any fuckkery BET shows? LOL

  23. Raefer Singleton

    look at all the homophobes on this page giving a shyt, if you can’t stand this kinda SHYT DON’T WATCH.

  24. NotWithTheFuckery

    Lil Nas-X hasn’t made a hit ever since he said he was gay. Elton John been gay & been making hits. The difference is that Elton John makes music for the masses & Lil Nas-X makes music for gay people with a chip on their shoulder. At some point he has to face the reality that he cares more about being gay then making music

  25. He was doing an excellent job until he started wobbling towards the end. We just don’t want to see gay crap on TV at all. The Satanic stuff is an abomination and people need to call it just that. BOYCOTT BET!!

    At least a real Black Man finally spoke out against it.

  26. homophobia is real…………. these comments are proof of that

  27. Just a quick history lesson to let you
    know the agenda is real.

    There is absolutely no such thing as Homophobia. A phobia is a fear, and Noone fears gays, they are just disgusted by their s3xual orientation. That’s not a phobia. By the agendas logic, if I find pedophiles disgusting, does that mean I have a phobia of pedophiles? Absolutely not.
    The only term that is real concerning a phobia of ones s3xual orientation is Heterophobia.
    Heterophobia is real. It’s a word to describe how gay people feared straight people. Because back in the way back days, straight men used to kill and torture gay people. So gay people had a legit phobia of anyone who was straight back then. So the agenda flipped game and called it homophobia, in order to silence any criticism of gay behavior.

  28. Its probably best to not let children watch award shows these days. Seems like they’re doing a whole lot for no reason. Adults should be the only ones watching at this point.

  29. @QueenOfLife: Or how about all black people stop watching and boycott the white man’s version Black Entertainment Television.

  30. To all the people who have been and continue to defend [email protected], THIS IS WHAT YOU SUPPORTED AND IT WILL GET WORSE…

  31. Would be an Atlanta artist allowing himself to be used as a tool of destruction. They’ll do anything for money there. BET has become the degenerate, flaming homosexual, black feminist network. Thanks again, Bob Johnson. I saw this coming when you sold out to Sumner Redstone

  32. I was completely disgusted by that shit

  33. @skyearthgirl: Are you gay? If not you have manufactured outrage about what other people are doing in their bedroom, why does that bother you and how does it affects your life

  34. @handy-man1: Everybody is disgusted, but we are wrong if we say it, according to cancel culture and political correctness

  35. What was supposed to be a night centered around Black excellence and honoring Black women it turned into this. I’ve noticed that ANY time Black women are holding something it almost seems required of them to include the LGBTQ. Black women are allowing these things to overshadow themselves as well as our roles that are necessary for a stable environment.

  36. @Last Word: So how is coming to a award show half naked BLACK EXCELLENCE?? Please don’t confuse the 2 BET awards is only around to give awards centered around black music that is owned majority by who “white folks” you can’t celebrate black excellent and at the same time showing up half naked I’m sorry!! I mean didn’t Jay and Bey stop going because it’s considered beneath them?

  37. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    @Last Word: THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT! They are replacing real black women in films with black transwomen. We are not the same!! We are allowing that mess. We are not protecting our space at all! We have no code. You said that!!!

  38. TripTilTheWrldNs

    🎯 Fear GOD. Keep the commandments. No bald heads on men. Grow your beards. No pants on women. Wear frindges at the borders of your dresses on females, fringes at the borders of your shirts on males. Add a blue ribbon on the fringes. This is for representation, as well as a reminder to not be led into temptation to transgress the law. Read the Bible. Make learning the word of God more important that anything else you do. Watch the change. To all my so called blacks, hispanics, and native american brothers and sisters: Repent! The kingdom of heaven is at hand! All praises to The Most High!

  39. @TripTilTheWrldNs: White supremacist wrote the bible, life is my birth right, when the last time God helped black people Crack head

  40. BET took the essence of hip hop and turn it into the devil playground

    Nas X is doing his part to degrade, feminize, and dehumanize young black males




  42. Compared to that WAP shit (which I support as a fuckin’ burlesque show which is what it is) this kiss is CHASTE

  43. Well folks ain’t mad when it’s a stage full of half nude females grinding on each other 🤷🏾‍♀️👬🏿

  44. WOW – INSANE – 😡😡😡😡😡
    IF we don’t see the DEVASTATING negative affect this has on INNOCENT children, THIS WORLD is completely INSANE… WE don’t need that kind of so called entertainment… HE ISN’T EVEN TALENTED WITH A DECENT VOICE – OMG – How easily are you brainwashed !! REALLY SAD… Do you honestly think you were born on this earth to follow such unadulterated corruption together with a false narrative 🤔 😵😵

  45. he goes against everything the bible forbids

  46. travell wooten

    @Baby Boy: So you want to talk about the bible now lol let me school you baby boy so god created man in female right so he created man in female so they could create life so hold on why tf do god make man with female parts between there legs so he likes man what about the females who has man parts between there legs also you dont pay attention to anything you just judge everything and everyone open your eyes in look beyond all this shit because baby if not you going to be lost forever

  47. BET approved his performance so I don’t see the issues people are having! Double standards!
    If people are feeling sooooo awkward about a kiss and the way he’s dancing! Take him out replace him with a female and all female dancers and then they kiss! I’m sure it would of been a hit and everyone talking bout how good it was!
    It take practice time and staging to pull a performance off and money! BET wouldn’t have spent the money if they had a issue I’m sure!
    If people once again have a issue then maybe we remove all kissing and enter action from all tv programs! And don’t give me that it was a family show when the girls coming out in little to nothing dropping it low!
    The ones that feel bothered are the same one whom say they love the gays or no issues til it hit home! If you felt some kind of way it’s because your own issues in ya house hold!

  48. Sophia Milanos

    Just disgusting. Wtf has the world come to.

    This is SO SATANIC I mean it’s f ing OBVIOUS and I’m sorry

    But he SUCKS he can’t even sing

    Just another agenda being pushed


    A DISGRACE!!!!!!!!

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