Caucasian man becomes the world’s 1st transracial Korean, wants gay treatment

Oli London becomes transracial Korean/YouTube

White man is now transracial Korean.

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LONDON — Carl Nassib, defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, raised eyebrows last week when he announced he’s gay. But he ain’t the only one with a bombshell. Oli London made headlines Monday when he became the first man to come out the closet as a “transracial Korean.” Oli was born a white dude but, after undergoing eighteen plastic surgeries, he’s now a Korean male in the mold of singer Park Ji-min. The British son of a bitch shared several post-surgery pics online.

Oli’s intumesced countenance is satiated with optical implants and you can tell his eyes were surgically re-shaped in a slanted direction to give him an Asian mien. For years, the “Christmas in Korea” vocalist told family members and friends he “always felt like he was Korean.” Now he’s getting his wish. Oli disseminated a video to offer an elucidation. He’s asking to be accepted like a transgender person.

“I identify as Korean,” he proclaimed.

“That’s not just my culture but that’s my home country. That’s exactly how I look now. I know it’s a little bit confusing for some people. Nobody’s ever come out as Korean.” 

Do you support Oli’s decision?

Should transracial people be treated the same as transgenders?

Watch Oli’s coming out video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Step away from the plastic surgery. Get therapy for Body Dismorphic Disorder. You will NEVER be happy with your looks.

  2. Bruh you like a burn victim

  3. Oli London scares me, every time I see him it becomes more murky. This man needs psychological help, I get to a point where I can’t even laugh that he wants to look like Jimin. This guy is not going to end well.

  4. Leslie Brewster

    You can’t change your race like that

  5. Man you are not jimin bro

  6. this man will actually do anything for clout oh gawd that’s pathetic

  7. Camilla Allegri

    The real problem is that despite what he has done, he doesn’t’ look like Jimin at all. Poor guy. A whole life thrown away.

  8. Alecx Rhaine Pascua

    he’s gon’ CRAZY.

  9. oli accept the fact that you are WHITE. you will never be asian just because of your “jimin like” face. the way you project things as asian is OFFENSIVE. you diss koreans but at the same time WANT TO BE THEM? are you INSANE???

  10. you do not need surgery. go get a fucking therapist.

  11. •Kookie's cream•

    I really have given up hating on Oli London, cause it’s no use, even if Oli realises later, it will be very late, Oli London has done 18 Surgeries trying to snatch Jimin’s identity.

  12. Cognitive_player

    no wonder north korea hasnt opened its borders, I think we may have underestimated Kim Jong Un.

  13. Anna-Rose Boileau

    I’m feel sorry for Jimin because I would be surprise that he doesn’t know about Oli. Like he is obsessing and trying to be exactly like him. Park Jimin is his own person with his unique personality and looks so no one can be him. I don’t personally think that Jimin likes having a copycat but it’s just my own opinion.

  14. Andrea manrique

    I actually think that this is insane for everyone involved, for Oli because he is… well going through a lot of pain mentally and physically, second Jimin for someone who’s trying to steal his identity and third Korean people cuz they suffer a lot for being Korean in other parts of the world.

  15. Guy with a penis says he’s a woman

    You all go awwwwww🙂

    Guy who isn’t Korean says he’s Korean

    You all go arghhhhhhhh 😠

    Live by the sword die by the sword

  16. Oli: I’m going to look just like jimin

    Me: no you ain’t

  17. The only thing he needs more than the surgeries is 2 therapists.

    One for himself and one for his first therapist.

  18. Oli STOP 🛑

  19. i feel so bad for him. he’s destroying himself and won’t be able to go back to his natural face…

  20. Honestly I’m all for people getting surgeries to change themselves if it means it’ll make them happy. But don’t try and be someone else. Only be yourself and uniquely to yourself with or without surgery. And if you’re struggling so much with identity, I suggest seeking some professional help first instead of making permanent changes to yourself. Surgery isn’t always something that you can reverse and you’d have to live with regret if you end up not being happy with it. Just saying. Hope I make sense.

  21. the milk MAN MAN

    surgeon: this is FUCKING stupid but im making bank sooo i dont care

  22. Roxie Yzquierdo

    He’s starting to look like the Ken doll guy that transitioned to female, Rodrigo Alvez I think? He doesn’t look anything close to Korean though. His nose is still way too long, eyelids are way too deep, lips are way too full/pumped…looks nothing like what he wants to look like. His skeletal structure was not made for that…without the proper bone structure, superficial alterations can only do so much

  23. Oli sweetie u dont look korean you look like an overcooked muffin

  24. If Oli no longer identifies as British then he should have his passport stripped. Where’s the petition?

  25. •Cheese Ball•

    Dude you look like you got beaten up and then draged down the street while chained to a car

  26. Im an alien

  27. How can you expect people to accept you of you can’t accept yourself. This is truely sad.

  28. you can’t be Korean if you’re not Korean 😃

  29. Thanos please come back we need you 💔💔

  30. I identify as a unicorn so there.. do not refer to me as human anymore

  31. He needs Jesus not Jimin.

  32. Elodie Smellodie

    “Nobody has ever come out as Korean or Jimin.” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU CAN’T BE REAL

  33. holy crap, he does not look like jimin AT ALL, like he is so…. i cant with this guy

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