Caucasian man becomes the world’s 1st transracial Korean, wants gay treatment

Oli London becomes transracial Korean/YouTube

White man is now transracial Korean.

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LONDON — Carl Nassib, defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, raised eyebrows last week when he announced he’s gay. But he ain’t the only one with a bombshell. Oli London made headlines Monday when he became the first man to come out the closet as a “transracial Korean.” Oli was born a white dude but, after undergoing eighteen plastic surgeries, he’s now a Korean male in the mold of singer Park Ji-min. The British son of a bitch shared several post-surgery pics online.

Oli’s intumesced countenance is satiated with optical implants and you can tell his eyes were surgically re-shaped in a slanted direction to give him an Asian mien. For years, the “Christmas in Korea” vocalist told family members and friends he “always felt like he was Korean.” Now he’s getting his wish. Oli disseminated a video to offer an elucidation. He’s asking to be accepted like a transgender person.

“I identify as Korean,” he proclaimed.

“That’s not just my culture but that’s my home country. That’s exactly how I look now. I know it’s a little bit confusing for some people. Nobody’s ever come out as Korean.” 

Do you support Oli’s decision?

Should transracial people be treated the same as transgenders?

Watch Oli’s coming out video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. he’s still ugly

  2. Lil Wayne’s dredLOCK

    He just look like a light skin lil Kim. What’s the issue?

  3. DerbyCity🙏🏽

    Who didn’t see this coming 🙄 I been saying this was next reminds me of the Chappell show sketch SMDH when will this type of unacceptance of self the way God made u nonsense end 😔 there are 2 many grey areas and im unable 2 continue the bs like where tf does it end 🙏🏽 God please bless us with ur grace and mercy help us in these times of uncertainty when so many need u most Lord please amen

  4. Ming Min Luftig

    Being Asian, I don’t find this offensive, I find it creepy.

  5. What do you expect when your entire race was born of dysfunctional DNA. The whole reason they try to adopt and replicate is because they are born broken. They are desperate to fix their existence and become one with nature. Which is impossible

  6. Whites have no culture…which explains their urge to steal others.

  7. “Korean people love me”
    I don’t think so, they just don’t want to be rude ❤

  8. Then can I identify as a billionaire and have everyone accept it, including the banks – they can accept me by adding billions $ to my account.
    Also can I identify as white so that I can have and abuse my white privilege and face zero/ minimal consequences for my abhorrent actions.

  9. Sheena Boisvert

    This surgeon was like “Yeah I’ll make you look JUST like Jimin😈”

  10. I identify as having good credit and owing no one lol

  11. DAFunni1Uluv2Hate

    White people are the only race that can go around claiming they are another race.

  12. “I want to look like Jimin”.

    Ends up looking like Ellen


  14. Christine Matson

    Thievery is in the white man’s blood…they are literally stealing the color off people’s backs now…

  15. Mike Stevens •

    If trans people can be born one way and declare they “feel” like something else inside, this idiot should now be able to call himself Korean.. it is no different than a person born a male wanting to be identified as a female because it’s what they feel like inside

  16. Mahogany Rosewood

    He looked so much better before surgery.
    I don’t understand.
    If he just loved himself and stayed for whoever he is,

  17. His humble servant

    What a clown this young man is 🤡

  18. Ppl are getting weirder and weirder lmao smh

  19. Mark my words, height(leg) implants are coming soon, then I’m gonna identify as a NBA player and these mf’s better except it.

  20. He looked really good before all the surgeries.
    Now he has no respect for the Korean culture or Jimin.

  21. I’ve never seen so many jackasses in my life

  22. So if everyone agrees this is insanity…how can you possibly vote democrat? I’m not saying you should vote Republican…you may have good reasons for not supporting them…..but if you don’t support this weird transformation, yet still vote democrat…how can you possibly expect anyone to respect your reasons for not voting Republican?

  23. These people mutilating themselves should all get free tickets to the crazy house.

  24. ActSmart BeSmart

    Those koreans are laughing at him for wanting to become korean.

  25. I thought it was Kirsten Wiig not Jimin

  26. 🤣🤣🤣I knew it was only a matter of time. These ppl are crazy and suffering from body, gender and now racial dysmorphia. The Lgb need to stop enabling these ppl . Got ppl confusing sexuality with this trans bs for the sake of being all inclusive.

  27. Hold on to something people, things are about to get weird 👀

  28. Marios lil bro

    I blame Reading Rainbow for this Fookary going on… “EYEEEEEEEEEEE CAAAAA DOOOO ANYTHIIIIIIIIIIING” 😩😂

  29. Ne01LnWlf☀️🌕🌑🧙‍♂️👼👺♊🐺🦅☯️🇵🇷🇺🇲

    Maybe Society is a little Sick- Dave Chappelle

  30. Boy boy boy….what has become of humanity

  31. Can he speak Korean?

  32. Hidden From you

    @thabunny: Humanity dosen’t believe in god anymore. So you get all of the [email protected]@k shyt instead.

  33. For The First Time In My Life, I am Coming Out As A ‘Koala’…I Always felt Something Was Missing In My life!! Thank You My! Fellow Human Beings, Finally I Got It Off My Chest! 😋😜✌🏽

  34. This world is hell and people are bat sh it crazy😴

  35. AlonahdasavageCuh

    This white boy might be on to something. I’m going to transform into a millionaire this weekend f-that

  36. Stop messing with nature, stop messing with God’s design…. Though I’m all for doing what’s right for you , if you feel more confident with a nose job do it, fix a facial deformity?… fine, anything minor and not damaging sure….but this is too far. Surgery is risky and sometimes they go bad, this is dangerous and I hope people who are thinking of doing anything similar don’t think this is ok

  37. This world is so sad and sick. These evil spirits are jumping into people like crazy. Jesus come back soon, this world is doomed to eternal damnation in hell

  38. This should be considered IDENTITY THEFT. He’s basically “single white feMALE-ing” a person who already exists. He’s stealing another person’s name, race and trying to look like him. Psychos do anything for attention. I wish those plastic surgeons and yes-men would stop enabling his bullsh*t and get him psychological help. Because he’s seriously needed it years ago.

  39. Dude wanted to look Korean but ended up looking like a Karen

  40. Anastasia Tudor

    I have no words.. im just gonna shut up at this point

  41. two marvellous sisters

    He needs help, love yourself for who you are, sorry your not Korean your English, accept who you are, don’t be something your not

  42. Nothing wrong with loving a culture so much you adopt parts of it but labelling it as “transitioning” or “identifying as Korean” or “coming out” is just a bit dumb. Say what you will about him but at least he’s not hurting anyone else. It’s a shame his personal identity seems to revolve around other people.

  43. SkullSeeker301

    Let’s not mock him, cuz transracial Is the same as transsexual. Deal with it already, period. Women become men. Men become women. So why British can’t come out as a Korean ?
    I disagree only that he comes out as a Jimin, and a flag thing is bad. 🙄
    He feels happy, he calls hypocrites as hypocrites, which is truth, he is not harming anyone.

  44. jokes aside, this is so fucking stupid and so so disrespectful to the korean, asian, trans, lgbtq+, jimin AND the british community

  45. Maybe it’s just the swelling in his face but I dunno bout you it looks less like he’s Korean and more like he just got his ass beat for walking in the wrong neighborhood

  46. This is getting fucking ridiculous. You’re insulting my culture and this is hella offensive. “I have the Korean look now” wtf???? “Korea is my home country” WTF?

  47. If a man can up and say hes a woman why cant a white guy up and say hes a korean….cant have 1 without the oooother love and marriage…..people say when a man thinks hes a woman “thats how he feels inside so let him be” isnt this the same thing its how he feels on the inside…..shits hilarious watching this generation lmao a bunch of clowns

  48. Not like I support this wackjob, but I wonder why everyone attacks him for identifying as another ethnicity and yet praises trans people for being brave by identifying as another gender. People are really failing to see the hypocrisy here

  49. It’s fine if he moves to Korea and considers himself Korean by living there and respecting the culture but if he is trying to change his face to look Korean then it’s wrong. For one, it’s offensive to actual Koreans because he’s literally doing it to benefit himself and is trying to wear their face, aesthetic, and culture. And there’s so many non Korean ppl defending this man saying it’s okay because that’s how he feels inside. This man literally went to Korea and listened to KPop and feels he’s Korean. It doesn’t work that way. If someone identified as a “Map” and was attracted to minors and said it was how he felt should we respect him? If you are not Korean please do not defend this man.

    1. have confidence

  50. Don’t get me wrong I see the bizarre-ness of this, like I get he’s seen as being disrespectful to those who are actual Korean. But couldn’t you say the same thing to trans people? I’m sure it’s got it’s significant differences that’s what I’m just curious about. Like the first person to say I wanna get surgeries to become a whole different gender was probably seen as very problematic and offensive cause of sexism and etc?

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