Miss Nevada Kataluna Enriquez the first transgender woman in Miss USA pageant

Kataluna made history/HYPRGAME

Kataluna made tranny history.

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LAS VEGAS — It’s been one helluva Pride Month. Carl Nassib became the first NFL player to announce he’s gay. Laurel Hubbard is competing in the Olympics. Now this: Kataluna Enriquez was crowned Miss Nevada on Sunday, making her the first transgender popsy in American history to compete in the Miss USA pageant. The Filipino-American used a “Woke” platform with a cynosure on gender identity to defeat 21 biological women inside the South Point Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.

Kataluna, 27, said she went through hell and back to win.

“I didn’t have the easiest journey in life,” she recounted. “I struggled with physical and sexual abuse. I struggled with mental health. I didn’t have much growing up. I didn’t have support. But I’m still able to thrive, and I’m still able to survive and become a trailblazer for many.”

Kataluna also thanked the LGBTQ community via Instagram.

“My win is our win. We just made history. Happy Pride,” she wrote.

Kataluna will now turn her immediate attention to the upcoming Miss USA competition which will be held on November 29th. If she wins, Kataluna will join Spain’s Angela Ponce as the only trannies to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. Rumor has it Kataluna still has a penis which explains why they canceled the swimsuit competiton. Should chicks with dicks be allowed to compete against biological beauties?

Do trannies need their own pageant?

Should real women be pissed?

Watch Kataluna shake her ass on the runway.

Share your thoughts.


  1. i think the argument that trans women are men taking away opportunities from “real women” is actually pretty misogynistic, even though it parades as feminist. I personally don’t believe that trans women are men, but the argument these people are posing states that trans women are men, and therefore cis women can not compete with them in anything. It is not only transphobic but also deeply sexist as it plays into the prejudice that women can never measure up to men in anything they do. That being said, i dont think trans women are men at all, and I know this narrative hurts them more than it hurts me. But like, to the women who complain about trans women entering sports because they think they “cant compete,” like, where is your self respect? what you cant compete with someone who has xy chromosomes at all, even if they are now phenotypically female? that does not sound very feminist to me.

  2. She won not just because she’s pretty or gorgeous but because she’s a well trained Queen. She deserve it, she’s intelligent…superrr lezgow Kataluna ❤️

  3. Imagine losing a beauty contest to a man. I would be pissed if I were the other girls.

  4. MikDee Peterson

    “Redefining what it means to be a woman”…I am livid! This is rediculous.

  5. MikDee Peterson

    Ladies in the Miss USA pageant need to step down. This is insane to have a male win a MISS title.

  6. Im just confused what all you transphobic people are saying lol. Y’all say she is a “man” and this and that but then why would it be an issue that she competes in pageants? Shouldnt biological females have an advantage according to you guys? Y’all really just can’t make sense now can you? Btw, anyone can have surgery in pageants

  7. So, Miss Nevada, how’s it hangin’?

  8. Look at her, she is gorgeous. Her beauty is definitely enough to win. You cannot look at her and tell me her beauty ain’t good enough.

  9. Such a tragedy for women: they are in our spas; competing in women’s sports . A horrible time for women

  10. Don’t women know that this is a slap in the face and demeaning to biological women. This begs the question, “do we even need biological women in a women’s beauty contest?” Why not let men do it all?

  11. I’m so proud of Nevada. I think I want to move there now and omg she’s so pretty

  12. Ohhh God he has the same last name as my family ewwwwwwwww.

  13. Stephanie Elise

    It was 1000% rigged. America is honestly just a meme now you can’t take that country seriously it’s so sad.

  14. Divinesara Saradivine

    Oh my gosh,
    Miss Universe, must a real woman not trans,,sorry, but it’s not the law of God,,
    God bless America

  15. It’s sick that a man can take over what belongs to women. Wait until sports are taken from women entirely. By the way, we are not cis women. We ARE women.

  16. Transgenders are taking over.

  17. Wait until the dude is off the drugs, wonder if it change him back to a male???🤔

  18. I don’t care how pretty he is he’s not a woman. This is America and he has the right to do whatever he wants with his body, but he needs to compete against other trans , it’s not fair to the other women.

  19. Nikki Alexander

    A biological man wins a biological woman’s pageant???!!! I think I’m gonna have my daughter be prepared for NFL or Mr. Universe and see how men react when they lose against a bio-female.

  20. M Scott Johnson

    In 1983, Vanessa Williams was crowned the first black Miss America. And while it was widely celebrated, a bunch of white folks were pissed. No way a black woman was prettier than all of the white women competing. Clearly the decision was “political”. She won “because she was black”, not because she was the best.

    Now it’s 2021, and while racists still mad, nobody else thinks anything of black or other women of color competing in beauty patents. It’s normal now. But since trans women aren’t regular participants, it’s still “political”.

    I doubt we’ll see a trans Miss America this year, or in the next several years, but it’ll happen eventually. And when it does, all the transphobes will call it political. But in 30 years (if Miss America is still even a thing) there will have been several trans contestant and a few trans winners. And it’ll be normal.

  21. fortnite Yt 2020

    He still is a man regardless of what he looks like on the outside!! God in heaven doesn’t make mistakes. You were born a man. You will never have a period or a real vagina, nor will you ever be able to birth a child!!

  22. Cersei Lannister

    My question is….where are all the feminists at?!?

  23. Like the song says “IT’S A MANS WORLD”! Women no matter how much you like to think you can try, you can never beat a man, they will always be stronger faster now better looking then us…LOL Welcome to the loony leftist ideology fed to all daily! COOCOO

  24. None ya Business

    This is almost as bad as finding your wife in bed with a woman

  25. Genesis chapter 19

  26. Is that the same transgender that was walking around in the woman’s spa in LA naked with a stiffy?

  27. And the Mockingbird media all applaud 👏wth this us NOT right!

  28. I feel like I’m the only sane person in this comment section. Really, so many comments are so uneducated it hurts.

  29. Biological woman’s lives matter

  30. He did not win you
    You can guarantee
    It was planed for him to win
    Becouse it fits the agenda

  31. Isprikitik burkabush

    that awkward moment when men are more beautiful than women in Nevada

  32. David Vanpatten

    Our world gets sicker everyday
    I fear a sane society is gone

  33. @Isprikitik burkabush: Mr Nevada is pretty though.

  34. what a sad day for the miss usa contest. only in nevada would this go on. shameful. the contest was made for young women. now anything goes. disgraceful. you can change the body but you cant change the soul.

  35. I as a woman feel hurt and sad
    I feel like we are being replaced and we can not even said that because than some people try to hurt us.
    “She” could be in transgender competition but “she” decide to selfishly do this
    I feel hopeless

  36. I feel bad for Nevada. Think about it…The best-looking woman in Nevada is a dude…smh…

  37. Who gives a shit. Pagents contests are archaic now that we have instagram tooths to look at.
    If a man wins a contest that is purely subjective.. well good for him.

  38. Guess I’m gay for finding some transwomen attractive

  39. Sandra Rodriguez

    As a woman I’m proud of her. She was stunning and beautiful. I see alot of people mad for no reason. She had many disadvantages and still was able to prove others wrong. She wasn’t born a woman but changed her gender and should be allowed to compete with regular women. I don’t understand why there’s so many insecured women here scared for no reason. This whole competition was fair and she won. People acting like regular women don’t get plastic surgery 😂.

  40. Essence The Artist

    I Can’t believe I saw this coming! I was honestly hoping that no pageant would allow a transperson to compete with biological women. Now this is a perfect display of disrespect to a whole society of women who need opportunity.
    They are showing how much they hate women because they wanna outdo them in everything, including beauty.
    Just imagine a society that finds biological men more attractive if they transition then a biological woman. How backwards is that? It just devalues a woman completely. But we are the only ones able to create the next generation.

    What’s really scary is how much he actually looked like a woman and I feel bad for men who can’t tell what’s real or not.

  41. Electric Rainicorn

    Whaaa…!! Not fair to other biological women who were born w real grace & beauty & trained and sacrificed for some dude to get cut up and transformed & molded to be a “woman”.

  42. The world is about to take an extreme hard right turn.
    We are living in the Last Days…please seek Yeshu/Jesus earnestly!

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