Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction is overturned because his trial was unfair

Bill Cosby a free man/EPA

Bill Cosby is free, sentence vacated.

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PHILADELPHIA — “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Bill Cosby finally got his independence close to Independence Day. That’s because the 83-year-old comedian had his sexual assault conviction rescinded Wednesday afternoon by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. A seven-member panel determined Cosby didn’t get a fair trial due to a mere technicality. So instead of being incarcerated ten years at a maximum-security penitentiary, the “Cosby Show” star was granted manumission after three. America’s Dad was exonerated around 2 p.m. eastern time.

Cosby is now back home in Philly sucking JELL-O pudding pops.

The “Fat Albert” voice actor later tweeted a vindication photo of himself with his fist raised and eyes closed, with the caption: “I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rules of law.”

Cosby’s accusers are absolutely pissed.

“My stomach is lurching and I’m deeply distressed at the injustice of the whole thing,” complainant Victoria Valentino told ABC News as soon as she heard Cosby’s sentence was abrogated. “He’s a sociopath. He’s a serial rapist. This is a man who has no conscience, he has no sense of remorse.”

Another alleged victim, Sammie Mays, called Cosby’s release “disrespectful and despicable.”

Conversely, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers praised the overturn.

Cosby, if you recall, was arrested in 2015 (during the pinnacle of the #MeToo Movement) after 60 women accused him of slipping them a mickey as a prelude to unwarranted copulation. Most of the allegations dated back to the 80s and 90s. A jury convicted Cosby in April 2018. He was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, a whilom Temple University employee.

Constand lambasted the ruling, saying it could “discourage other victims of sexual assault from coming forward.”

Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision?

Was Cosby wrongfully convicted?

Should he file a calumny lawsuit?

Should he take Camille back after she left his ass hangin?

Watch the press conference.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Tricky Dicky Ball

    Pill Cosby, America’s Best Dad!

  2. I wonder if he’s going to buy CBS now🤔

  3. It’s only overturned because of a technicality. He is still guilty. His name is tarnished.

  4. This is the biggest punch in the face to all the victims of sexual abuse! 😤

  5. Make that p**say pop. Cos ‘bout to eat that like pudding pop. I’m in my Cosby bag. Cosby back. Y’all said I took that p*ssy. Y’all can have that back

  6. OJ Simpson: Welcome back Bill!

  7. James White jr

    No weapon formed against me shall prosper

  8. He should’ve never been in prison. I wish him peace and health! 💓

  9. Another case of black privilege

  10. Lorena Bobbitt, where are you? This man needs you

  11. azsegrxdhtfgvijnkoml ewrhtgoij/pkL

    I thought he was in his 90’s. Rough looking.

  12. BILL stop pudding it where it doesn’t belong !!!!

  13. Have a pudding pop and STFU you evil SOB.

  14. The metoo movement is a fraud

  15. Heyitssammykid

    Free the homie🤟🏽😈

  16. Cosby out there like,
    “I just wanna get home and get some pudding”

  17. What a bunch of CRAP!!!!!

  18. What a despicable human Cosby is.


  20. Shante Richardson

    I said he was Innocent from he beginning , that man was about to make some powerful moves and they had to discredit his name and character. The truth always comes out.

  21. @Shante Richardson: He signed a confession. That means he’s not innocent. Lying about your idol doesn’t make him innocent.

  22. So when can we expect a Cosby Show reboot?

  23. Stephanie Dinaso

    Only god know if Mr.Cosby is guilty or not

  24. Praise the LORD….GOD is wonderful😇

  25. I was in the shower thinking three days ago… Why Phylicia Rashad consistently stood behind Bill Cosby? Rationalizing that if she had worked so closely with him year after year after year wouldn’t she have seen some thing? Wouldn’t she know his real character? So crazy that a few days later this happens. These were my TV parents growing up, gives me hope for my real life parents to be vindicated and return to their original glory. Sounds like Mr. Cosby did some good while he was there. I pray that the lives he touched will go on to uplift others.

  26. Oh No N. Again

    Welcome home DAD😢

  27. Bill Cosby made a very good point himself. This is not about him or race. It is about the right to a fair trial. He was given the promise of non prosecution in return for waving his 5th amendment right. The deal was binding and must be honored.

    Making deals such as plea bargain and so on are a part of our system. Nobody forced the prosecutor to give him the deal. When it was given Cosby said things that he would not otherwise.

    I don’t know the actions he did but I know he maintains his innocence. The prosecutor went and another one came. But the promise remained binding. The new one broke it in two ways. He broke the non prosecution part. Next he used statements Cosby said which he had been told will not be used. This is misconduct. If we let this happen nobody will accept and agreements. A deal is not made with a person but with the government. People hold their position for aa time but governments persist. People say it was a technicality. They are right it was. But it is these technicalities which protect our rights. People accused of much worse have gotten off because of agreements. General Pinochet is one example. He gave up his position only with the non prosecution guarantee. It prevented a bloody fight. We are not a mob rather we are a society bound by rules. No respect means no law.

  28. america’s dad….lmao

  29. Americas pervert.

  30. ShootinTheShit

    Bruh he about to make so much money when he Sues. Violated his plea deal and rights!

  31. Racheal Silburn

    I am so happy for Mr. Bill Cosby. I was the same age as Rudy Huxtable when the Cosby Show premiered and he will always be my TV dad. Period! And he handled this debacle with such grace, dignity and class.

  32. Stephen Holmes

    The USA is a toilet 🚻

  33. strangewayshere

    Hey Ladies, Drinks, Pudding Pops & Roofies at Bill’s this weekend, Come Alone.

  34. He was in any event a philanderer and has lived a sexually predatory life. I was disappointed he had no remorse at all. Even if it does not rise to a criminal act it rises to immorality. He might consider that.. My opinion.

  35. Cheddar and Bacon

    One thing about nihggers and their culture, is their constant need to defend, protect, turn a blind eye too, pedestal, or martyr, the nihgger sewage skinned criminal element, because the criminal is the same exact freaking color sewage skinned nihgger that they are.

    MLK wasn’t preaching about judging a man by his character and not his skin color to white people. He was preaching to nihggers. Because he was a nihgger and he knew how nihggers thought. He most likely seen snippets of the future about racist nihggers martyring nihgger criminals over the color of their skin

  36. @Cheddar and Bacon: You are 1 demonic, trifling, heathen, condemned Serpentseed. Keep trying to make everybody as miserable as yourself devil, because you’re an irredeemable case-study in westernized, indoctrinated Babylon ignorance!

  37. I slay racist white trolls

    The ugly biitch should’ve said no to the pills or coming to a married man’s house end of story.

  38. COS is free and those gold diggers were lying and after his money — the court has spoken, BILL COSBY IS INNOCENT – just another brother who was locked up because of the color of his skin. I always knew those hoochies were lyin’!

  39. How many innocent people has this prosecutor locked up. Horrible lady.

  40. John Mark Suarez

    I can guarantee they’ll probably make a movie about his story beginning to end and make money off of it.

  41. Therese Tierney

    The gross part is that there’s actually people defending him. 🤢 Our justice system and our country is truly doomed.

  42. robert daniels

    The whit man tried to demean a strong Black man, they thought they had him under control but found out he had plans to buy a part of America. They felt betrayed and sought to destroy him but God had other plans. Thank you Jesus. Demons will not have their day today. Peace be still….

  43. The thing is that he DID do it, but the prosecution messed up by using evidence that wasnt allowed to charge him

  44. DESHAUN WATSON IS LEARNING THIS LESSON RIGHT NOW. I pray that Deshaun survives his crisis but he had to learn – this isn’t the 80s or 90s. from 1980-2000 celebrities and athletes were gods. They could do whatever. Now celebrities and athletes are just HIGH VALUE TARGETS. Any woman, anywhere can take you down with a TWITTER POST. Smarten up!

  45. Judge Joe Brown said you are innocent until proven guilty in this country. If Cosby raped these Women, then where is the police report? Where is the report from the doctor’s office? Where is the report from the clinic? Did they go get any kind of treatment of any kind that proves that they were raped?Out of all 60 women, you mean to tell me not one of them has any kind of official documentation that proves that they were raped by Mr. Cosby? That’s why I have trouble with the story of the women. It’s not what you say, it’s what you can prove. It doesn’t matter how many women come forward. It can be 100 women, 1,000 women, Or 10,000 women. It doesn’t make any difference how many come forward. It’s not what you say, it’s what you can prove. I find it interesting that none of these women can prove nothing based on what they’re saying. They have got to prove doctor Cosby is guilty. Doctor Cosby doesn’t have to prove that he’s innocent. That is the law of the United States of America. And if you don’t like that law, leave America and go to another country. Another thing that makes me feel uncomfortable. Another thing that makes me suspicious of these women is that Gloria Allred, who represents some of the women, said if Bill Cosby gives a hundred million dollars she’ll make the women stop coming out.

  46. Even if you believe that Bill Cosby abused some women at some point, you have to be able to consider the fact the he might have been set up. The whole conspiracy theory about him being targeting for wanting to buy NBC has actually a lot of evidence to it: First, most of the content we see in the media about Cosby is controlled by NBC and the same media company and I have evidence that you can find yourself if you are serious about being objective. Cosby really tried to buy NBC at a time when it was for sale but they refused to sell it to him. Why would Cosby want to buy NBC? Cosby spent his career trying to control how black people are portrayed in the media. So after NBC refused to sell to Cosby, they sold to Comcast, the biggest media company in the world. Who owns Comcast? Just like any other big company in the world, the biggest shareholders of Comcast is what is called the Vanguard group. You can go and look at the data in the stock market to find it for yourself, but the vanguard group is actually one of the two companies that control the world. They own everything, all the tech businesses, all the media, all the pharma and energy companies, everything. Behind the vanguard group is the Roshields family, they are trying to hide who owns this group but there is still evidence you can find online. So in other words, for people who doubt that Cosby could have been set up, think again because if one enemy has the power to set anyone up in the space of public opinion, it is the vanguard group. Another interesting fact is that NBC is headquartered in Pensylvannia, just like the vanguard group and Cosby, so this story sounds like it could be a personal affair. Actually, I found out about all that when I saw an article on an online magasine called Vulture, I thought the title of their article sounded very biased against Cosby so I looked up who owned them, turned out their were NBC. And now which channel gets the exclusive with the accusers? NBC! Even if you don’t beleive this looks fishy, of all the women that came up were brought up by the same lawyer who sent out a public call for stories with an implicit promise of financial gain. Second, many of the victims are making money out of the situation: Andrea Constand is publishing a book in September, which is typical of an extorsion scenario. Third, Cosby was actually the target of a big extortion case decades ago where the accuser confessed to plotting againts him so it is not impossible that that might have happened again.

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