Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction is overturned because his trial was unfair

Bill Cosby a free man/EPA

Bill Cosby is free, sentence vacated.

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PHILADELPHIA — “Hey, Hey, Hey!” Bill Cosby finally got his independence close to Independence Day. That’s because the 83-year-old comedian had his sexual assault conviction rescinded Wednesday afternoon by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. A seven-member panel determined Cosby didn’t get a fair trial due to a mere technicality. So instead of being incarcerated ten years at a maximum-security penitentiary, the “Cosby Show” star was granted manumission after three. America’s Dad was exonerated around 2 p.m. eastern time.

Cosby is now back home in Philly sucking JELL-O pudding pops.

The “Fat Albert” voice actor later tweeted a vindication photo of himself with his fist raised and eyes closed, with the caption: “I have never changed my stance nor my story. I have always maintained my innocence. Thank you to all my fans, supporters and friends who stood by me through this ordeal. Special thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for upholding the rules of law.”

Cosby’s accusers are absolutely pissed.

“My stomach is lurching and I’m deeply distressed at the injustice of the whole thing,” complainant Victoria Valentino told ABC News as soon as she heard Cosby’s sentence was abrogated. “He’s a sociopath. He’s a serial rapist. This is a man who has no conscience, he has no sense of remorse.”

Another alleged victim, Sammie Mays, called Cosby’s release “disrespectful and despicable.”

Conversely, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers praised the overturn.

Cosby, if you recall, was arrested in 2015 (during the pinnacle of the #MeToo Movement) after 60 women accused him of slipping them a mickey as a prelude to unwarranted copulation. Most of the allegations dated back to the 80s and 90s. A jury convicted Cosby in April 2018. He was found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, a whilom Temple University employee.

Constand lambasted the ruling, saying it could “discourage other victims of sexual assault from coming forward.”

Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision?

Was Cosby wrongfully convicted?

Should he file a calumny lawsuit?

Should he take Camille back after she left his ass hangin?

Watch the press conference.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Only in america

  2. Remember Tekashi69? His case was surrounded by murder, drugs and racketeering. He got released from jail because of covid and now he’s doing music videos. What made Bill Cosby situation worse than tekashi69?

  3. What physical evidence were presented against him in court??

  4. Disgusting

  5. figuring it out

    So is this gonna be used as a template for getting Harvey Weinstein off too???? Wouldn’t be surprised!! And how does this happen that the witnesses were allowed to testify for the case but now we’re told that shouldn’t have been allowed , do these lawyers and judges study law??

  6. Daniel Kirkland

    Black privilege right ? ….
    When are people going to realise the government is putting blacks against whites while the real problem here is rich vs poor
    Not color of skin but wealth
    The rich use race to stop the true fight


    Not innocent*….just Lucky…but still a CREEP! LOVED BY MILLIONS ( that he did not molest)

  8. Cesar Hernandez

    They done freed the goat 😤🦾

  9. Harvey Weinstein will be next in line for release on a mere technicality.

  10. He’s out because he’s not guilty

  11. Heavenly Father I pray that you keep the person reading this alive, safe, healthy, and financially blessed ✝️!!!!

  12. The incels in these comments are tragic. Your behavior is why you will always be alone and never desired by a woman. No morals, superiority complex and think they’re entitled to women. It says a lot when you believe one man over nearly 100 women. Misogyny is alive and well

  13. The creep looks a lot better coming out than he did going in. Ridiculous justice system.

  14. Now bring back THE COSBY SHOW reruns.

  15. Looks like Bill has friends in high places.

  16. I am glad he is out because the prosecutors and the D.A broke the law to benefit their careers.

  17. The prosecution done goofed.

  18. Yes, Thank God. FREE BILL COSBY !!

  19. Steve Torrance

    Weinstein next 🤮

  20. James Morrison

    Way to go, dumb prosecutors. Now a guilty man gets released from prison because of your incompetence.

  21. The prosecutor should be held in contempt of court and do some jail time.

  22. I knew as an occultist, he was innocent 🙌

  23. Reading this while eating a pudding pop.

  24. This man finna get paid, it’s time sue sue sue sue

  25. A lot of cuck [email protected]$ on here was mad af when Cosby got out. We all know who they are. The people who talk about racism so much, yet were happy when the white man used racist tactics to hang one of the most valuable if not thee most valuable black man in the history of America. Anyone who was happy to see Cosby in prison is the ultimate sellout of the black race.

  26. So now that Cosby is out…can we go back to calling women liars? Cosby was the first celebrity victim of the MeToo movement, and now it’s discovered he was railroaded.

  27. Thank you, Jesus. ..Camille has her husband back now they can enjoy the time they have left TOGETHER!!

  28. Kaka CHIEN™🤣

    @Anon: Hope he Sues Pennsylvania till they Bankrupt…Potential Earnings ALONE gonna Cripple them!🙏🏼

  29. Im gonna start giving women date rape drugs

  30. Me Too was a PR movement to make women feel heard, never had a chance in hell of changing mens predatory behavior or the way they are supported by the industry.





  32. Liberal Standard

    I wasn’t a fan of the decision but they definitely tried to pull a fast one on him. Entrapment and self incrimination shouldn’t have been the strategy for this case, it was easy just playing it safe.

  33. Evil man

  34. Jamesha Walker-Tenjinmon

    Now, what about Donald Trump going to PRISON?! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. Well The Devil looks after his own.

  36. Fun_Dip_Chocolate_Chip

    Bill: Released from prison

    Netflix documentaries: “Excellent…”

  37. And you all thought being rich was just about buying fendi purses and trips to jamaica. The best thing money can buy is Your life!

  38. Kieron Campion

    This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened.

  39. This is like our Nelson Mandela moment


    white people are angry

  41. 2021 IZ THA YEAR OF DA BLACK MAN!!!!!😂😂😂

  42. Bangtan_ ArMyThang

    Can we get a fat Albert 2

  43. Derek Chauvin IN, BILL COSBY OUT❗❗❗☝🏽🤣😳👌🏽🤣

  44. It’s funny Bill Cosby got charged and accused for doing the horrible things he did, but All the woman who accused trump we got crickets 🤷🏽‍♂️

  45. phillip Patterson

    @TheFurthest1: This case is totally different from the 21 women who accuse President Trump of sexual assault. President Trump never drugged them!!!

  46. Bill Cosby’s case never should have seen the light of day. The woman in question was caught in so many lies and has changed her story so many times throughout the years it’s ridiculous. She’d settled out of court and there was no reason to bring this case to trial. They were obviously having an affair and he paid her to go away. The other jumpoff “victims” didn’t come into play until it they saw fame and money…something that eluded them when their casting couch antics didn’t enhance their careers. There is BIG MONEY in being a “victim” these days and movements like the fake MeToo automatically assume the woman is a “victim” and the man is a “predator;” people won’t plot and lie for money and 15 minutes of fame and that an accusation is tantamount to someone being guilty. It does a real disservice to REAL VICTIMS. No one should be allowed to wait 30 years to accuse anyone of a crime and there should be a statue of limitations attached to these types of situations.

  47. All that money and he had drug them to have sex with them? Dam get a hooker

  48. This is what America do to all the successful black men, once they were killing them now they are humiliating them turn the people against them stripped them of their wealth. They did the same thing to R Kelly and Morgan Freeman

  49. All of the broke women who came against Cosby. Laughing turned to tears

  50. Jennifer Mcmillon

    Shame on those women.

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