The Ellen Show: Don Cheadle & longtime girlfriend Bridgid Coulter finally married

Don and Bridgid got married/Getty Images

Don and Bridgid cement nuptials.

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SANTA MONICA — Sorry ladies. Don Cheadle is officially off the market. That’s because the Kansas City native said “I do” to Bridgid Coulter — his baby mama of 28 years. The Hollywood lovebirds got hitched earlier this year during a sub rosa ceremony. They wanted an exorbitant wedding. But the coronavirus pandemic said otherwise. Don, 56, shared the connubial news during Wednesday’s appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with guest host Wanda Sykes. Like Ellen, Wanda is a lesbian. The 57-year-old comedienne already knew the “Avengers” star and Bridgid tied the knot. Don sent her a text message.

“You texted me at the top of the year, I guess, and you told me that you just got married. And I was like, ‘Oh damn, the pandemic got to Don and Bridgid,'” Wanda recounted. “I was like, ‘What the hell happened, man?’ I think I just text something back, like, ‘Hey, if you’re happy, I’m happy for you.'”

“I was like, ‘Cheadle went Hollywood,'” she added

Don replied, “Yeah, I mean, that’s understandable given that we’ve been together 28 years before we got married. I hold you blameless.”

Don and Bridgid started knockin’ boots in 1993.

They share two daughters, 26-year-old Ayana and 24-year-old Imani.

Many fans lambasted their nuptials via Twitter, claiming Don took too long.

One user wrote, “Bruh… after 28 years you got married? GOD DAMN that woman is patient!”

Another added, “Why would you have to secretly marry somebody you been with for 28 years?”

Watch Don’s chinwag with Wanda.

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  1. This should be the norm. With a 10 year minimum before marriage.

  2. Ruthless Lover

    damn he waited 28 years to put a ring on it?

  3. I applaud any couple, especially in satanic Hollyweird, that can stay together 28 years. And I commend Don Cheadle for not only finding but marrying a BLACK QUEEN when I’m sure there were folks pushing for just the opposite. Black love should always be celebrated. It’s real, wonderful and builds solid communities.

  4. Wow♥️♥️♥️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👌👌👌

  5. LostWilderness

    He’s too classy to say it but imma say it, Don Cheadle is THAT n’gga! He delivers EVERY performance and has no scandal attached to his name personally nor professionally. Loved him in Devil in a blue dress! His talent speaks for itself and he doesn’t have to resort to gimmicks or attention seeking behavior for clout, likes etc
    I hope that he feels that he made the right decision. Living with someone is one thing, marriage is another. When you’ve been a longtime bachelor it feels very constricting. Good luck to The Cheadles

  6. Hope that nigga got a prenup

  7. YoungbabyTHEtruth100

    Is that Rachel dolezal?

  8. Oliver Garrick

    Don cheadle ,and brigid Coulter makes such a cute couple 🥰❤.

  9. Patience is a virtue

  10. @JellyWelly: She has no self esteem. Waiting 28 years! C’mon man.

  11. What does this mean?
    Maybe you should have left long time ago. JS

  12. …don was like – do you want to be with me or do you want to be married (?) – because if you want to be with me specifically – this is going to take a life time – smh – she rode wittem.

  13. Bella in the VI

    The women I know that waited 15+ years for their guy to finally do it can’t wait for them to die. Men/women, don’t string your mate along. You’ll regret the wrath of silent resentment you may face.

  14. Where's My Stimulus Check?

    28 years???????? I wouldve been tired of that pussy by now

  15. I guess she’s happy now… but I’m thinking she might still feel a little annoyed that he decided to wait 28 years.

  16. That’s how you do it, make her earn that mf ring. I think it’s dumb af to marry a woman without knowing her at least 2 years. Bozo’s be out here marring chicks after 6 months of dating and then wonder why it didn’t work. 😂

  17. Wth he was waiting for? Shyt, you common law married after all that time together

  18. @Kennythatbeme: If he were to have died before marriage she wouldn’t be entitled to anything unless he put her in his will. There have been lots of women and men that got a big surprise because they didn’t put it on paper.

  19. Congratulations to Cheadle probably decided she proved herself for long enough. Nobody can tell someone when is the right time to place a huge financial bet on a woman is. The way that modern women are these days a lot of y’all will be made to wait or just never get married. Because not many men are going to want the women that spent their whole teenage and young adult years racking up a huge body count.

  20. @Dmoney22: A lot of yall need to grow up and find out what real men do: PROVIDE, PROTECT, LEAD instead of running around slinging community dlck, leaving broken families and pissed of baby mamas and kids all over the place.

  21. mrknowitalllt1

    28 years??? if it wasn’t broke why try to fix it???

  22. IsThatRight? 🤔😂

    28 years and two kids? They were common law married anyway. Well depending on what state they live in.

  23. LawofAttraction

    He finally realized she was the one.

  24. TripTilTheWrldNs

    Good for them. Marriage is an honorable thing in the eyes of God. On another note: I want to see Cheadle star in a movie about Dick Gregory. I think he has the acting chops. All praises to The Lord!

  25. Looking at some of these comments is why I don’t have any interest in the “white man’s” version of marriage! If you can’t be down and do the same things in a committed relationship without the symbolism of a ring and a so called marriage license then you ain’t SH**!! It should be the same way when the slaves had to jump over the broom to be official as opposed to waiting for mainstream validation to say you are committed to each other!! If you don’t agree you should stay single forever and never, EVER subject any man or woman to your BS!!!

  26. I would have left his @s$ years ago. What prompted him to marry her after 28 yrs of being bf and gf? Guess he was finally done being in the streets.

  27. After 28 years and 2 kids…the best audience was Ellen DeGeneres and Wanda Dykes???🤦🏾‍♀️

  28. @jcago: Bull$hit. The slaves had to do a lot of $hit they didn’t want to do but had to do. Their families were broken up on a whim and there was nothing they could do about it because the “white man’s” law prevented it. Marriage is honorable in the sight of God and he performed the first ceremony between Adam and Eve. The Bible also says that when a “man finds a wife he finds a good thing!” So scram Satan.

  29. Don is really setting another impossible standard for black men. 28 years is really not enough time to get to know someone before you legally (and spiritually if you’re into that kind of thing) bind your life together.

  30. Borat's new black wife

    I can’t help but think… why now

  31. Im sure it was more privately than secretly. Everything doesn’t need a world audience. 🤕


  33. Like I said, Black males don’t marry until they’re broke down and used up

  34. @anonymouse: Just like black women wanting a good man after being used up and ran thru with 3 kids from different men

  35. @anonymouse: Absolutely true. When they are live, vibrant and dick 🍆 still gets up, they are not marrying anytime soon. They are still running in the streets.

  36. @LadyLong: Looking for the next piece of pu&&y, then gonna settle down when it takes them 10 minutes to pee, and can’t get an erection, and offers you head instead…..


  38. @anonymouse: We age like wine, you h0es age like milk

  39. I don’t care how much I love a man no way am I waiting 28 years for a mf to ask me to marry him

  40. That means they will be divorced in 2-3 yrs. if shyt is working out why get married. Most couple who been together for a long time. Soon as they say “I do.” Expectations changes.

  41. @Cheryl Smith: But y’all don’t make mf wait to hit it or to have children. So why would a man feel any hurry to get married. She had two of a his children out of wedlock. So she couldn’t do nothing but wait or hope for a simp to be a stepfather

  42. Future_Teknokrat

    Don Cheadle is getting old and needs someone to spend those twilight years with….but there’s more….He has on multiple occasions wore a “Trans Lives Matter” t-shirt.

  43. Trinna's Ultra Beauty & Braids

    I heard men don’t love you till later so maybe he wasnt in love until recently 🤷🏾‍♀

  44. Sluggo Slyquanz

    Congratulations. And there is no such thing as reasonable amount of time to marry. You move when the Lord tells you to not when she say.

  45. glenn doleberry

    Y’all think this is something GOOGLE Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn they’ve been together (unmarried) for like 40 years! So find something else to have an UNQUALIFIED opinion about.

  46. This is the environment that American society has created… He played it smart

  47. Marriage aint nothing but a piece of paper. It doesn’t make their love for each other any better or enhanced. Most people get married because of the financial incentives that come with it. I’ve seen more people relationships get way worse after marriage and lead to divorce. So the longer the wait the better. Aint no rush

  48. Darlene McNealy

    Sorry this is funny…. If they broke up it would definitely be a tragedy. Who takes 28 years to make up their mind?

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