Jailhouse Sex: Corrections officer screws prisoner then gives him liquor and phone

Tina Gonzalez banged an inmate/YouTube

Tina Gonzalez screwed inmate.

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FRESNO — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to California prison guard Tina Gonzalez who was fired and incarcerated after she f*cked an inmate in full view of other jailbirds. The felonious act of copulation went down inside the Fresno County Jail. According to court docs, Tina — an unhappily married woman — cut a coochie hole in her uniform pants then allowed the convict to ejaculate in her while eleven other prisoners ogled in hilarity. The prepossessing blonde also provided contraband liquor, razor blades, a cell phone and jailhouse intelligence that put the lives of other officers at risk.

Tina, 26, pleaded no contest to a felony count of alcohol possession, a felony count of sexual activity by a detention facility employee, and a misdemeanor count of cellular device possession with intent to deliver to an inmate. The sexy Latina was sentenced Tuesday to 7 months in prison and 2 years of probation.

Tina was busted and charged in May 2020. “I think what you did was terrible, stupid. You’ve ruined your career. You endangered your fellow officers,” Judge Michael Idiart told her at sentencing. “But I also believe that people can redeem themselves. You have the rest of your life to prove that.”

Tina blamed her dickless husband, claiming he didn’t satisfy her in bed.

They reportedly have two children.

Thousands of fans flocked to Tina’s Instagram page to descry her twerk videos.

Her cash app has also been activated.

Is the sentence fair?

Should Tina’s husband share culpability?

Watch her court appearance.

Share your thoughts.


  1. She’s friggin crazy. What kinda woman is that?

  2. Michael Mckenzie

    They do it because they know their the only one in that guys life. it’s a female ego thing

  3. In her mind, she’s not committing a crime and the judge gives her a soft punishment reinforcing her destructive behavior…incredible how the law is so gender influenced!😯😑🙄

  4. She really toss away her life and career over this… Go to a sex club goddamn it

  5. Women like this have SERIOUS issues!!!!!!!

  6. She probably rejected the guys who actually worked with her for inmates. Backwards lol

  7. Free men are too easy lol. Now this crazy chick is a sex offender.

  8. She’s too fine to work in the corrections. Damn!

  9. So wat he got sum booty shoutout to her for givin that ass up he wasn’t getting nun like dat anyway better take advantage 😂💯

  10. Nathaniel Singleton

    She acted out her true fantasy. 🤣

  11. Damn if she wanted D she could’ve ask me then she wouldn’t be in jail

  12. These liberal women are simply Agents of Chaos and are attracted to pos guys, drama, fighting, etc…

  13. I remember several years ago there was a story like this only dude had multiple c.o women, pregnant and had kids by em.
    I posted the story on fb and a chic had the nerve to justify it by saying “at least he was taking care of the kids”. 😒🤦🏾

  14. Swingout Museum

    Many female COs do this across the nation, you just don’t hear about it but it really isn’t new news.
    I mean for a female CO, you got a buffet of thousands of any man your heart desires. You get to chose from short or tall or athletic or pretty boy, etc. and these locked up men (some for decades) would die for female companionship. So, she can build up a harem of menz.

  15. I worked as a correctional officer for about 7 years before deciding to quit. While I was on the job I heard plenty of stories from other male guards about female officers having sex with inmates. I witnessed one who was fired after getting caught sending an inmate naked pictures of herself. The newer, younger female correctional officers are the worst. They are typically the ones who are examined a lot more during the hiring process and are given duties that give them minimal access to inmates. That’s how bad it’s gotten. Higher ranking officials would love to stop hiring younger, attractive women but they would be called out on gender discrimination. There isnt much else they can do to stop the problem.

  16. I always believe woman shouldn’t work in male prisons

  17. more power to her for holdin’ dude down. it’s actual baby-mama’s & wives that won’t even hold they dudes down when they go behind that wall.

  18. Freakydalibra bestatwhatido

    if ur wife or girl is a correction officer trust she sleeping wit inmates


  20. A Friend Who Spent Time In Jail, Told Me That Some Of The Prison Administrators Issued “Libido Inhibitors” To The Male Inmates To Keep Them From Runnin’ Up Into Each Other. This Female Will Have Thousands Of Regrets If The Inmate She Smashed Has Been Sliding His Peen In Other Inmates. #SMDH

  21. Kennedy Rhodes

    This is routine, unfortunately, this young woman doesn’t want to be saved, due to her perception of what type of men she deserves. But, there’s a whole other catagory of Individuals who the responsibility rests upon, it’s that county’s human resources department, and or the Board who Interviewed and hired her. Sometimes you have to diagnose the notice or reason this Individual desires to work in this type of environment. It’s an ongoing process that continues to be ignored. It’s the desperate move to fill bodies in as many vacant positions as possible.

  22. When she was walking around with that hole in pants were all the males saying is that for me baby

  23. Now all her man hassta do is claim he’s a Transgender woman and they will, by law, transfer him 2 a women’s prison facility. They could be cell mates hahaha..no joke

  24. Convicts getting booty, and Incels cry in their basements.

  25. Donnelly Bushie

    I was chatting with her on Instagram 3 days ago, fuck she’s hot lol🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Bruh if an inmate can get pussy easily wtf

  27. theworldisnotenough

    7 months and a scorching case of herpes.

  28. She got passed around like a dirty magazine

  29. Yall ain’t talking about the game that inmate used to bag her. I’m just a man with a student mindset 😌

  30. Most female correctional officers in Fresno In California do what she does they just haven’t been caught. And for some reason most Latina co’s have a syndrome dying thier hair blonde.

  31. Smooth Operator

    She was sitting with her legs open right before the judge sentenced her….😅

  32. That women is pretty dirty. She deserves more years in prison. She will repeat the process and she has done some serious acts. She should be held accountable for what’s she’s done.

  33. First off, don’t twist what I am about to say, what she did is wrong and should never have happened.

    But there is what they call inmate manipulation. That is where inmates will over time try and manipulate you into doing things. Some of them are really good at it.

    So, here is what I think happened. I think she let them get to her, doesn’t mean she was right as it shouldn’t have happened, in a prison no means no and yes it not allowed when it comes to stuff like this.

    And it may not have been straight to see, what generally happens if the inmate get you to do something that seems small, violates policy but is small, then when you do it, well we are going to tell unless you do x, then some out of fear do x, well now they have you. And it’s just a downward trend.

    But my guess is the inmates where up to some thing and she rather than doing the right thing and shutting it down and putting a stop to it before it got to that fell for it.

  34. crystal frederick

    She shouldn’t have mixed her day job w/ her night job. (Streetwalker) She should’ve gotten more time (10 yrs.) This shit will almost Never happen if women guard women & men guard men Only.

  35. This shit crazy

  36. Damn imagine how the husband feels after everybody he knows sees his wife all over the news for screwin inmates

  37. HOLEY shit ….looks like prison is more” co-ed”than ever now…

  38. If I go to jail, I hope I get a female officer like her to escort me to my cell! 😏😁🤭 Lol

  39. 11 inmates at the same time??? Man she’s a beast

  40. I know that was the best nut ever haha!

  41. 宮崎カーン


  42. @Noemi De Luca: She did not have sex with 11 other inmates but had sex in ‘ full view of 11 other inmates’ meaning they all saw her having sex with this one guy.

  43. You Stupid Dumb Bitch , Straight up…lol

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