Jailhouse Sex: Corrections officer screws prisoner then gives him liquor and phone

Tina Gonzalez banged an inmate/YouTube

Tina Gonzalez screwed inmate.

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FRESNO — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to California prison guard Tina Gonzalez who was fired and incarcerated after she f*cked an inmate in full view of other jailbirds. The felonious act of copulation went down inside the Fresno County Jail. According to court docs, Tina — an unhappily married woman — cut a coochie hole in her uniform pants then allowed the convict to ejaculate in her while eleven other prisoners ogled in hilarity. The prepossessing blonde also provided contraband liquor, razor blades, a cell phone and jailhouse intelligence that put the lives of other officers at risk.

Tina, 26, pleaded no contest to a felony count of alcohol possession, a felony count of sexual activity by a detention facility employee, and a misdemeanor count of cellular device possession with intent to deliver to an inmate. The sexy Latina was sentenced Tuesday to 7 months in prison and 2 years of probation.

Tina was busted and charged in May 2020. “I think what you did was terrible, stupid. You’ve ruined your career. You endangered your fellow officers,” Judge Michael Idiart told her at sentencing. “But I also believe that people can redeem themselves. You have the rest of your life to prove that.”

Tina blamed her dickless husband, claiming he didn’t satisfy her in bed.

They reportedly have two children.

Thousands of fans flocked to Tina’s Instagram page to descry her twerk videos.

Her cash app has also been activated.

Is the sentence fair?

Should Tina’s husband share culpability?

Watch her court appearance.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Black..whytee's FEAR

    Dude was beating that vagina up

  2. ✴TheOnlyGod™


    This bitch is a prostitute for “Gangs”. The dead latina called the “Godmother” sent whores like this to have sex and keep tabs on informants, it’s a old mob move. Sometimes they hire female lawyers; paralegals and/or any woman that can have access to the inmate population. 🔴

  3. Electronic Weasel

    Shes gorgeous

  4. This is not news lol!! She is not the first and not the last, at least she is pretty she will be Ok somebody will wife her up!!

  5. cheapShots2017 •

    wth is a 26yr old Beautiful woman doing being a CO??? No life goals at all, str8 trash!

  6. I’ve been bad. Send me to jail with Tina.

  7. Furious Stylez

    Gotta let a hoe be a hoe

  8. self-esteem is a mutha

  9. Barry Machezmo

    Mexicans freaky like that.. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  10. Autumn Fragrance

    It would be rape if it were a Male Officer

  11. women want positions of power to do this?

  12. Lmao the best she can do was a inmate. Can’t even find a dude that’s free.

  13. IsThatRight? 🤔😂

    Yikes. I hope he was worth it. 😩

  14. Where were these guards when I was in jail?

  15. I’m not trying to be sexist at all but c’mon man you DONT hire a CO who looks like that and NOT expect something to go down. Bet even the Men COs were hittin that.

  16. next time hire an ugly corrections officer

  17. Brother Ashanti ✔™

    Hear Me Talk!

    Sister Tina Gonzalez is the type Bad Bytch, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion rap about in their videos.
    With a nice face and full figure body, she is infamous.

    At the end of the day. . . Sister Tina Gonzalez is Winning!

  18. Truth Hurts huh

    Tina must have been thinking you’ve been locked up for a while let me give you a little nookie🤣 and let’s make the other guys jealous and let them watch🤣

  19. PeanutButter-19

    Crotchless uniforms have no business in detention facilities!

  20. So she’s an example of a strong, independent woman suppose to carry herself ?

  21. Lost her job and likely her freedom over some jailhouse D!? On purpose and for free? She needs all types of meds!🤦🏾‍♀️

  22. A lot of these chicks look good on the outside, but have super-low self esteem. Some prison nigro starts sweet-talking them, and they feel “special”. smh

  23. This will probably turn her into a celebrity nowadays lol

  24. ₘₒᵣₑₙₐ ₗₒcₐ🖕🏼🤪🖕🏼✔

    Please don’t give in and give her anything, that is all.

  25. A honey like that, with a slit in her pants, thats some fuckin sexy shit.

  26. Sounds like a porno scene! hahaha
    Had nothing to did with me so I personally don’t care but damn this Tina Gonzalez is hot AF!

  27. Brother Ashanti ✔™

    @ₘₒᵣₑₙₐ ₗₒcₐ🖕🏼🤪🖕🏼✔: Too late.
    Horny Simps can’t wait to subscribe to her OnlyFans.

    Cards on the tables. I wouldn’t mind sliding into her DM.
    And Brother Ashanti is NOT a Simp!

  28. Can we normalize women actually acting like a lady again? Ladies, some of you have to stop all of this thottie, whoreish, and these attention-seeking ways that is so popularized now a days! If all that you bring to the table is engineered beauty, and the kind of life style as mentioned above… you need to be running to Jesus and not social media. Disgusting is an understatement, and we wonder why most guys do not want to commit. I’m not even gonna bring up the “trapping” that some of you do in order not to work or make your own living.

  29. Joshua Cummings

    She got her whole life ahead of her 🤦🏿‍♂️ 🤦🏿‍♂️ 🤦🏿‍♂️

    privilege is invisible to those who live within the realms of that perspective

    She cheated on her man…



    The modern woman today is Insufferable

  30. The Eight FoldPath

    She put her coworkers at high risk. Nothing good about her!

  31. Right is right

    My question is.. what was the basis of hiring her in the first place.. did she come across that she was mature ? That she would actually be able to do the job properly ? You can’t blame the dog for doing dog things.. I’m sure one social media search could have prevented this from all happening !

  32. If this was a black girl who did this y’all would be going in on her calling her all types of ratchet and hoodrats and some more stuff but because she’s Hispanic y’all think it’s sexy

  33. ILoveAllmyFans🥰

    She ruined her career for Prison Peen??? Peen that is probably getting serviced from inmates as well. Girl bye! You are bird.

    This bish cut holes in her pants to make it easier for the inmates to hit it. How low can you go?

  34. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    A lot of men taking up for this h o e. Lol 😂😂😂 y’all are lame.

  35. Some of these women will do anything for excitement. They keep upping the anty. I recall a few years ago a woman would take her niece to jail to be molested by a pedophile and she was his like legal aid. Some of these women really love that excitement. They use to start arguments with dudes and push them to the brink of hitting them or just arguing in general. Now the average man will either A. walk away or B. Cheat/walk away. Many of these men don’t even entertain these arguments. Now these women become bonified thrill seekers. It is sad because she had a great high paying job and she threw it away for what? but its funny to her. she is probably getting offers for porn. that’s another thing. These people do some crazy stuff and instead of being shunned they get rewarded. So why would things get better. There have been so many women that did this and they survive it and get a bigger bag for it. The icing on the cake is how it makes other women look. This is why some guys and people have the perception that they do because women go around doing stuff that seems like story lines out of a porn.

  36. This is yet another reminder of how hopeless most chicks are. Watch yourselves out there fellas.


    TRASH attract TRASH.

  38. Who gets a job as a CO to smash inmates and out in the open? Thots be wilding these days

  39. 7 months???? Goes to show that as long you’re beautiful, people will have your back. Remember Jeremy Meeks? That brotha’s on BET now lol

  40. Lol 7 months in jail…..but if it was a Man corrections officer…oh buddy would of got 3 to 5 years. For sex with women inmates. Most definitely. But because she’s pretty and woman…😑 7 months lol smh

  41. Peter Point- du jour

    @TheKira708: If you think this is pretty , then let me take you to some where in Africa, where the women are naturally beautiful with no makes up, no painted hair, no artificial eyelashes, real butt, and no fake lips 👄!!

  42. you know she was turned on with those 11 inmates watching, probably creamed and soiled that uniform

  43. Anybody want to bet that the number of male correction officers that abuse female inmates is significantly higher?

  44. Stacy Cardinale

    @Alady747: EXACTLY!! Most men fall for this crap cuz they think with their lil head. I would NEVER pay shit for no dude. Not all guys are gross, but a majority are.. Male guards did the same shit and got way longer sentences!! BS

  45. Them boys was tearing that shit up with her Lil freaky ass 🤣🤣

  46. Correctional officers do this shit all the time just think to yourself how many of them waiting for the inmate to get out and now are in relationships and married

  47. Ahh, rehabilitating our criminals, 1 penis at a time.

  48. dude was making her squirt lol…she like many woman dont think this is possible….until they come over to us brothers lol

  49. Can’t imagine going to jail for consensual f*cking. Wow. 😂😂😂😂😂

  50. Chill Introvert

    All girls like the bad boys, don’t believe a word they say otherwise lol. ALL of them. Stay square, get your money, and just smash and dash.

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