Jailhouse Sex: Corrections officer screws prisoner then gives him liquor and phone

Tina Gonzalez banged an inmate/YouTube

Tina Gonzalez screwed inmate.

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FRESNO — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” goes to California prison guard Tina Gonzalez who was fired and incarcerated after she f*cked an inmate in full view of other jailbirds. The felonious act of copulation went down inside the Fresno County Jail. According to court docs, Tina — an unhappily married woman — cut a coochie hole in her uniform pants then allowed the convict to ejaculate in her while eleven other prisoners ogled in hilarity. The prepossessing blonde also provided contraband liquor, razor blades, a cell phone and jailhouse intelligence that put the lives of other officers at risk.

Tina, 26, pleaded no contest to a felony count of alcohol possession, a felony count of sexual activity by a detention facility employee, and a misdemeanor count of cellular device possession with intent to deliver to an inmate. The sexy Latina was sentenced Tuesday to 7 months in prison and 2 years of probation.

Tina was busted and charged in May 2020. “I think what you did was terrible, stupid. You’ve ruined your career. You endangered your fellow officers,” Judge Michael Idiart told her at sentencing. “But I also believe that people can redeem themselves. You have the rest of your life to prove that.”

Tina blamed her dickless husband, claiming he didn’t satisfy her in bed.

They reportedly have two children.

Thousands of fans flocked to Tina’s Instagram page to descry her twerk videos.

Her cash app has also been activated.

Is the sentence fair?

Should Tina’s husband share culpability?

Watch her court appearance.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Intratec Tec 9

    She let 11 inmates stir up her guts. Ewww…

  2. She probaly been doin this shit an finally got caught

  3. Craig Sandoval

    All those tattoos she has was a big red flag to the guy that married her to not married her, but we can’t forget that there’s simps in this world that would do anything to have pussy next to them all the time. Simps are just comedy and sad

  4. she make a nigga wanna go to jail

  5. 7 months, she gave intell and weapons to these inmates. She should have gotten a hell of a lot worse. That just goes to show you that BS judicial system this country has as well as California alone.

  6. I think that’s crazy because if it was a male guard he would be going to jail for rap but since it’s a female she gets a slap on the wrist

  7. Christie Kraczek


  8. Remember women have it so tough and have no rights according to them. We all know a man in this case would have received 15 years and this good looking woman got the typical “don’t do that again young lady” treatment and received 7 months😆

  9. Joaquin Aguilar

    Her fellow partners are mad because they didnt get to clap them cheeks. And she let the inmates run choo choo train on her.

  10. Bro this is proof that women like toxic negative men 🤣

  11. LordBattleSmurf

    If a man guard did this at a womans prison he would get at least 10 years in prison

  12. KDMx2 Mardis Family

    What a woman will do for attention and “love”

  13. Need more like her

  14. Oh boohoo, she’s the victim cause her marriage was falling apart. Bullsh*t! She should have gotten the max 3+ years sentence. When will women be held accountable similar to men if everything it’s supposedly “equal” rights?

  15. Gregory Carmona

    Dam, I wish I had her as a guard when I was in the county jail.

  16. My wife was in corrections for almost 20 years. She informed the sheriff of a coworker doing the same thing. Instead of getting applaud for doing the right thing my wife became a target until she was forced out by the captain and major.

  17. She’s hot. Can I get some? 🥰


  19. I seen officers wind up pregnant from inmates inside the jail

  20. The judge is soft!🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦

  21. Her priorities was penis, not a career.

  22. The one time I wish I was a prisoner

  23. Woman guards in a men’s prisons. Guess they didn’t think they do the nasty like men guards in women’s prisons.

  24. She made holes in her uniform pants for easy access. Gross

  25. Evonza Smith-Kilgore

    Not only should she get jail time but she should have register as a sex offender for taking advantage of people that was in her care(the person behind bars should get extra time also) because jail is supposed to be for punishment not pleasure ❤️🖤💚

  26. I wonder why her marriage was falling apart, typical feminist of today, dont need no man, just need any man at any time, use them as you want and then throw the sexist laws on them, something this drastic needs to happen for someone to do something about these fake women that claim they want equality, but thats just the sugarcoat

  27. Who snitched?

  28. She’s not a sex predator ? 11 inmates ?

  29. She was a bad azz officer i think I would have had fun in jail

  30. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Look at her…
    Anyone surprised?

  31. Zackaria De La Serna

    She cut a hole in her pants for easier access?🤣🤣🤣🤣true nymphomaniac

  32. He believes people can redeem themselves lmfao. Gtd he don’t say that at work everyday in those jails.

  33. FireBomberBassist

    Sex is a powerful drug

  34. I knew she is black or hispanic.


    Judge: you been sentenced to 200 etc days in jail,i hope it was worth it
    Women being accused: yes it was worth getting my back blown out
    Jusdge: i dont follow hmm?
    Women being Accused: plot twist, the prisoner was an ex pornstar
    You get my drift😂😂😂😂😉😜

  36. A male officer would have been charged with rape, regardless of whether the female consented or not. 10+ years, and have to register as a sex offender. Females in general get astronomically more lenient sentences compared to men, or in many cases not charged at all

  37. Anthony Collinsworth

    Screw that throw the book at her….most others would of gotten years…

  38. Thee Damon Alexander

    Whut a disgrace to the badge😠👊🏽 she should be ashamed of herself…..🤢 disgusting

  39. 😳She’s definitely not the first and certainly won’t be the last I promise you that 🤔

  40. Alexander Gregorov

    Women I care for do this type of fucking shit…
    They aren’t prison guards, but I have no fucking care or respect at all for my goddamn life.

  41. 11 inmates 👀 damn

  42. Typical western women

  43. Damn. I’ve been bad. Send me to jail with Tina.

  44. Top5NoQuestions

    They do it for the thrill. I work in Healthcare and have smashed chicks in their office, in the employee garage, the parking lot, and the storage closet. Educated women Nurses, HR professionals, and administration. They love the thrill and the spontaneity of it. Oh and the chick I hit in her office had a man at home so let that be a lesson to you guys your girl will get some meat at work if y’all on bad terms. I’m a changed man now and don’t get down like that at work anymore. I was being way too risky in this metoo society.

  45. Wham bam thank you ma’am girl. Hell the warden was probably bumping her,too.

  46. Damn she is fine!

  47. Her husband knew nothing till she made the news, she still left for work as if she still had her job… she was definitely cool to hang out with till you find out she’s married with little ones..

  48. Probably why I’ll never marry/date a woman who works inside of a prison. These prisoners can definitely spit some game. Can’t imagine all the prison STDs she has now and probably gave to her husband ☹️

  49. Damn she’s 🔥🔥 lol..

  50. Latino girls get hott for it more then any other women,however there also the most loyal to the men they love

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