ESPN Catfight: Maria vs. Rachel

Rachel Nichols rips Maria Taylor/Clutchpoints

Rachel Nichols ‘catching hell.’ 

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BRISTOL — Rachel Nichols, a white anchor for ESPN’s “The Jump,” is catching hell after she was caught on tape lambasting “NBA Countdown” host Maria Taylor who’s African American. Rachel, 47, spewed a series of hot mic comments during a secretly recorded chinwag with LeBron James’ publicist — Adam Mendelsohn. The 26-year veteran basically called Maria a token black who purloined her métier as host of the 2020 NBA Finals because ESPN was “feeling pressure” on diversity. Rachel was asked to take a demotion from anchor to sideline reporter to accommodate Maria. She politely declined. “I wish Maria Taylor all the success in the world — she covers football, she covers basketball,” Rachel said in July 2020.

“If you need to give her more things to do because you are feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity — which, by the way, I know personally from the female side of it — like, go for it. Just find it somewhere else. You are not going to find it from me or taking my thing away.”

Rachel apologized to Maria, 34, on national television Monday afternoon — a day before game one of the 2021 NBA Finals featuring the Milwaukee Bucks versus Phoenix Suns. “The first thing they teach you in journalism school is don’t be the story, and I don’t plan to break that rule today or distract from a fantastic Finals,” Rachel explained while on the air with co-hosts Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins.

“But I also don’t want to let this moment pass without saying how much I respect, how much I value our colleagues here at ESPN, how deeply, deeply sorry I am for disappointing those I hurt, particularly Maria Taylor, and how grateful I am to be part of this outstanding team.”

Mariah Rose (daughter of ESPN analyst Jalen Rose) slammed Rachel in a TikTok video, saying she used nepotism to get her job at ESPN. Rachel’s mother-in-law is ABC legend Diane Sawyer. ABC owns ESPN.

Maria also played basketball. Rachel didn’t.

Are ESPN officials using tokenism to satisfy a “Woke” agenda?

Was Rachel’s apology necessary?

Do male viewers prefer Maria because she’s younger and sexier?

Check out Rachel’s leaked diatribe and Mariah’s riposte.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Hire the best employee, black, white whatever.

  2. Angelica Estrada

    Maria Should of exposed the audio a year ago. Maria tried to leverage the audio to get a bigger payday. This was a public EEO case played out in front of millions but did not work. Maria Taylor counted on the audio and public to get a big payday. Whoever advised Maria, should have advised Maria to be patient and do not try to play the race card. Maria Taylor was on the up but tried to skip 20 steps and get to the top without putting in the work. Beauty is skin deep but a failed attempt to extort money from ESPN cuts deeper. If Maria Taylor was serious about equality and racial divide, she would have addressed this immediately and not try to use it to force ESPN to pay her.

  3. Our 👄Mouth, And “Attitude” Get Us In Trouble! That decision was not made in one day, by one person. Human resource is not going to always call you in. The moment you stop being appreciated and stop being humble you open the door to get replaced! Childless cat fighting at work will get you fired. You can blame it on Race if you want!

  4. The more diversity the better

  5. That is why I don’t employ women at my work place, too much unnecessary drama comes with them.

  6. @daniel adjei: Better to keep them barefoot and pregnant is what I say

  7. ESPN went from a sports news Outlet; to a political, propaganda Outlet.

  8. Black women like this won’t finish on top because of one Achilles heel their attitudes

  9. They basically replaced a white person to become more woke. They are racist and I will never watch basketball ever again.

  10. Wouldn’t watch ESPN today if you paid me. 30-for-30 is the only worthwhile thing they’ve produced in the last decade.

  11. Rachel Nichols was part of the SJW brigade too so that’s what she gets. Diversity for the sake of identity politics is always cancerous.

  12. White girl replaced by black girl as white girl loses her white privilege ! Now we have two black girls on the TV screen, you white people better recognize this stuff is no longer tolerated in America…SHINE ON BLACK QUEENS ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  13. They replaced her with a black chick.

    I have a feeling that was intentional. These people are memes.

  14. Who are these woman ? And why should I care about what they think about basketball or each other ?

  15. Maria Taylor is conniving. I don’t trust her at all. Bring Rachel Nichols back!

  16. Awesome to be judged by the color of your skin and not the content of your character. King would be so proud🙄

  17. Play That Funky Music Robot

    No one wants Rachel Nichols’ radiant smugness on their TV screen anyway

  18. It’s crazy that some people think Maria Taylor was given a job just to fill quotas. When in reality she’s actually a very accomplished journalist and an ex D-1 athlete which gives her a different knowledge and understanding of sports. Rachel Nichols also does a great job but what most people don’t know is her Mother in Law is Diane Sawyer.. I’m sure she’s had a ton of strings pulled for her over the years.

  19. Christopher Crosswhite

    And just look at the NBA ratings lol lol you go woke you go broke.

  20. theburners32141

    Fun fact: White women are a large part of the democrat voting block and now are being replaced by their ideology. The definition of irony.

  21. Why are Female reporters allowed to go into the men’s locker room to interview the half naked athletes? And why don’t they do it for the WNBA?

  22. May she rot in hell. Love the fallout from this multi culti wokeness.

  23. Wow, such a double standard. A Black woman rises to the top on her own merits and a white woman feels threatened by the success of a Black woman.

  24. Johnathon Cromer

    She’s just like every other woke idiot. She’s fine with it as long as it’s you getting replaced by someone with less talent and experience in the name of diversity. It’s noble when it’s you. It’s unfair when it’s them.

  25. She was jealous of Taylor…Racist lady

  26. Haha I’m happy she lost her job! This is just the start of things to happen so we can get back to normal!

  27. Maria is fine that’s all I got to say

  28. Black folks the most privileged in America. This double standard applies everywhere.

  29. crzymuthafacker

    Fun fact. Maria Taylor is better than Rachel Nichols at her job

  30. Can we please stop calling them woke and just call them pussies like we use to

  31. Woke…. what a ghetto word….. the word is awoken, awake… You want to be taken seriously don’t use slang words amd ghetto english as the spearhead for your so called movement hahahaha

  32. Chickens 🤣😅 come home to roost….that is what she gets …can’t play both sides!!

  33. She was woke for the sake of keeping her job only, when it didn’t go her way she vented her frustration in candid fashion. I always liked Rachel, but I wish she had not been so submissive to the left. She could have changed the landscape a bit, now she’s just another casualty to the looney left liberal democrats.

  34. Archangel Michael

    This is proof that there is no “white privilege”, but in fact there is black privilege. This is in fact an example of black supremacy.

  35. I’d argue this was recorded and leaked on purpose to target her in order to get her fired and replace her.

  36. I speak The Truth

    I think she could be possibly right about ESPN wanting to have diversity/blacks on screen. Everyone is doing it. Look at TV commercials now, mostly non-white actors. I’m neither black or white, but I’ve really noticed the switch from white families to Black families in AD commercials. They are even remaking The Wonder Years TV program with a black family. I think Ethnic Diversity is winning out over White privilege. Most white people are feeling it and not liking it.

  37. Moral of the story. You need to be careful about what you say at work. Every phone has a recorder. You never really know.

  38. Universal Soldier

    Just curious–they couldn’t take the job from a white man who was no longer useful instead of trying to take the job from a woman who was qualified and earned the spot after years of work? I can’t blame her for trying to hang on to her job, and that certainly doesn’t diminish the work of Maria Taylor.

  39. BLM, “Woke” culture, Maria Taylor …they do not speak for ALL 43M Blsck people. The Blk community is comprised of many sub-cultures and unfortunately the media has hitched their wagon to a few that are easiest to manipulate. And when stuff like this blows up, the implication is “all Blsck people” are cheering it. No. We. Are. NOT. SAS, Malika Andrew’s, Maria Taylor, Jemelle Hill do NOT speak for all 43M Blk Americans. Period.

  40. Nobody watches the games for the on the air talent. All of them are overpaid lackys who are not journalists. All they do is talk about what better men do.

  41. Clifton Connor

    Rachel Nichols may have been more of a victim of her age if anything.

  42. I love it,,,If it was any other person besides Rachel Nichols I would feel sorry for her..but she is the queen of this woke bullshit..loves Joe Biden…and even on the tape she is fine with replacing white people just because of their color just dont come at her..just like the rest of these woke snowflakes..they want to defund your police but not their police

  43. Let’s not pretend Jalen Rose’s daughter that you didn’t get your start because your dad is Jalen Rose. See, we can all fit things into a narrative. Also, even if Nichols got her start because of her mother-in-law. That would not surprise me is most of America is all about who you know and who you blow. It doesn’t change the fact that ESPN changed out Nichol’s for Maria because she’s black. Is it right, no? Is hiring Nichols because of who she know right? No, none of those are acceptable. Also, nobody said Maria Taylor was not qualified. That wasn’t the situation. Who the fuck is Jalen Rose’s daughter? Yeah, some 21 year old kid who is barely old enough to drink. Riding her daddies coat tails. So don’t lecture us Mariah on Nichols being entitled because that makes you a fucking hypocrite. If Nichols has white privilege than Mariah you have black privilege. Your dad made millions playing basketball and you grew up entitled and with luxuries that most white people do not have. Remember that there are millions of white people living in poverty all over this country. Don’t let the media tell you that white people are entitled and black people are oppressed. You can achieve anything you want to in this country no matter what color you are. A black woman is vice president and for anyone to try and say you can’t achieve anything that is ridiculous. I used to spend food stamps at the grocery store and was on welfare as a child. A brown dude growing up in the ghettos of LA. I achieved whatever I wanted to. Because when people doubted me I proved them wrong. I didn’t cry and give up because there were challenges. Mariah, you suffer from the same elite privilege and to sit there and preach is laughable.

  44. Imagine if we all got caught on a hot mic with private comments!! We would lose, jobs, families, partners, friends and a host of other $hit!!! I see nothing wrong with Rachel’s private comments!

  45. Rachel, be proud you’ve worked for everything you have and not handed to you because the color of your skin….we continue to give handouts to African Americans and we just need to keep working hard and paying taxes to support em

  46. Pretty sad how they took a white persons job and gave it to a black person

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