ESPN Catfight: Maria vs. Rachel

Rachel Nichols rips Maria Taylor/Clutchpoints

Rachel Nichols ‘catching hell.’ 

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BRISTOL — Rachel Nichols, a white anchor for ESPN’s “The Jump,” is catching hell after she was caught on tape lambasting “NBA Countdown” host Maria Taylor who’s African American. Rachel, 47, spewed a series of hot mic comments during a secretly recorded chinwag with LeBron James’ publicist — Adam Mendelsohn. The 26-year veteran basically called Maria a token black who purloined her métier as host of the 2020 NBA Finals because ESPN was “feeling pressure” on diversity. Rachel was asked to take a demotion from anchor to sideline reporter to accommodate Maria. She politely declined. “I wish Maria Taylor all the success in the world — she covers football, she covers basketball,” Rachel said in July 2020.

“If you need to give her more things to do because you are feeling pressure about your crappy longtime record on diversity — which, by the way, I know personally from the female side of it — like, go for it. Just find it somewhere else. You are not going to find it from me or taking my thing away.”

Rachel apologized to Maria, 34, on national television Monday afternoon — a day before game one of the 2021 NBA Finals featuring the Milwaukee Bucks versus Phoenix Suns. “The first thing they teach you in journalism school is don’t be the story, and I don’t plan to break that rule today or distract from a fantastic Finals,” Rachel explained while on the air with co-hosts Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins.

“But I also don’t want to let this moment pass without saying how much I respect, how much I value our colleagues here at ESPN, how deeply, deeply sorry I am for disappointing those I hurt, particularly Maria Taylor, and how grateful I am to be part of this outstanding team.”

Mariah Rose (daughter of ESPN analyst Jalen Rose) slammed Rachel in a TikTok video, saying she used nepotism to get her job at ESPN. Rachel’s mother-in-law is ABC legend Diane Sawyer. ABC owns ESPN.

Maria also played basketball. Rachel didn’t.

Are ESPN officials using tokenism to satisfy a “Woke” agenda?

Was Rachel’s apology necessary?

Do male viewers prefer Maria because she’s younger and sexier?

Check out Rachel’s leaked diatribe and Mariah’s riposte.

Share your thoughts.


  1. The NBA has massive contracts with the CCP and defends the atrocities committed by the CCP. They mock the Founding Fathers of America while soliciting cotton made goods from slave labor in China.

    Americas Founding Fathers gave us the constitution of the United States as quite possibly the greatest document ever written and it’s mocked by associated slave traders known as the NBA. Its disgusting.

  2. BS. No reason to apologize

  3. Ramsey Hernandez

    She’s all for diversity until it’s her job….

  4. Go woke to appease the mob, and they will eventually turn on you.

  5. well rachel rode that pssy wave, and now she got hit by a race wave. but why the fk are chicks covering men’s sports? they should be reporting for wnba. sick of women leaning into men’s world. go do your own sht.

  6. MindfulAttraction

    Oh wow didn’t know Nichols was white and Maria was black. Thank you for that information!

  7. She should have never apologized.

  8. unbelievably racist, fire her

  9. A hot White chick surrounded by actual Black players complaining that the Black chick got the job because she’s Black. What a joke. A pretty White girl is upset that someonelse was hired because of thier looks. Rechel, they are hundreds of WNBA players who should have your chair but then again you’re a pretty White girl.

  10. Rachel is 100% correct. Everyone knows it lol

  11. Dolmin A milli

    Free Rachel Nichols

  12. It’s not about black or white, it’s about cutting into her thing, into her program time. Nichols doesn’t strike me at all a racist and/or insensitive

  13. Imagine getting ahead for 450 years and rewriting history and have everyone worshiping men and women that stole this land. It’s the crime of the century’s

  14. @Jam Bro: No one stole this land. There was no nation here. Several warring tribes inhabited parts of the land but it was the Indians themselves who hired themselves out as guides claiming there was open and “unsettled” land which they would lead them to for a price, which is why the first Europeans were referred to as “settlers”. Those guides became rich and included Squanto, Sequoyah, Black Hawk, and even Sacagawea. Their fellow Indians then lay in waiting and massacred the settlers and stole their horses and wagons after receiving gold which is how the term “Indian giver” came to be. After hundreds of settlers were killed during this ruse, early Americans created a militia to fight back. You watch too much Hollywood.

  15. @jim bob: Where’s your proof? I smell bullshit on your breath.

  16. This diversity s*** sucks big time. I’m fed up with all this political correctness. From now on, I will not buy white toilet paper for I might be accused of racism in my house. BTW, I’m black!

  17. Rachel was all about the mob until it turned on her. Hypocrisy to the highest degree.

  18. Rachel should just pull herself up by her bootstraps and not play the victim card. She should stop looking for a handout.

  19. She said the truth. Off with her head. -ESPN

  20. Jane Goldbloom

    My advice to Rachel Nichols is never EVER apologize to these monsters for speaking the truth. You then become hated by EVERYONE instead of just half of everyone.

  21. Mike Weintraub

    Could not be happier by this decision. Basically she’s okay with taking white mens jobs away in the name of diversity but when it comes to her…. Nope see ya later, you want to push stupid game on others, this is what you deserve

  22. The Old Man 63

    Mommy used her influence for Rachel to get the job at ESPN then she got big headed at ESPN and think she can say anything about anyone

  23. Somebody just wanted Rachel out, we all know how interconnected and appreciative Rachel is towards our community. I think she was clearly misunderstood. We are living in a highly sensitive, overprotective, overcompensated society. ‘White America’ and corporate dream crushers don’t know what to do post the Floyd Era.I want everyone to just be themselves, say what they want so we know who is who and who the hell to stay away from. Back to Rachel, she’s got an enemy at ESPN they want honey gyrl gone and they blaming it on diversity. Like Chuck D said “Dont Believe The Hype”

  24. Joshua Levi Brown

    The Funny thing is. This Drama is Better than the Actual Game 😂😂😂😂

  25. Why aren’t theses women fighting for WNBA coverage slots? 🤔🤔🤔

  26. When the woke mob turn on each other it’s glorious

  27. Kelvin Teasley

    Jamilla Hill and Michael Smith told us along time ago that ESPN has some funny business going on behind closed doors.

  28. She was definitely set up

  29. All this Wokeness…is coming to bite them in the A&@? !

  30. Onlyrealmusic4life

    Putting the diversity topic aside, I wouldn’t mind someone else getting to do what she does. I find her cringey as hell. Especially when she tries to be funny. I get that she has done a lot for NBA coverage through the years but her and Brian Windhorst as duo these days are just insufferable lol

  31. Only thing woke about me is when I woke up this morning.

  32. Elaine Donaway

    She only have her job because she is Diane Sawyer daughter n law

  33. Maybe every reporter should wear a mascot outfit to hide their appearance. That way, no one can be discriminated against by race or gender. Oh living in this woke world sucks

  34. This how it works. You jump on the bandwagon and become a voice for the cause. Then you are expected to sacrifice all that you have worked for to prove your dedication to the cause. Then you realize that no matter how dedicated you are to what you thought was the right thing to do, you must allow yourself to be stepped on so that others who have not put in the many years of work that you can be elevated to the level that you yourself have worked so hard to achieve. Then when you wake up from being “woke”, then when you speak up for yourself about how you feel because you realise that you have been played, you are condemned for speaking the truth about how you feel, how you were treated and used and you will be ostracized by the ones that you so wholeheartedly felt compassion for. YEP! SUCKS DON’T IT!

  35. Sim Simma Beatz SSB

    Black People were brought here to America work for free.. Imagine that. Working for free while your family members are getting hung, or getting their nuts chopped off.. Give Us A Break. Its 2021. How we not equal yet!!!!! Smh . Yaw aint woke. 🤦🏿

  36. if it was a black woman getting replaced by a white woman it would be called racist so now everything is getting out of control with people being sensitive about everything now you can’t say or look at someone now because it all has to do with race

  37. I hope everybody stops watching sports period real people are sick of the woke crap and the so called superstars wear cop killers and murderers names on their uniforms. SPORTS SHOULD NOT BE POLITICIZED. We watch sports to get away from that garbage.

  38. To all you white liberals out there… i hope you are ready for whats coming and honestly it’s exactly what you all deserve 👏 it’s the other people including all minorities who don’t deserve the wrath of Marxism because it really doesn’t give a shit about racism or equality it only cares about controlling what people think and say also destroying capitalism by creating hate amongst the people 😒

  39. ESPN is doing exactly what this pansy country turned into firing anyone whom speaks the truth. Why is it still ok for a white person to be crucified for a comment that is said, whether truth or not. Yet if comment is said by a minority its ok. No repercussions! Oh white privilege right? Yeah ok well wheres my privilege because as a white man I can say my growing up is alot worse than many of minorities….whatever grow balls America and remember all lives matter not just black

  40. Thats how Rachel Nichols got her job by edging someone else out but now that it is her pocketbook she cares, and lets face it, in the past African Americans were the last to be hired(if at all) and the first to be fired, now that the tables are starting to reverse itself they dont like it, well now you can see what if feels like first hand, welcome to our world.

  41. bLaCjAcK Daniels

    Who cares? That’s my take.
    I don’t care about Rachel Nichols I don’t care if she’s racist or not. I don’t care about Derek Rose or any of these people. I don’t care about black people. I don’t care about white people. I don’t care about Spanish people. I don’t care about legal immigrants. I don’t care about illegal immigrants. I don’t care about gays. I don’t care about feminists. I don’t care about diversity. I don’t care to prove that I am not racist. I care about Myself and My family and anything that affects us personally. That’s all I care about and that’s all anyone else cares cut the bullshit. Just have some balls and be honest.
    That’s my comment.

  42. Ok so, a black woman gets a position over her … and NOW there is a problem with politics in the work place. So , in her long standing career, she has never seen a black woman take a backseat when she didn’t deserve to? Rachel is a part of the system they have and now that same system is kicking her in the balls. I like the game of kick ball.

  43. Karma is a bee-yatch catching up with a white bee-yatch hypocrite .

  44. Just yet another instance of ESPN mis-managing a situation that should have never come up if things were run correctly.

    Don’t feel bad for Rachel Nichols though. She is a snake, which is not uncommon at ESPN.

    She deserves what she gets.

  45. The nba has a diversity problem! Almost all the players are black! I want more representation! Heck, I want to nfl to make every quarterback a girl. And put flags on them

  46. Rachel – “Black people should have these jobs.”
    ESPN – “OK they can have your job.”
    Rachel – “No, wait, that’s not what I meant.”

  47. Kyle Richardson

    Jalens daughter is clearly a moron if she’s using white privilege or supports BLM.
    BLM is a Marxist organization aimed to push a further wedge between races. Also the top people are scamming millions to push an agenda. Rachel Nichols may suck but it’s worse to promote that crap, that girl grew up with a golden spoon

  48. The hypocrisy is mind boggling. Rachel is Satan because she speculated on how Maria got her position. But speculating on how Rachel got her position is fair game lol

    Btw, if you honestly think, ESPN handed a LEAD HOST position to someone simply because they are related to Diane Sawyer, you’re simply an idiot lol

  49. Both will be replaced by trans women by next year.


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