Suicide Video: Pornstar Kristina Lisina committed suicide by falling 22 stories

Kristina Lisina killed herself/YouTube

Russian pornstar commits suicide.

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RUSSIA — Here’s some “22 Jump Street” for your ass: Law enforcement officials in St. Petersburg, Russia are probing after porn star Kristina Lisina (aka Kris the Foxx) dived from the 22nd floor of a high-rise building to her death. She was only 29. The ghastly ordeal transpired in the residential area of the Nevsky District. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Kristina ingress the property while ingesting a bag of chips. Donning a pink hoodie, the G-String Diva hopped on the elevator and ascended to the top floor. You can tell she was nervous as hell because she kept pacing back and forth. Seconds later, you can see Kristina’s body crash into the pavement near the building’s main entrance.

Investigators found a coin in her hand that contained the inscription: “You are always in my heart.”

Kristina’s boyfriend, Rustam, implored her subscribers on Pornhub and OnlyFans to indemnify the mortuary for sepulture costs. “Greetings to all! 06/29/2021 my girlfriend, Kristina Lisina, also known as Kris the Foxx, passed away,” Rustam wrote. “For a funeral, 70-80 thousand rubles are required. We ask all those who are not indifferent to help financially and repost.”

A close source said Kristina became melancholic after she failed to become barefoot and pregnant. The adult entertainer was ready to quit the porn industry and start a family. But Rustam wasn’t with it.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. She sold her soul for wealth and the Reaper came for his payment early.

  2. heyitsablackguy

    Other nationalities can’t deal with stress like us. Man, what a loss.

  3. Mr. Edward Hyde

    maybe she’ll “BOUNCE” back🤔

  4. Southern Yankee

    Girl passes up 100 good guys that’ll love to love them but claims it’s no man because they want a man in the 1% … A rich and famous man smh.

  5. Let these women do what they want. They’re gonna earn the hard way. The rent has come due and they’re gonna have to pay. Also women chase other women thinking that another woman is gonna be able to take the place of a man. This shit has gotten outta control.

  6. They got what they asked for. Now some are realizing this really isn’t their lane. Now they are victims to what they asked for. GO FIGURE!

  7. Dane Christopher


  8. God damn and I thought my life was sad…thank God I have the will to keep on Living. Poor soul though.

  9. A Rare Sophisticate

    Crazy as alllll get out.

  10. Sebastien Narcisse

    Beautiful on the outside but no soul !!🤷🏽‍♂️

  11. Fast money comes with slow problems!

  12. Jarrett Gurley

    I don’t feel sorry for them anymore. This is what they wanted!

  13. And that is what third-wave feminism has done to women. It tells them that they can be like men, have there cake and eat it too. That they can be CEOs and have as much sex as men into their 30s and 40s with no problem. But what it doesn’t tell them that having all that material wealth and having a body count in the hundreds is not going to fulfill the emptiness in your soul. And this young lady came to this realization too late.

  14. The line of women that will get lonely is only going to get longer. Unfortunately they only have themselves to blame. They want to kill the balance between men and women. Life comes with a balance. You lose the balance you lose the functionality.

  15. Brian Washington

    Uh huh…… You see ladies? You can’t outrun the Wall and the desire to have a family. No matter how you try to cut it in your favor, men still determine if you will become a wife OR a mother and in countries like Russia, those two things are highly coveted. So go ahead and keep saying you dont need a man…. Just dont forget to make sure your burial insurance is paid up

  16. The Messenger123

    They don’t want a family, they want a baby and child support money, once the majority of man are becoming Red pills 💊, those DEMONS will be begging US For marriage. The love of men shall waxed cold, and I don’t feel sorry for them at all.

  17. Kdmddm krkdkkd

    Women are hella confused. Until they drop the phones shit like this will escalate.

  18. “IM LIKE A BIRDDDD..I WANNA FLY AWAYYYY..” – Nelly Furtado

  19. If a very attractive women did this just imagine the physically unattractive women when only fans gets taken down

  20. ……..modern women … the things they should hate……and hate the things they should love……….her early demise is heart breaking…..on a human level…..

  21. This is what happens when women go against the Male structures of society and allows this female empowerment movement to liberate themselves from it and acting like they are better than men or better than the world and they become too focused on their careers, money, fame, status, etc. and don’t have time to find a good man to build together and instead of being partners to a man, they rather be competitors. Next thing you know, women tries to be like men based on their own success, but it’s too much pressure on them and never has the chance for marriage or becoming future mothers to their children because they try to be this “Strong independent woman ” crap because of what they heard from female artists like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Rhianna, Ciara etc., movies, books, Talk shows like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, Wendy Williams, Reality tv shows, and government agendas like feminism and years later they’re old, alone, single, and bitter and hate every man out there because they wasted away a lot of time and years because they are too focused on themselves and when a good man comes along in their lives, they either pushed them away or intimidate them mentally or spiritually based on their own expectations and standards that women have raised on the good decent men, but not the Bad Boys, Thugs, Pookies and Ray Rays. But in the end, women suffered in silence and pain and possibly take their own life away and it’s all because refuse to be submissive and feminine to good men and going against the patriarch structures of not only America society, but worldwide as well. To the women out there who are in this world: If you find a good man in your life, be feminine, not masculine or combative because nothing turns a good man off if a woman acts like a man and submissive is not slavery, it’s a commitment and partnership.

  22. Easter_Sunday Grey_Man

    I have as much sympathy for her as she did for her simps.

  23. When you ask for hell
    Don’t be surprised when the devil shows up
    Live by the strong and independent
    Die by the strong and independent. lol

  24. The1GoldenRule

    If you tell a woman that she has a role as does a man, they take that as some type of insult. This leads them to challenge men and act out of the womanly role. Which is the of cause severe loneliness and rejection from a man who isn’t putting up with that shit.

  25. Having your self worth tied to Social Media is a deadly game. Your days are literally determined by follows, likes, and comments

  26. True happiness for women comes from being married and having children. God wrote the laws for a happy life and Satan has confused all of his laws.Humans are dumb unfortunately and Pride in the rejection of God and all these “woke” movements have ruined many lives.

  27. She was young! Too bad she gave up on life; she still had time to turn things around if she wanted to start a family.

    I was around her age when I went through a terrible breakup. Met my husband afterward, married at 31, and now expecting our first child at 37yo.

    Your life can change at any moment.

  28. U have to be a man with low value and low morals, and low self respect, and no shame to wife up a only fans, or porn star !

  29. 1 out of 4 women are on Psyc meds. Equality and cult-liberal feminism can be a curse.

  30. She couldn’t stand the truth of the results of her thotting

  31. Mrs. RockKitty (VixxVoodooKitty)

    As a women who has been happily married for 13 years (This August) I never looked at any guy and think he’s going to take care of me. I like having my own money…I may not have the greatest job(I hate my job) but the bills got to be paid, my credit is damn good and I manage my money well. For me, I knew I wanted someone to build a life with and to have a family with..I never looked my husband as a bag of money. We work together as a team to get what we want. Never one sided. I met him online as a friend only and we had been friends for years before we dated and lived together.

    We may not have a lot to do all that we want but we are raising our son and giving him all we can, giving him exposure to things we didn’t have growing up. Before I met my husband I wasn’t in the best place but I knew I wanted and deserved better…I never changed who I was, I wasn’t out there acting the fool for attention and I wasn’t with just anyone just because…I just continued to be me and I was blessed with a man when I wasn’t looking..he has a good heart and that comes from a good family.

    It’s unfortunate that young lady couldn’t get the help she needed before she ended her life but that should never be anyone’s option…I’m sure that one person was around the corner if she just held on…

  32. I thought y’all didn’t want men and was soooooo independent

  33. She’s cute. She shoulda jumped up to my arms. I don’t have a lot but I will love her and give her babies to look after occupy her time

  34. Aww naaw, she could have just found a pookie

  35. we dont care about dead hookers. this isnt some person that mattered. the only value she had was her body once she made only fans. there are plenty more on only fans. no loss fellas.

  36. The real reason why modern woman isn’t happy is because she’s forced to be in the man’s workspace which normally is not her natural habitat. This is what feminism has caused.

  37. Insane in the Membrane

    I wonder if her body bounced up when it hit the ground going downtown😂💀💀💀

  38. Ladies, the only way for you to have it all (if you’re not already a millionaire), is to have your family in your early 20s and career in your late 30s. Doing it in reverse leads to unhappiness.

    In your early 20s marry an established man in his 40s, have your 2-3kids, 2-3 cars, 2-3000sqft house and stay home and raise them until the youngest is 4 or 5 years old and going to school. Depending on how early you start and how many children you have, by the time your 30 you can now go to college or start a career.
    At 30 you’ll be in the same boat as a 20 year old except you have a solid life preserver in your husband of ten years.

    It just makes more sense. Whamenism has been telling you to do things the opposite way for so long ONLY TO YOUR DETRIMENT!

  39. JUST ONE QUESTION: Will her subscribers get a refund ?

  40. Damn. That’s sad.

    She was bad, too. I have an ex that looks similar to her. Someone woulda wifed her. She (literally) jumped the gun

  41. The Mujin Windrusher

    Welcome to the reality feminism built. Pretty lady, but her narcissism had her believe, she was entitled to a prince charming. Feminism gave women the faustian bargain of sexual liberation in exchange for nuptuals. Tragic, but it was bound to happen…

  42. Cruelwraith2 games

    Don’t condone suicide or even joke about suicide a lot of females need to know a lot of dudes ain’t feeling that community property

  43. Why didn’t she just find a simp I’m sure there plenty out there that would’ve married her AND have kids but I guess she wanted the top 20 percent AND cus she couldn’t get that she took her own life.

  44. xShadow Dragonx

    This is the cold truth modern women need to understand. Onlyfans and sex work money is quick and lucrative, but once you cross into that world, finding a man to start a family with will be almost impossible. No real man wants a permiscuous woman to mother his child.

  45. Well. She can’t get a husband for sure now that she’s gone. Think about what might have happened had she hung in there a little longer. It’s human to want love. these women who use their marriage as a flex can be triggering, mainly because they already know there’s a man drought and they wanna feel superior. I think all that combined with how most men do the opposite of what women want can drive anybody over the edge.

  46. Miles Alexander

    Having beauty don’t mean a woman has brains or more importantly COMMON SENSE

  47. In the coming years their competition will soon come in the form of robots that can’t get pregnant and take you to court for child support.

  48. Two tears in a bucket!

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