Vaccine Rap: Mannie Fresh & Mia X join Juvenile for ‘Vax That Thang Up’ anthem

Juvenile, Mannie and Mia X unite/YouTube

Juvenile & friends release vax song.

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NEW ORLEANS — Corpulent disc jockey Mannie Fresh and gangsta rapstress Mia X have linked up with Juvenile to rework his 1999 single “Back That Thang Up” into the new coronavirus vaccine anthem “Vax That Thang Up.” The rump shaking collaboration was concocted as part of an urban inoculation campaign by BLK — the largest dating app for African American singles. The message is simple: No vax, No pussy. So it’s certainly in everyone’s best interest to get vaccinated.

“Girl you looks good, won’t you vax that thang up,” Juvenile raps while making it rain with immunization cards. “You’s a handsome young brotha, won’t you vax that thang up. Dating in real life, you need to vax that thang up. Feeling freaky all night, you need to vax that thang up.”

Mia X’s verse is equally absurd.

“If you wanna get sticky and hot, go, go, go, go get the shot,” she spits during the cessation

“If you wanna smash some dude named Scott, go, go, go, go get the shot.”

When asked why they made such a ridiculous song, Juvenile said it’s all about achieving herd immunity. “I just wanted to do something positive for my people and to stand in the front to show that I’m willing to sacrifice my life not just for me but also for my family,” he explained. “We don’t know what we’re facing right now but we really do all need to be vaccinated so we can continue to do our thing and survive.”

Keep in mind, penis shrinkage and abnormal menstrual cycles are among the many side effects of the COVID-19 panacea. Not to mention the vaccine’s proprietor, Bill Gates, has a “666” patent in place that’s allegedly geared towards transmogrifying vaccinated people into cryptocurrency “Miners.”  

The vax is also satiated with Luciferase.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Satan is working overtime right now but have faith that GOD is winning!

  2. Mia X is so broke she can’t afford the rest of her blue jeans…

  3. Lol girl you look good get off food stamps

  4. Hey Juvie How about Shove That Thang Up Your……

  5. Juvenile is leading us all to the box cars, the definition of a sellout. Nuremberg Trails 2021

  6. Don’t see other races or cultures doing this……

  7. Black women won’t get vaccinated but they also won’t stop wearing the mask. So the word on the streets about Black women is feeling empowered by the mask. Before CV19 men judged a woman by her face and body but when she’s wearing the mask all you can focus on is her body. They also feel protected from being identified in criminal activity. Black women with low self-esteem loves wearing the mask. Proud beautiful black woman only uses the mask if a situation becomes unsafe for them. Basically everyone I talk to on the job sites has decided any Black woman still wearing the mask has got to be one unpleasant person to look at without the mask.

  8. Political malevolence is demonic eh. More division with a blacks only dating app lol. Mlk must be rolling in his grave with all this segregation but hey, let’s pretend for a month we follow his philosophy.
    Liberal government makes me sick.
    If u wanna take an experimental drug then don’t raise my taxes to pay for ur treatments.

  9. He hasn’t made hits in over a decade and thats being generous. I got super nostalgic when I watched his Vlad video. This is one of the most embarrassing things that I have ever seen. Honest to God the cringe factor is so high that I cannot even wrap my brain around it. Hasta la Pasta Juve and Fresh. Fresh? That one hurts. Done with you both though. Good luck keeping up that street cred that BG gave you with this infantile garbage.

  10. They think Black people are dumb AF. I know at least 3 people personally who have had horrible side effects from the jab. They haven’t been offered any assistance and they don’t want to make the correlation with their health and the jab… but that’s when their health issues started. It’s not a one size fits all situation. What happened to “My body, My choice.” This is shameful as hell!!!

  11. Garulus Glandarius

    All Western governments are desperate to get everyone to have the jab, it’s unprecedented and sinister AF.

  12. Lmao 🤣🤣 Vax that sh!t right up your a$$

  13. Christine Velasquez

    Wtf. I’m living in a nightmare.

  14. Bible Flock Box

    Vax That Thang Up promotes all the wrong messages. Seriously, this has to be a joke. Is this the world we actually live in? I hope Jesus comes soon. This is getting ridiculous.

  15. WHISKEY OPS on PS4

    The government LITERALLY thinks we are STUPID.🙁

  16. KeziYAH Yisrael

    This song ain’t nothing new. These rappers being rapping poison to our people for years. The black on black crime, the hate for your own kind, towards men and women. It’s another death song really 💯

  17. Enjoyin that biden money

  18. Covid-19 is so dangerous that people, don’t want the vaccine? The government is using coercion, bribery, threats and celebrities to push the poison on people who understand it is not needed.

  19. BeaverBuckeye Bjorn

    What? Even SNL got this right w/ the Tuskegee skit.

  20. Gloria Sanders

    I hate to tell him these demons can’t give anybody eternal life!

  21. Chipp The Tripp

    Fugg Juveee!

  22. Gloria Sanders

    So incredibly racist of administration to believe ALL black people are this!

  23. Juve and Mannie fresh are the Joe Camel of the vaccine.

  24. This was the ultimate song for an ass shaking competition in the club.

  25. Amanda Estevez

    Ad paid by the Biden Administration 2021

  26. Juve must be in a boat load of tax trouble.

  27. Joseph Laporte

    I can’t watch this shit anymore. Society has lost its mind

  28. booby scoo too

    They don’t do this for other vaccinations. Probably because those other vaccinations are actually necessary.

  29. Atmospheric Pressure

    Shuckin and Jivin

  30. It’s called communism. First you need an army of useful idiots. Then you need to get rid of them.

  31. Payed in eternal life!!!😆😆😆😆💀💀💀💀

  32. “We will also be handing out fried chicken and water melon at all vaccination sites.” -leftist scum.

  33. The fact the government is pushing this “vaccine” so hard kinda says something doesn’t it. Like maybe this “vaccine” isn’t as nice as they scream it is.

  34. 2funny company

    First it was take your booties to the pole. Now vax that thing up why does everything they promote with a black face have to be sexualized

  35. Is that Joe Biden in the Background?

  36. I’ll just say, this is not the dumbest rap song I’ve heard lately 🤦🏽‍♂️

  37. I’m white and I don’t trust anyone especially the government pushing people to get experimental shots. Tuskegee man, 100%!! Oh no way.
    It causes heart problems/attacks in young healthy men (not safe); you can still get covid (it’s not effective); and it’s not free… the health damage you can’t even sue them for. So- Hell No. Lady at work has tumors that spread all over. So- Fu€k No!!

  38. They got the nurse twerking in a mask I’M DEAD 🤣🤣

  39. A black man named scott?
    I’m trying to picture this

  40. Scott is officially invited to the BBQ

  41. I’m waiting for Vanilla Ice to drop Vax Vax Baby.

  42. Does Scott’s # come w the vax? Asking for a friend…

  43. If i was black id be seriously PO’ed that people in power thought this sh* would work on me. Shows what people in charge truly think of the community.
    I get mad when companies try that stereotypical white southern stuff to try and sell me products

  44. Freed by Yeshua

    God doesn’t want anybody in hell because He loves us, but you must understand why we deserve hell and why those who refuse to live under His authority will go there. He gave us the law (Ten Commandments) not to make us righteous, but rather to show us our sin (Romans 3:20). We’re not sinners because we sin, but rather we sin because we’re sinners. Sin is the nature of our flesh that we are born with due to the sin of Adam in the garden. For someone to be justified before God they have to be sinless. We’ve all sinned (Romans 3:23), and the the law demands death for those who sin (Romans 6:23). God is righteous, so He must punish our sin, which is what He did through His Son Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus is Holy and sinless, yet He received our sin when He died on the cross, so that we can be righteous before God (2 Corinthians 5:21). When He died on the cross, He said “It is finished” (John 19:30), which means He paid the full price for all of your sins (past, present, and future) to be forgiven. He was buried and rose again from the dead. God will forgive anybody who puts their full trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation. We aren’t saved based on our good deeds, but only by the grace of God (Ephesians 2:8-9). His precious blood that He shed is the only reason why we can be forgiven of our sins (Hebrews 9:22). If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised Him from the dead, then you’ll be saved (Romans 10:9). You are born-again with the Spirit of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17), and are not only legally justified before God, but also are accredited His righteous (Romans 4:24). Believers live for Christ now, so get to know Him through His Word. I recommend reading the book of Romans and the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John)

  45. Monique Hildwein

    Juvenile RUINED his whole legacy , song and career!
    Dumb Ass

  46. They care soooo much about Black people taking a vax, but won’t discuss education, healthcare or anything that could really make a difference… Um, okay sounds legit… NOT…

  47. Everything FOREVER

    The elite: How can we kill….I mean get all black people to take the whackcine?

    The token black guy in the room: Rap!

    The elite: You’re on to something token black guy in the room…What’s the catchiest, most notable rap song of alllllll time???

    The token black guy in the room: *dropsbeat


  48. When a government is so desperate that they’re paying Juvenile to do a pro-vaccine version of his hit song, you know something weird and sus is up.

    Why is the govt so desperate to get certain types of people vaccinated? This is obviously propaganda, curated by eugenicists. It’s not because the govt and elites suddenly care about human life, that’s for sure.

  49. Dolly parton sang a vaccine song

  50. “Dam lil Wayne didn’t even wanna do it , it must some bullshxt “ 😂

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