Poirier won trilogy bout, McGregor suffers fractured leg then says, “This is not over!”

Poirier defeats McGregor again/ClutchPoints

Poirier won again, McGregor injured.

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LAS VEGAS — Saturday night’s UFC 264 main event wasn’t all it was cracked up to be (no pun intended). That’s because Conor McGregor broke his leg towards the cessation of round one — making Dustin Poirier (28-6, 1 NC) a TKO winner via doctor’s stoppage. The highly anticipated trilogy rematch took place inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. An ailing McGregor (22-6) was carried out on a stretcher as the capacity crowd booed in disappointment. “Everybody booing, you can kiss my whole asshole,” Poirier, 32, vented in his postfight interview. “I beat the guy.” Um… that’s not entirely true.

The video replay showed McGregor’s lower left leg buckle above the shin area as he attempted to plant his foot. It was a gruesome injury (à la Alex Smith). Referee Herb Dean stopped the fight at 5:00 of the first round. “This is not over,” McGregor, 32, vowed during his chinwag with commentator Joe Rogan.

“If I have to take this outside, I’ll take this outside.”

Everybody and they mama showed up in attendance and that includes Dave Chappelle, Kourtney Kardashian, Justin Bieber, President Donald Trump, Travis Barker, Megan Fox and Kevin Durant. Floyd Mayweather placed a large wager on the fight, then thanked McGregor afterwards.

Mayweather tweeted a photo of his $50,000 betting slip with the caption, “Thanks for getting me paid!”

Poirier has now won 2 out of 3 against McGregor.

UFC president Dana White anticipates a 4th fight.

“When Conor is healed and ready to go, we’ll do the rematch, I guess,” White said.

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  1. Conor said somebody was going out on a stretcher. At least he kept his word.

  2. OscillatorDubzz

    Dustin is just real as fuck. Simple as that. He’s not purely leaning to one school of thought or another. He says how he feels and he’s not a perfectly symmetrical person. No one is. I side with him in the “victory” aspect of this fight: I think he was going to win regardless of ankle injury or round ending. He knows he put in the work and made the adjustments even in this brief fight to really put it on McGregor in his best round historically.

  3. Karma isnt a bitch, she is a mirror

  4. Conner your finished.. accept it!!

  5. Lmao sat his punk ass down 🪑🪑🪑🪑

  6. Dustin Porier is a true champion. Mixed martial arts is an art and should be treated with respect. Connor tainted the sport and karma finally caught up to his shallow greedy ass

  7. Dustin is a class act. He’s grown so much as a person. This entire event seemed like a mature adult vs a spoiled child. Congratulations Dustin!

  8. Moonnu Chamling

    I wish and pray for Conor to heal completely. He always most of the time gets leg injury. So, he should now completely heal his leg and takecare of his health. It was doctor stoppage. Well, Dustin is man of God who does lots of Charity works for Children and people in need. So, all respect, love and best wishes for him🙏. Same for Conor who took U.F.C to new height\fame\level, who put his everything into risk and came to ring to fight though he didn’t need to fight for money, he does it for his love for fight and to entertain his fans. So, I will always have respect for him for all his achievements and sacrifices for the fight and fans. He broke his ankle, the pain is severe. I hope he heals soon. Thanks to both great fighters for risking their health, lives, dignity, pride, respect everything into line just for their fans and for the love of sports. Wish them both all the best wishes 🙏👏💖💐🙆🙇‍♀️✝️

  9. zykus on chakra

    “fuck u dustin”

    -some random guy in the crowd

  10. givemeduhjuice

    The best octagon interview ever. The perfect balance of humbleness/class/fire

  11. All the Mcgregor fans secretly switching sides now. 😂😂😂

  12. I’m so happy mctapper lost, now all his fans can go cry to sleep and he can go cash on his $20 million dollar check and whatever the fuck he does

  13. Karma at its finest. Respect to dustin!!!

  14. “Everybody booing , you can kiss my whole asshole” LMAO

  15. I expected conor to lose even though I was rooting for him to win but I did not expect him to be that classless in his post fight interview. He always said he was humble in victory or defeat.

  16. How, logically was this fight not a draw? Lol I hate how they do that when someone gets injured even when it wasn’t actually caused by the other fighter. Dustin has grown on me, but he didn’t check a single kick. The injury was not of his doing and the first round could’ve gone either way. Should be chalked so they could have a proper trilogy. I prefer Conor, but I would rather he be knocked out a second time than lose to a random injury. Dustin showboated like he legitimately won lol that was as cringe worthy as watching Conor try to talk shit in the lead up like he used to and getting stuck every time Dustin mentioned that he knocked him out lol

  17. Dana : Rematch until Conor wins

  18. This was like the end of Star Wars Episode 3, when Anakin is defeated and Obi Wan speaks his peace with Anakin and walks away without finishing him…then Darth Vader is born in his evil and hatred…Connor has turned to the dark side..

  19. Such a bullshit stoppage I can’t believe it. Connor was obviously trying to gas Dustin out by breaking his own ankle.

  20. Yugandhar Kakad

    Haha ha look who went out on a stretcher 🤣🤣🤣


    Told ya all conor was a douche

  22. I will never get tired of seeing McGregor get his ass beat…

  23. Conor McGregor would of killed him if his leg didn’t fuck up

  24. Rewatched the fight about three times now. Even before the leg break, McGregor was getting worked and was gassed near the end of the first round. It would’ve been stopped in round 2. #TheDiamond

  25. Fuck a 4th fight

  26. Zulfaqaar Parsons

    Good always defeats evil

  27. Wait I thought Dustin was supposed to leave on a stretcher? Lol.

  28. Ever since Dana and the UFC put all there eggs in one basket with McGregor and Rousey the UFC has gone down hill.

  29. Poor Conner Mcgregor. Does anyone feel Bad for him?? 😆😆

  30. Conor sitting on the floor gritting his teeth. Hilarious.

  31. He ain’t on dustins level

  32. The Walking Dad

    Imagine how embarrassing and humbling this must be for Connor,sat there on the floor incapacitated, listening to every word.

  33. Goodbye McChicken 🦶☠👋

  34. Sebastian Nowak

    Conman’s wife told him to break a leg (for luck). He took that way too literally.

  35. Instead of drinking alcohol the whole day, he should have drink milk to strengthen his bones.

  36. one of the few occasions when kicking a man when he is down is ok and acceptable, prefered even .with any other fighter i would have hated ppl dogpiling on him/her and jumping bandwagons, but this is music to my ears

  37. 100% Bisping. If this is a street fight Dustin coulda killed him if he wanted to. So all things considered Dustin clearly won 100% and was a legitimate win. I forgot to think about it in that sense and Bisping is right. U break ur leg in a street fight. You lost 100%. And it’s a legit loss too. U broke a body part

  38. Conor McGregor is all talk. His past fights were against bums, Dustin already proof twice that he’s better than this little leprechaun you just got a big mouth I’m glad Dustin poirier shut them up he got what he deserved with his leg. McGregor’s just a little man with a big man complex.


    Man I been saying this for years! Overrated, overhyped all because he’s white. We don’t know anyone of stature that’s he’s beaten and when he did fight any notable opponents he lost. Literally the female version of Rhonda Rousey

  40. I guarantee that in his next fight his opponent is going to go straight to that broken leg with repeated kicks lol

  41. Another Great White Hype bites the dust. He will join Rhonda Rousey, (another manufacturered star) in the WWE. All that bullshit smack talk will work just fine over there

  42. Never understood how Conner was ever gonna be considered the 🐐. Don’t get me wrong he’s a legend but mostly due to 4 wins over top tier fighters and his promotion skills when it came to his dominate predicted finishes. 2x champion. Other than that he’s hasn’t don’t much to be considered the 🐐 due to his inactivity. Money is nice along with accomplishment but his wins along with Khabib are alittle overrated 🤷🏾‍♂️ undefeated champion ,yes but was he really the 🐐 no. Promotional king of MMA, yes, but do 4 wins make you the 🐐? No. Conner and Khabib are legends of the sport but neither is the goat 🐐 . Can the talk now end?

  43. Poirier = class act in victory….

    Connor on his ass talking shit = Sad loser

  44. I’m glad that big mouthed McGregor got beat up AGAIN, ha ha ha ha ALL mouth nothing else.

  45. CharlesB Miller

    The last time McGregor had a win streak, Obama was president. Man is done

  46. Fuck the media. Conor will come back!!! Mark me words

  47. Rusty Shackleford

    Connor got pampered all the way too the top and guarded from khabib by Dana until it got to point where people began to demand that he fight his biggest opponents and stop hiding, now he’s been exposed as being what he always was, more hype than skill.

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