Eddie Murphy’s son, Eric, bangin’ Martin Lawrence’s beautiful daughter, Jasmin

Eric and Jasmin are in love/US Magazine

Eddie’s little boy banging Jasmin.

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HOLLYWOOD — It’s a match made in Hollywood and it’s Instagram-official. Eddie Murphy’s 32-year-old son, Eric Murphy, is bangin’ Martin Lawrence’s 25-year-old daughter, Jasmin Lawrence, and word on the street claims he hit it from the back. Jasmin helped Eric celebrate his birthday on Saturday. The prepossessing damsel posted a few lovey-dovey photos on Instagram with the caption, “Happy birthday, my love! I’m so incredibly blessed to know you, to love you, and to have you by my side. Cheers to many more blessings, laughs, and beautiful memories! I love you so much!”

Damn, Eric must’ve wore it out. Jasmin wasn’t the only one sharing pics. Eric disseminated a pair of photos on his Instagram page with the caption, “Head over heels in LOVE with YOU❤️❤️❤️❤️#myotherhalf #equallyyoked #iloveyou.” Not trying to jinx ’em but at the rate they’re going, wedding bells loom.

Eddie, 60, and Martin, 56, collaborated on the 1992 romantic comedy “Boomerang.”

They also joined forces in the 1999 prison film “Life.”

Martin has 3 daughters with Jasmin being the oldest.

Eddie has 10 kids total.

Do you envision Eric having that many?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Both They Daddies Need DNA test

  2. Martin’s daughter is gorgeous!

  3. One Quirky Individual

    @YallMfzBeBroke: I agree. That man is fine, with a beautiful smile. He look nothing like Eddie

  4. NotWithTheFuckery

    If they have a baby it will have the funniest 2 grandfathers anyone has ever had

  5. Christopher Spann


  6. Deborah Hardaway

    This Laurence an Murphy union is gonna be like the Wayans household if they have kids.I could only dream.good luck to these 2.

  7. Well this is just freakin’ dope! Both fathers are A List Comedy Legends! I wanna be invited to the cookout, I love me some Martin and Eddie!

  8. Before she posted that, he had posted,
    “Im head over heels IN LOVE with YOU!”

  9. Cute💕💕💕💜💙💚💕💕

  10. 3 months from now we’ll find out he’s cheating

  11. Herman Smith Jr

    Martin and Eddie gotta make another movie together with their son and daughter and call it a Family Affair or something like that

  12. Black men thirst are at a all time high 🙄

  13. Beautiful! I love black love!

  14. Now they can be real brothers in-laws and keep the money and their families if they get married that pretty damn dope

  15. Vanessa Whetstone

    Eddie’s son looks nothing like him 🥴

  16. For some reason I thought Eddie Murphy was way older than Martin Lawrence.

  17. Bullshit. That’s not Eddie’s son. He better call Maury and get a paternity test.

  18. Oh, she can definitely do better.. so, this must really be love. He’s so not that attractive.

  19. Iknowsomethangs

    @Chuck: Well, she ain’t all that nor a bag of chips either, so………..🤔

  20. Eddie Murphy son is CWUUUTE

  21. TomSmithIsBackAgain

    She cute, best looking one out of the three. Guess she was the one from the side piece. Can’t wait till she gets them taddies done

  22. Why don’t they look like their parents tho?

  23. @Darius: Because they both look like their light-skinned/mixed mothers. Trust me, Eddie & Martin’s kids look exactly like these men were hoping they’d look when they got with their mothers.

  24. Awww the family stays together!!☺🤗🌹I just LOVE this

  25. Now this is too cool 😎 Rich love 💘 😍 literally lol

  26. I hope he doesnt beat her

  27. Shana Elmsford XO💋

    ….. l hope he didn’t inherit any of his father’s “proclivities” 🌚 🌚 🌚

  28. Forever Blessed

    They’re so cute❤❤❤

  29. He looks as sweet as 10 lb bags of cherries

  30. Iknowsomethangs

    @Mary Taylor: Awwwww Daaamn……..now why you wanna go and mess things up, Mary????😫

  31. TigerInDaWoods

    He look more like will Smith

  32. Their kids gone be funny than a MF 😂👍🏾💯

  33. Dam she’s fine too! I want some of that young 😺.

  34. My seeds, grow with his seeds, marry his seeds
    My seeds, grow with his seeds, marry his seeds
    That’s how we keep Wu-Tang money all up..

    More of this ! Black people marry each other ! Keep the money and legacy among us! I love this. Now how hard is this. That is why I’m here for Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan. Lets get more of this ish popping. Instead of how our elders “breed ” their black out. The RossFamily. Jackson Family. Richie Family . Etc. Keep us black

  35. Man i thought somebody got married or proposed to. Or got preggers. We congratulating dating now? We all out here dating.

  36. eddie murphy daddy and son.. both GAY AS HELL !!

  37. Are they in it for LIFE??


  38. It’s a trick. Eddie and Eric are fags.

  39. His ass finally got his ass off of tinder 😂

  40. You want cha cornbread

  41. I’m the Pappy!💫💯

  42. Daam talk about L.I.F.E.

  43. Martin daughter got cakes!

  44. 《Melanin Poppin》

    Aww 💗😂
    That’s cuteeee as hell never seen this coming lmaooo


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