Is Jada having midlife crisis?

Jada shaved her head bald/Instagram

Jada Pinkett Smith shaves head bald.

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HOLLYWOOD — Jada Pinkett Smith turns 50 in September and it appears she’s already suffering a midlife crisis. That’s because the ‘Red Table’ host shaved her head bald, claiming her 20-year-old daughter, Willow Smith, made her do it. Jada, who’s struggled with Alopecia areata for years, disseminated a photo of her freshly shaved coiffure via Instagram with the caption, “Willow made me do it because it was time to let go. BUT … my 50’s are bout to be Divinely lit with this shed❣️😜” Willow, who’s rocking a buzz cut of her own, also shared a pic of her mom’s new hairdo with the caption, “💕A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and at the right place, and when we expect nothing in return.🙏🏾”

Jada, if you recall, set the Internet ablaze a few years ago when she unveiled “issues with hair loss” during an episode of Red Table Talk, saying, “It was terrifying when it first started. I was in the shower one day and had just handfuls of hair in my hands and I was just like, ‘Oh my god, am I going bald?'”

Are you a fan of Jada’s bald head?

Would you prefer she don a wig and/or hair extensions?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Veronica Rickard

    What’s next, she had an entanglement, she smoked and drank and now she cut her hair. Big deal. Anything for attention.

  2. She looks absolutely adorable ❤️

  3. Jada Smith looks beautiful!! With short hair 💇… AMEN AND HALLELUJAH… 🙏 📖 ⛪ ✝

  4. Yes, she’s rocking that bald head. I love it. ❤❤❤❤

  5. Women often go bald when they’re going crazy. Its July, maybe the impending month of August is causing Jada distress👀😳🤷🤣

  6. Kristie Stanford

    There are many of us who are bald women and not by choice. We have overcome nerves and negative statements and looks but have the confidence and strength to go on. Yes Mrs. Jada, do your thang girl for the girls that won’t be recognized because we are not stars.

  7. she looks like an alien

  8. She looks like frieza……

  9. Lena James Done lost her dam mind

  10. She looks like michael jordan now. Maybe she can also do a mohawk one day to look like Mr T.

  11. That is one beautiful bald woman. God bless her 🙏

  12. To each their own but I like hair.

  13. Raymond Johnson

    They got to do something for attention if not no one would notice them.😱

  14. That’s so stupid. Looks almost as ridiculous as Amber Rose when she tattooed her forehead. Women are suppose to have hair. Leave the bald heads and short haircuts for the guys.

  15. Jada said ” its time to let go”. Will should take this saying & use it practically. First the entanglements, Tupac saved letters for public display & now wanting and embracing her pseudo masculinity. Embarrassing 🤔

  16. I cant understand why the woman is getting negative comments.
    The poor woman has been suffering from hair loss and has reached a stage of acceptance and is taking control.
    As a mother who has a young daughter that suffers from the same condition; I admire the woman!
    She is real and looks absolutely stunning and maybe her positivity will be able to help those women who are not so confident ie my daughter .
    Well done Jada Pinkett Smith! ❤

  17. Cant stand her, feel bad for will he can do much better

  18. Look what happened to poor Brittany spears after she shaved her head , how times have changed now it’s acceptable.

  19. Bruh she miss Tupac that bad ? She had to get his hairstyle 😂

  20. That is just plain crazy she’s too old to act like a teen.

  21. Natasha Delacruz


  22. John Tirado-Glover

    They both look amazing bald. Give me a beautiful black godess bald, or natural. I can’t do wigs, or weaves. Bascially, everybody do you. Love yourself. Period.

  23. Christal Davis

    They both look like goddesses 😍🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️

  24. Darnell Miller

    I remember this sister used to be so cool, so authentic, going back to her under-the-radar days on “A Different World.” She is just raggedy now; too much HollyWEIRD victimization and she just looks fake. Jaka Pinkett was the real deal back in the day!

  25. WhatJoshHasToSay

    @Darnell Miller: Exactly! Now she’s HOLLYWEIRD AF!

  26. Janice Houston

    @Darnell Miller: She still is to the people who love and know her. It is not our right to define what is exceptable in another person life. We all go through this life feeling like need to make a change whether its physical or spiritual.

  27. Arkasha Robertson

    They both look so beautiful with shaved 🪒 heads..

  28. Darnell Miller

    @Janice Houston: To a larger extent I agree with you, but to a lesser degree, we all indeed have as much right to share and give our opinions on public fugures who themselves are showcasing themselves and making it public…we all do it and don’t get on your high horse and act as though you don’t…or never have!

    And as a one time fan of this woman, I’m just stating I was digging her back in the day as a serious soul sister and she appealed to me from a far…and now not so much…but still from afar.

    And guess what, I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way about Bill Cosby…

    The moral of the story: things change, people change, regardless to what extreme or what extent!

  29. She still looks amazing
    Black Excellent Woman

  30. She need to grow her ish back quick!!
    Peanut head a#%!!!!

  31. I’m so sick of Jada, and all the bullshit she puts out… she needs to get over herself. If she has all the wisdom, and verbiage she puts out their, her son wouldn’t have emancipated himself, as a young teen, and her daughter wouldn’t have been in so much pain.. She literally has nothing to offer. If she wasn’t a has been movie star, CPS, would have had her under investigation years ago!!

  32. 1hellavabastard

    This is exactly why I only fw mixed girls!! This shzzit is disgusting!!

  33. Rosemary Davis

    A woman’s hair is her crown and losing it has to be an emotional loss because no woman want to be naturally bald we want as much hair as possible it’s a part of our make up as being a woman,and I expect that Jada will go bald for a while and then she will start wearing a wig again, but actress and television host Ricky Lake lost all of her hair and decided to cut it all off and go bald,and her hair started growing back again now I don’t know if it lasted or whether it all came out again, but who knows maybe if Jada’s follicles are healthy and strong she might get her hair back…

  34. WelikecarsthatgoBoom!!!

    The bald head ritual. Brittany spear, did it Sanaa Latham, azalea banks. Tiffany haddish and the list goes on. They broke the rules and now they have to cutt off their hair. Jada look unhappy and uncomfortable in the picture with her daughter. Jada is lying.. willow didn’t tell her to shave her hair she was order to do that . Her hair was a her crown and now she feels violated

  35. She looks Mr. Spock from Star Trek.

  36. I LOVE how the losers in the comment section stand in judgement of everyone. The woman’s hair was falling out – that happens to many people for various reasons. Now she’s a feminist, a beard, etc…Sometimes, things are just as stated – her hair was falling out and she had no choice. People are soo hard on BW no matter what they do – if they wear a weave or wig, it’s a problem, if the cut their hair off because it’s falling out it’s a problem. If they wear their hair natural, it’s a problem. Jada is lucky that she has money and could really care less what some comment section loser has to say about anything that she does. Y’all look for reasons to hate BW but you need to look within to find out why.

  37. Women are weird…. 🙃 who wants a bald woman 🤦🏽‍♂️

  38. YoungbabyTHEtruth100

    She’s look like an extra terrestrial smh

  39. Wakanda Forever!!!

  40. Luv it! Jada Rocks!

  41. I’m bald 😂😂😂😂😂 welcome to the club

  42. Ugly with and without imo 🤮.

  43. Just Rub garlic every night your in your hair will be fine you will feel the heat in your head but your hair will grow back and more strong I guarantee please do it

  44. I lost my hair shaved what was left and love it the best thing i ever done💓

  45. She’s just going to be a 50 yr old with a bald head.

  46. Phillis Williams

    I know how it feels to loose hair, but my hair loss came from Chemical damage and wigs. Maybe Jada should make her own hair products like Shea butter, Olive oil, and a mild leave in. Spray water to the scalp daily to avoid dryness . Repetitive scalp massages helps increase the blood flow to the scalp. Drink plenty of water enjoy your (PEACE) of mind girl you so deserve it.

  47. Come on Jada, it’s stress and you’re getting older.

  48. Sheena Winfrey

    Willow made her do it? Really? First off she’s a grown woman and secondly who is the parent here???

  49. Betrayed Bae Uchiha

    She done turned into tupac

  50. damn jada! not feelin this

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