911 Audio/Video: NFL’s Richard Sherman threatened to kill himself, wife panicked

Ashley and Richard have issues/Clutchpoints

Richard Sherman busted & charged.

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SEATTLE — Richard Sherman, former defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers, was thrown in the slammer after he got into a domestic altercation with his wife’s family. He was also “drunk, belligerent and threatening to kill himself.” The ruckus transpired at a residence Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. in Redmond, Washington. Richard guzzled one bottle of Vodka and one bottle of Hennessey prior to actin’ a damn fool. Dude was drunk as a skunk. The 5-time All-Pro even tried to break into the home to attack his in-laws. Richard’s sexy wife, Ashley Moss, called 911 — begging the operator to send police officers.

Surveillance footage shows Richard using his body as a battering ram on the front door.

“I need officers here now!” Ashley told the dispatcher. “He’s trying to leave now. In the house, he was being aggressive. He was wrestling with my uncle. He’s threatening to kill himself. He has sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hang himself.”

“He said if the police show up, he’ll try to fight them,” Ashley continued. “It’s Richard Sherman! Like, ma’am, this is, like, a f*cking emergency! I need officers here now!”

It should be noted the dispatcher was rude as hell. That lady should pursue a new métier.

Because Richard is black, Ashley asked that when “police show up, please don’t shoot.” Fortunately, officers didn’t open fire despite Richard’s vacuous decision to resist arrest. Instead, they used a K-9 to take him down. The 33-year-old Stanford alum was booked into the King County Correctional Facility on a felony charge of burglary domestic violence. He tried to effectuate an egress but was denied bail.

Richard is a player rep on the NFLPA executive committee.

Police said he crashed his SUV into a Seattle construction zone prior to the disturbance.

Do you think CTE played a factor in Richard’s deportment?

Watch disturbing footage and listen to the 911 call.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Drugs and alcohol.. he acts like a scholar but this is the real thug sherman attacking his wife’s parents… what a jackass!

  2. Damn! So much for it being a private family matter. This is gonna be huge stain on his career now that this video is leaked like this. His own family dragging him through the mud, and I’m guessing that house in the suburbs of Seattle they stay was probably bought by him. Smh

  3. That door was Andy Reid 🤣

  4. lol cant even kick down a door

  5. Resellers Highway

    Another drunken spoiled fool

  6. Aakash Bathini

    The door company better use this video as a commercial

  7. Sherman is 33 years old, in the prime of life, and the N F L has cast him off..Players should get every cent they can cause the N F L meat market doesn’t care about you

  8. Once 1 of the best corners in nfl is now unwanted by most teams because of his age and decline in play,and it’s hard for him to except but this isn’t how you want to be remembered,hope he gets his mind right💯

  9. exosquad gamer

    He needs to retire immediately and seek lifelong CTE help

  10. lol wasn’t this the guy Stephen A Smith called a smart educated black man who graduated from Stanford…when defending his beef with WHITE coach Jim Harbaugh

  11. This is only over exaggerating bc he’s famous people do this shit all the time

  12. Why didn’t the people hiding inside the house call a ‘social worker’ instead of the police?

  13. that’s the hardest he’s hit anything in a long time.

  14. Sherman is done and he needs serious meds asap!

  15. cte is real

  16. He forgot to kneel for our flag… 🤣

  17. Fire the dispatcher bruh 😒. She is not the person for that job.

  18. @Terrell Mason: I agree! That’s the first thing that kept popping in my mind: The 911 operator needs training or better yet a new job! Just tell her officers are on the way and try to keep her calm! She’s acting like she’s in a position of authority! Get over yourself lady!!

  19. Richard Sherman in 2020: “Defund the Police”
    Wife: “Nope, i’ll need them in 2021”

  20. he took the vaccine

  21. 911 Karen needs to go!!!! #911Karen

  22. I don’t care if he was drunk, we have all been around drunks before, this seemed way more than that, he genuinely seemed like he was going to hurt the first person he could get his hands on, he looks like a genuine monster in this video and he clearly needs to get immediate help.

  23. Hes drunk and doesnt even know what hes doing, i kinda feel bad for him.

  24. His football career is over. What defensive player in the NFL can’t even break down a simple door?

  25. Robert Paulson

    For every hero making excuses for this criminal…stand on the other side of that door.
    Family is lucky the door held.

  26. Karl Arrington

    As a former dispatcher, she delayed the arrival of the officers by asking questions that could have answered on the way to the call. Now maybe that happened because toward the end she said something about the call being with ‘dispatch’. She didn’t relay that to the caller early enough to settle her down enough to get the pertinent info faster.

  27. I always get mad at my bitch when she doesn’t come threw. I hear ya playa

  28. I thought he was gonns do the smokey from friday and jump kick that shit

  29. This guy went to Stanford. He has to be intelligent to get into Stanford but I swear to God I can’t understand a damn word coming out of that mush mouth.

  30. markingakabigk

    I would’ve came thru a damn bullet thru da door

  31. Who in their right mind would open the door for a maniac like that!

  32. Blooth Houndour

    Why not just let him in? He clearly just wanted to have a calm chat

  33. 911 is 1 hell of a joke!

    We need black 911 dispatchers to step into that field!

    Karen’s don’t care about you!

  34. poopchuteliqour

    Shit like this is why I don’t drink anymore or hang out with those that do too much of it. Outta control stupid shit happens all the time.

  35. tankthefrank100

    Hi Ray I’m Richard have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior

  36. Not a good look bruh

  37. He probably has a brain injury. Sad how people are used, abused and discarded.

  38. Sherm man come on bruh what’s happened to you man

  39. You don’t Get the show

    He was never a big hitter … that door owned him

  40. CTE at its finest

  41. Patrick Desimone

    Derelicts, they are immoral spoiled people . Can you say privileged? These NFL dirtbags are nothing to look up to kids I promise they have zero morals and I definitely don’t want my kids looking up to these thugs. They are literally nobody’s but our country worships these nobody’s . There athleticism comes from God they didn’t make it

  42. There should be a safe place for NFL wives and children some of them go through so much abuse and can’t tell a soul bc they are afraid of the consequences… pray for both sides!! 🙏 but it’s not okay!! you don’t deserve to be mentally and physically abused by no one. No matter how much money and fame a person has!! 😔 you deserve better!!

  43. Drunk or not, Sherman knew exactly who he was after and what he was doin. He knew the way to that house without being confused or disoriented. Thank goodness he couldn’t get that door down. He would have killed somebody.

  44. His wife seems a bit slow on the 911 call; sort of unintelligent.. Sherman deserves a better family.. And, where are his parents? They need to get him help, now! He’ll do harm the next blow-up or episode.

  45. This typical NFL piece of violent garbage is going to end up hurting someone. This clown has had a history of stupidity.

  46. Sherman Landskie

    Black kids THIS is why you SHOULDN’T strive to be a football 🏈 player! …Use mind and body for other professions

  47. Pro Troll Junction

    Well, at least “we” end up with a new “saying” to add to urban dictionaries and pop culture. “Pulling A Richard Sherman” : to conduct a drunken rant against one’s in laws. Usage: “I heard ole’ Bob pulled a Richard Sherman the other night.” “Sometimes when I’m around my wife’s parents, I just wanna pull a Richard Sherman on them.”

  48. Oh he crazy CRAZY 👁👄👁

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