911 Audio/Video: NFL’s Richard Sherman threatened to kill himself, wife panicked

Ashley and Richard have issues/Clutchpoints

Richard Sherman busted & charged.

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SEATTLE — Richard Sherman, former defensive back for the San Francisco 49ers, was thrown in the slammer after he got into a domestic altercation with his wife’s family. He was also “drunk, belligerent and threatening to kill himself.” The ruckus transpired at a residence Wednesday morning at 6 a.m. in Redmond, Washington. Richard guzzled one bottle of Vodka and one bottle of Hennessey prior to actin’ a damn fool. Dude was drunk as a skunk. The 5-time All-Pro even tried to break into the home to attack his in-laws. Richard’s sexy wife, Ashley Moss, called 911 — begging the operator to send police officers.

Surveillance footage shows Richard using his body as a battering ram on the front door.

“I need officers here now!” Ashley told the dispatcher. “He’s trying to leave now. In the house, he was being aggressive. He was wrestling with my uncle. He’s threatening to kill himself. He has sent text messages to people saying he’s going to hang himself.”

“He said if the police show up, he’ll try to fight them,” Ashley continued. “It’s Richard Sherman! Like, ma’am, this is, like, a f*cking emergency! I need officers here now!”

It should be noted the dispatcher was rude as hell. That lady should pursue a new métier.

Because Richard is black, Ashley asked that when “police show up, please don’t shoot.” Fortunately, officers didn’t open fire despite Richard’s vacuous decision to resist arrest. Instead, they used a K-9 to take him down. The 33-year-old Stanford alum was booked into the King County Correctional Facility on a felony charge of burglary domestic violence. He tried to effectuate an egress but was denied bail.

Richard is a player rep on the NFLPA executive committee.

Police said he crashed his SUV into a Seattle construction zone prior to the disturbance.

Do you think CTE played a factor in Richard’s deportment?

Watch disturbing footage and listen to the 911 call.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Terrible dispatcher but hopefully Sherm is alright and gets some help if he needs it bro probably going through a lot

  2. niggas keep fuckin wit these white girls gonna end up dead

  3. F**k that Operator! The woman is a IDIOT! She making the situation worse. She supposed to diffusing the situation

  4. I wish they wouldn’t let that out, it’s personal business. And yes that lady shouldn’t be a dispatch operator.

  5. This is CTE! He needs help!

  6. mid-90’s _ to _ early 2000’s ViBEZ

    😢 That operator…What a f**king b!%<#!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 for the wife, and everyone else involved…

  7. Wife is panicking. She is gonna get that man killed. Why is dude get drunk on a weekday, lol. That CTE kicking in.

  8. Worst operator of all time

  9. SMH y’all see how the media lied and try to say Richard Sherman arrested for domestic violence,where is the domestic violence at? again media trying to plant a bad fake narrative on a black man. Clearly Sherman was drinking,got drunk and we all know when you get drunk the truth comes out,started scaring wife she call police and rest is history. I pray Sherman get help,clearly he’s having a mental breakdown right now. Sad how the black men who have these breakdowns the first thing everyone does is call him a animal,how come these other races can do same thing get away with it and get help but when it’s the black men the mental health is ignored and he’s labeled as crazy or a bad person. And the operator should be fire smh ignorant

  10. 911 dispatcher is 💩

  11. I knew it had to be some nonsense like this. I hope he doesn’t get canceled for something like this. If this is a regular thing? Yeah that’s bad. If this is just a bad night then let’s get over it. The dispatch person should be let go yesterday.

  12. I know Sherman is an emotional egomaniac, but this sure sounds like it could also be CTE related🤔

  13. And you know this

    I don’t blame dispatch honestly. Violent offenders (who’s black) end up shot by police. Then the first ppl to get the blame are the Police. His wife is telling dispatch to tell Police “don’t shoot him” oh yeah I would’ve been hesitant to. This is the atmosphere we’ve created over the past year or so.

  14. He’s always been a jerk.

  15. I could not even listen to that call . That bitch who calls herself a dispatcher could get someone seriously injured or even killed . I highly doubt the way she treated everyone in that scary situation was the way she treats all the people that call. I hope she no longer has that job.

  16. Dispatcher needa go work at fuckin mcdonalds

  17. I knew your momma

    Remember when people used to say how intelligent he was….nah…..just another emotional brother. Bye Richtard.

  18. Career over. CTE

  19. This 911 operator is fucking SHAMEFUL! I cannot believe how awful she is. The poor lady is obviously in distress and she’s being incredibly rude and doing absolutely nothing to make the person in need feel better, better rather making the situation way worse.

  20. Mitchell Nebrosky

    Y’all hating the dispatcher.. yes she sucks. But this could have been a bad night for her. Everyone’s a Christian, but everyone’s judging lol.. smh. Let’s be honest, the world shouldn’t even need dispatchers. Or police.


    Dispatcher is terrible rude as hell she should be fired like wtf the lady was scared he could have hurt her or actually killed himself, glad this 911 call is out the dispatcher was exposed she needs to be FIRED immediately. she is the reason people do not like to call 911 when in crisis. This call is an example of exactly how a dispatcher should not interact with a victim having a crisis. Praying for Richard Sherman, his family, that he gets the help he needs and for the dispatcher some times people will not ever understand what some one is going through until it is them in that position.

  22. Shit man. I hope this ain’t some CTE shit.

  23. WTF is wrong with that dispatchers attitude? I understand getting straight to the point and interrupting for address or whatnot but everything else was ridiculous. The dispatcher is trying to be a fucking judge, like shut up it’s not your time to interject at all.

  24. Sha'Mary Janerson

    shoulda smoked some weed, gotta chill bro

  25. Wonderful use of his Stanford education 👏👏👏


  27. I’m assuming one of two things went through dispatches mind as she was listening to Mr. Sherman’s wife talk. One she assumed that given the area she was use to people calling in with those types of complaints e.g. “he’s drunk and talking crazy.” No right to treat anyone like that but it is a possibility that she’s become a little numb to the job.

    Secondly however, If you listen closely to her tone. She was slightly excited by the fact that a drunk man on the other end of the phone may be ready to bring harm to officers. Her voice was no longer monotone. But as Mr. Sherman’s wife explained he was unarmed her voice returns back to normal. I can’t say why she felt the need to react this way, however some questions should be asked by whoever is in the office.

  28. blackcreekvillage

    I hope I never have to call 911 in Redmond… Yeeeeesh. What a bee-u-tch!

  29. What is this 911 dispatcher doing? She’s making tensions rise during a chaotic situation where people are begging for help.

  30. Marky Mark Japan

    “PLEASE DON’T SHOOT” Give me a break! Call BLM!!!!

  31. Richard Sherman is a Christian, why the heck would he do something stupid like this? 🤦‍♂️

  32. Karen Esquivel

    Are you kidding me?! Where did this woman get her dispatcher training???? Instead of getting frustrated with Mrs. Sherman, how about you calm her down and not escalate her reactions to your questions by reassuring her that the police will be on their way and trying to treat her like a human being?! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  33. Fire that dispatcher 👎👎👎👎👎👎

  34. Everyone in the comments saying the 911 dispatcher should be fired but ya’ll still working at Walmart lmfao

  35. “So get up, get, get, get down
    911 is a joke in yo town”

  36. Prairie Hawker

    2 Bottles full of stupid juice..

  37. Are we sure that poor woman didn’t accidentally call the DMV??

  38. That dispatcher was horrible, obviously Ashley was freaking out and had the right to, as the dispatcher was being extremely rude and not understanding, then when the uncle came to explain more to help, while Ashley was freaking out, the dispatcher tells him she only needs to talk to one person after telling ashley multiple times to re-explain stuff.

  39. @Sarah Shough: Best comment of the Day! Lol☝️

  40. Not ashamed of food stamps

    Sherm hit his head one too many times. Better get checked for CTE.

  41. The nfl tried to sweep cte under the rug years ago , how idiotic can you be if you don’t think this game can affect your brain

  42. Karma is a bitch.

  43. Concerned about the sudden switch in character…hope he and the family gets the proper care and attention they need. Pray this isn’t some early onset of CTE

  44. If someone did that to my front door you’re God Damn right I’d want them charged with a F’ing Felony.

  45. I guess systemic racism finally brought him down…

  46. Cost of ex relatives house = 450k
    Seeing a self righteous prima donna go down in flames = Priceless

  47. All I’m saying is they lucky that wasn’t Ray Lewis. Door wouldn’t have stood a chance.

  48. He is a poor victim of the white man and lashing out.

  49. 2001 Vonthadon

    He can’t retire hittin like that shit

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