Marriage Video: Japanese simp married diminutive toy doll in front of 40 guests

Kondo married a doll/Redd It

Japanese man married a doll. 

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JAPAN — Akihiko Kondo, a Japanese school administrator, made history when he became the first man to marry a doll. The non compos simp said “I do” to a diminutive knockoff of virtual reality singer Hatsune Miku. An estimated 40 guests attended the ceremony and watched Kondo, 35, and his toy bride exchange vows and wedding bands before celebrating their nuptials with a kiss. But Kondo’s mom declined the conjugal invitation and none of his relatives showed up. They were obviously pissed.

Keep in mind, Hatsune ain’t your average soulmate. She’s equipped with a furry vulva, she’s acquiescent, she’s a virgin, and she won’t backtalk her hubby. When asked why he chose to marry a f*cking doll, Kondo said it was a matter of life and death. “To me, Hatsune Miku is not just a character I love,” he explained.

“She’s a person who saved my life.”


When asked why she chose to marry Kondo, Hatsune didn’t say a word.

She’s a little shy.

Are you happy for the newlyweds?

Is there a doll in your connubial future?

Are women being replaced with toys and trannies?

Watch the beautiful ceremony.

Share your thoughts.


  1. If I ever become an investor I’m going to invest a lot of money in the sex robot technology I don’t care anymore.

  2. A real wife has demands and he can’t handle it…what a guy!

  3. WOW feminist have met their replacements. Well so long women hello money and peace and quiet lol

  4. This is crazy

  5. He needs help

  6. I probably dislike you

    The doll could have been prettier at least

  7. I dont know Why i feel bad for the doll.

  8. Chai Valentino

    Ewwww he’s such a pervert

  9. He must be a socialpath who realised that he can’t control real women, so better off to control a doll that couldn’t answer back.

  10. Ppl r so fucked up. 🤦‍♀️

  11. He look happy & dumb

  12. This is nothing these heathens marry their pets, trees, themselves and so on. I think these kinds of people the FBI should keep an 👀 on.

  13. This is fucked up. His friends are family should help him.

  14. Sad as shit!

  15. We in a race war and slavery started 1865

    Insanity has been normalized, sanity has been demonized

  16. Lord have mercy another cuckoo that flew over the nest

  17. Miles Goodison-Fearon

    This is just sad. He couldn’t get a real female and had to resort to this disturbing and desperate display of affection. SMH.

  18. He’ll announce her pregnancy in a few months

  19. Androsaryan Norman

    The doll was reported stolen and put into an underground sex-traffiking ring…(lol)

  20. Head-Like- A-Milk-Dud

    What does her parents think of him? 😂😂😂

  21. This is disturbing on so many levels.

  22. Doll can’t take u to court, can’t cheat, can’t call the police, and talk back😭😭😭😭

  23. Androsaryan Norman

    The only thing more crazier than him is the people that are promoting his craziness

  24. The Original American

    If he kills his doll and throws it in the trashcan will he be a murderer?🤔

  25. Oh my Jesus… He’s in love with a doll? Well, at least the grocery bill will be low, lol


    How sweet! I wish them the best! I hope she has many, little, Action Figures………

  27. When u single as fuck and nobody loves u then u got no choice but to do this

  28. lol this guy’s a fuckin loser

  29. @Fried Baloney: If he’s happy then leave him alone and please stop talking like an 80s highschool bully😐😐😐😐😐

  30. Actually he is just trying to find a way of life that makes him happy. I hope more people can have the courage to be honest with themselves. People will always discriminate those who are different. But it’s having courage of being true to yourself and leaving people who discriminate you that will make u happy.

  31. Prakriti Subedi

    People are losing their minds
    What has the world come to lmao

  32. i support the marriage 100%

  33. One word “he’s a Simp”

  34. This is actually a thing in Japan. The birth rate is decreasing because men are choosing dolls over real women. Men take them in public on dates. Married men with children are bringing these dolls in to their marriage bed and treating the doll like it’s a replacement for their wives.

  35. Katryana OranGe

    Honestly, you do you boo! He seems happy and healthy and that’s all that matters

  36. This Guy is saving a lot of Money doing this, I support him

  37. So creepy and such a blessing those dolls because if the Dolls did not exist he would be a serial killer

  38. Marlynn Williams

    Up next the doll gets pregnant and has a baby doll?

  39. I wonder if he’s jealous that other people also has his wife’s figurines

  40. Heard she was cheating on him 🤣

  41. Racquel Robinson

    I say this in the most respectful manner possible: He needs therapy. He is severely scarred from being outcast from early in his life and when he, just as all of us, thought life would be better after high school when he became an adult, he got bullied, more so by a woman. Where he can only find comfort in a 2D world where he can’t get hurt or ostracized. Being ignored is painful and feeling as if the people around could be just fine and even ‘better’ if you weren’t around or alive isn’t an easy pill to swallow. I really hope he comes to a point where he can move past the hurt and come from behind the defenses he’s built up

  42. He’s not married at all, he’s just a guy suffering from emotional disorder. He’s married to a doll. That’s utterly disturbing and sad. Getting married to animals and non organic “things”? Bloody hell, what a bunch of pervs , with a bunch of pretty petite japanese girls out there he still wants a doll , he`s out of his mind.

  43. Southern Belle

    Jesus Christ of Nazareth can cure what ails his soul. This is not right!

  44. He has done something not even God or Satan would believe

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