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Steelers backup QB Dwayne Haskins got pummeled by his wife for ‘chasing thots’

Kalabrya kicked Dwayne’s ass/Clutchpoints

Dwayne Haskins missing a tooth.

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LAS VEGAS — The Washington Football Team jettisoned quarterback Dwayne Haskins last season for being a pussy. A year later, it appears nothing has changed. That’s because Dwayne’s wife — Kalabrya Gondrezick — went to jail for knocking his tooth out. The ass-whuppin’ transpired July 3rd inside their plush suite at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas shortly after they renewed their vows. According to police reports, the truculent lovebirds experienced contretemps when Dwayne and his retinue patronized Drais nightclub without Kalabrya and her friends. She accused him of flirting with other thots.

A bombardment of fisticuffs ensued and Kalabrya delivered her best Mike Tyson impersonation. Not only did Dwayne get his tooth knocked out, he suffered a split upper lip and other muzzle injuries that “would most certainly require dental work.” Kalabrya’s knuckles were intumesced from thwacking him so much.


Dwayne received fizzog treatment at Sunrise Hospital. Kalabrya was busted and charged with domestic battery. Dwayne posted a cryptic Instagram message on the heels of his wife’s arrest, blaming society for his mare’s nest. “If they don’t have a story these days, they’ll make one,” he wrote, referencing Drake’s 2016 song “9” from the “Views” album. “Life always on, man, I never get a break from it.”

The good news is investigators found Dwayne’s tooth in the hotel room.

Kalabrya knows a thing or two about rejigging people’s countenances.

She’s a medical aesthetician and certified cosmetic specialist.

Dwayne is a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The couple got hitched in March after 2 years of dating.

Should they pursue an annulment?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This should be a warning to ALL beta males….If you get involved with a ( high energy high male testernone.. alpha female.)…you can expect to have ” HANDS PLACED ON YOU”… not just in private.. but in the public domain as well!! I had a “deja vu” moment …I remember when Mike Tyson was married to Robin Givens….and I always suspected that Robin was the “Aggressive” one…and Mike was really TERRIFIED” of her… because he was a very mild mannered man and he really wanted some peace in his life… This young man needs to cut his losses and WALK… NO RUN AWAY ..AS FAST AS HE CAN… or the next time he may be catching a BULLET instead of a fist!!!… ” #RUNFORRESTRUN!!”

  2. What the fuq is wrong with him. Came to the NFL and fucked it up. Unbelievable.

  3. He saved millions by not responding with violence. Also, he can probably get a divorce or annulment without being on the hook financially. I hope they both learn from this.

  4. Haskins should be applauded for not hitting back. Its very hard to be hit and contain yourself and not hit back.

  5. Woman hits man: Nobody cares or says a word

    Man hits woman: Faces jail time, loses job, and has bad reputation

  6. thats the problem women think they can get in your face and put hands on you and if the law gets involved they know the only one gettin charged or arrested is the man ! like i say anyone puts hands on me be it man or women there gonna get hit back period im old school !

  7. That’s a great sign that he didn’t do anything back. A lot of these guys in that situation do some ugly crap. Sucked it up like any guy should. I’m sure everybody had a few drinks. Not news. He wasn’t exactly going to be frightened, he’s huge. I doubt he’s really some kind of loser like he got portrayed playing for WFT, given the complete lack of decency of the owner and staff. Cutting him was the most hypocritical thing I’ve seen in a long time in the NFL.

  8. Oh my God she fine! Oh my God she light skinned! Lmao!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️

  9. These women are too masculine and dudes are still entertaining their ish… 🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️

  10. Why is everyone hating on Haskins she definitely caught him by surprise with the punch, and he most likely caught a hunk of diamond ring💍 to the tooth, and dude still refrained himself from punching her in the mouth.

  11. She took his manhood, his tooth, career reputation, and now half of his Robert Dinero.

    Back to the streets she go…all downhill from here.

  12. You mean he LET her whoop his ass, these broads need consequences!

  13. Man this brother needs to cut his losses and haul ass, get a restraining order and focus on his career, if he don’t she will drag him down and it will be his fault, and when his career is over and there is no more money she will divorce him and take what is left.

  14. Sooo my man here gets his a$$ beat and stays quiet for fear of losing his job 🤦‍♂️…. This chick is psycho man……

  15. Women hit hard af. I don’t understand why she’s not facing time. I’m sure he doesn’t want his wife in jail but if this was flipped?

  16. Does SHE look like a woman you would wanna marry? Really? Ya’ think this woman cares about “love” & picket fences, & being a Mrs? C’mon guys. USE YOUR BRAINS!!!!

  17. She’s mad because she just realized she married a bum quarterback and them checks ain’t right…….

  18. Oh, I’m sure she knocked or chipped that tooth out. What man wants to admit that? No athlete will. He needs to throw this gutter rat back in the garbage. Kick her out and file for divorce ASAP. Domestic violence shouldn’t be in any relationship. Hope he signed a prenuptial agreement.

  19. I can’t stand women like that. When he gets tired and knocks her into next week, I don’t want to hear about it. Keep your damn hands to yourself.

  20. Take notes men you see The Succubus can cut mutilate your genitals and you’ll have bs from the show The “Real” make fun of the man…The succubus can beat the living life out of you and it’s a joke but let one Man slap the fk out of her he’s an abuser a Woman beater and other harsh names….Crazy abuse in any way men or women should be straight down the middle and treated with the same penalties.

  21. And if he had just shoved her away…
    He would lost his career….again…
    These bitches……

  22. He’s soo brave, I hope they found him a nice bed at the battered men’s shelter! Oh wait those don’t exists! But this woman gets to go on social media and deny the assualt happened with no back lash gotta love the gender equality

  23. An example of the some ‘Modern Women” Dwayne Haskins should have seen this coming, due to women that are violent like that show traits, but by him being as young as he is he may have saw them and overlooked them…and another thing…He honestly needed to have waited to marry cause a man that age is still finding himself, unless he finds a woman that grow with him and be on his team, until then you can do bad all by yourself.

  24. This FB player has a great reason to Divorce Her. She obviously don’t respect you as a Man. The next angry situation she might just point a loaded gun at him and possibly kill him. She is way out of line. She honestly thinks that she owns him. Yup kick her ass to the Curb and Concentrate on your Career and Money.

  25. She didn’t beat him up but he allowed her to hit him and getaway with it. A woman hits a man when she knows that he is a weak man and won’t hit her back. He was stupid to marry this low value bw and should of knocked the hell out of her. A woman can only do what a man allows her to do.

  26. Do men understand that there are attractive women out here who aren’t bat shit crazy?

  27. Wait to get married man. Also get a girl with MORALS not some girl you met at the club who was twerking to Megan the Stallion. 50% divorce rate and 70% initiated by woman. It happens because people don’t take marriage seriously. It’s a commitment and it isn’t always easy. FOR BETTER OR WORSE.

  28. Ray Rice ended up marrying the girl he knocked out in that elevator. I’ll never understand her or Haskins for going back

  29. Maybe he gives that tooth to the tooth fairy so he’ll turn into a decent backup qb.

  30. This is exactly what this simp gets for being a duck she only only did what she was supposed to do to a simp men giving these women power women are just that women

  31. Damn she we whooped his ass, you can get a woman off of you without treating her like a man

  32. Marries a stripper who beats him 4 months later. What kind of thinking is that?
    How can he be focused in his NFL games with such distraction?

  33. Let her go cause cray cray can’t be fixed she might be pretty yet that don’t mean a hill of bean’s when it come to personal safety.

  34. Now my question is where is the outrage by MEN for this assault committed by a woman? The MeToo movement have villainized men but when it’s reversed there’s silence. Women are abusers too but there’s little to no accountability because men still view them as innocent little “victims”..Men better wake up

  35. TRUE IDIOTS in LOVE…AS soon as Haskins has a break out season and gets the BIG CONTRACT…BOOM DIVORCE HALF of EVERTHING is GONE!!! WAKE UP HASKINS!!!

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