Tantrum Video: Victoria’s Secret Karen ‘attacked’ black chick then flipped out

Abigail Elphick throws tantrum/YouTube

Karen snaps in Victoria’s Secret.

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SHORT HILLS — Law enforcement officials in New Jersey are investigating after a white woman spewed a screeching paroxysm while attacking a black lady at Victoria’s Secret. The tantrum transpired inside a mall in Short Hills. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Abigail Elphick (aka Victoria’s Secret Karen) confronting Ijeoma Ukenta who was simply trying to redeem her coupon for complimentary panties. The Nubian shopper was astute enough to record the hissy fit to safeguard herself against white privilege.

“Oh my God! Do you see this?” Ijeoma said while live-streaming the flare-up. “I never thought nothing like this would happen to me. She just tried to run and hit me. Karen had a breakdown. She tried to hit me.”

Realizing she was caught on camera, a lachrymose Abigail snapped. “I didn’t try to hit you, please don’t record me,” she begged as employees and customers watched in disbelief. “Don’t record my mental breakdown, please, please.” Seconds later, Abigail started writhing on the floor in acute agony.

It’s arguably the biggest meltdown in Victoria’s Secret history.

“Get her away from me!” Abigail screamed.

“Get her away from me!”

When another patron asked Ijeoma to put away the phone, she politely declined.

“This is to protect me,” Ijeoma explained.

“Once the law get here who they gone believe? Her white ass or my black ass?”

Abigail is a teacher’s assistant so it’s probably safe to assume her métier’s in jeopardy.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Recording White people is the new Kryptonite.

  2. Why the fuck was Abigail not immediately placed in a 5150 after the footage was shown. People like this need a involuntary 72 hour hold for this kinda shit.

  3. Fuck Karen

  4. This is one of the sickest, saddest, thing I have ever seen. Yes, this type of thing have been happening for years.

  5. Martavious Murphy

    She had every right to fight her after she charged her. The black girl was a coward. The white girl was wrong.

  6. Little self entitled Beckys grow up to be full blown Karens!

  7. Highly disappointed in the staff at Vicky S & the mall. Reverse the scenario they would’ve sent in a swat team. Stop giving your money to that mall period.

  8. Now that’s what I call mayonnaise Vol.7 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. There are 2 Karen’s in this video. One recording and making it worse. Trying to make black people look like victims. The other acting like a fool and making white people look bad.

  10. Daniela Collins

    Yo this s*** is the craziest thing I have ever seen 👀👀👀

  11. Can I chase a white woman screaming “get away from me”? #please 🤣😆

  12. “Get away from me “ …. But I’m chasing you 🤔 #Unbelievable 👀

  13. Dear white people: why don’t we have any video of black women actin like a karen??????

  14. She instantly became a privileged victim….AMERIKKKA

  15. This is like a new level of Karen freak out crazy bitch

  16. Kenvin Carnell

    Holy ghost Karen!!!!

  17. Teachers aid my A$$ she is full fledged Special Ed student with emotional issues . This Crazy Karen was shaking her legs faking a seizure. WTH is wrong with her .🤦🏾‍♂️🤔

  18. I wish i would run from a white woman chasing me i would have beat the shit oiyya her with my phone… ON MY DEAD GRANDMOTHER I SWEAR SHE WOULD HAVE BEEN BEAT TO BLACKNESS THAT DAY

  19. I would sue Victoria secret because they have cameras and they never even attempted to seperate the people or diffuse the situation. Also us as citizen need to not go numb when a toddler is having a tantrum

  20. So interesting how the video start with her coming after you. Are you seriously asking anyone to believe that you just walked up and she did that to you for absolutely no reason?? Guess what dummy I wasn’t born yesterday you started this! You caused it! And then you want to play the victim. Sounds like a familiar song to me

  21. Hey lady with the phone, I wonder if someone trying to attack you has anything to do with your nasty attitude! You provoked that girl you did everything you could to egg her on. Also I’m kind of wondering what happened right before you started filming because I’m willing to bet you started this whole mess! You said you don’t care about her white tears, you’re a racist!

  22. “Who they gonna believe, her white ass or my black ass” PERIOD. THIS IS WHY SHE IS RECORDING. Dont act like you missed the entire BLM protests and issues in 2020, it’s still a relevant issue!

  23. All she had to do was walk away and shut the f up. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

  24. Content Supporter

    The lord will one day comeback and take his children the church, Please I encourage you to repent from your sins and be saved. I am not trying to force any beliefs on anyone for those who heed this message have been touched by the lord through this, I am simply doing what the lord has commanded us to do and spread the word.

  25. Basically she was out here acting a fool and then freaked out because she realized (perhaps for the first time) there that would be consequences for her actions.

  26. yo she just wanted to use her coupon 😭 😭 😭

  27. Police are worthless.

  28. Please please press charges to the full extent of the law on this Karen.

  29. The secret is out KAREN is krazy. 🤯😱🤪

  30. Shes recording me trying to assult her get here now🤡

  31. I like how she keeps saying “get away from me” when she keeps running toward her

  32. I love how when she pretended to faint, the lady recording just started asking about the coupon and her purchases. I would just stand there, laughing.

  33. It is my opinion that she knew she fucked up as soon as she swung at the other lady she knew she’s was wrong and feared repercussions for or shitty actions. She knew she was going online and feared the consequences so she doubled down on her clownery. She is the aggressor in the situation and has the nerve to try to demand of the other lady leave the store or stop recording. Like lady you were not the queen of England you don’t get to banish people from public spaces 😂😂 it’s the entitlement for me. A grown woman flopping around on the floor like a fish out of water is not what I expected to see today. Screaming like a damn banshee. Not the slow motion faint!😂😂

  34. “Get her away from me!”
    runs after lady
    continues to run toward her

  35. Yo what’s with there’s Karens? There was a Karen in my workplace today and I’ve seen one in real life. I worked at Home Depot btw

  36. Anila Matiukas

    So many questions 🙋🏻‍♀️ firstly she tries the fake fainting, that doesn’t work, I mean was epic never have I ever seen anyone faint like that 😂 then comes the waterworks followed by the fake seizure and then shortly after by the fake mental health/ hysteria and then quickly to the aggression, screaming like a 2 year old and then violence and the white woman im afraid victim card and then suddenly she’s ok when the police come how can one person have so much going on this Karen just can’t believe her entitled ass has got videoed and WILL go viral and her smug racist face will be plastered all over for everyone to see it’s disgusting she needs to be arrested and defo playing the mental card needs to be called out too she’s offending so many groups of people it’s unreal it’s sickening shame on you 😏

  37. Michelle Martin

    This White women need a Academy award for her White privilege victimzation performance. Wow what a psycho she need a straight jacket and Holy oil.

  38. Camila X Castillo

    Why didn’t anyone step in to defend the poor woman being harrased? Why didn’t anyone tell the woman screaming that this is a private store and to please be quiet or leave the premises ? None of this seems logical .

  39. Paul blart mall cop could have done better than these fools

  40. L A W D H A V E M E R C Y

  41. Someone better call The Exorcist 🥶😨😱😱😱😱😱😱

  42. Sekena Mcmurren

    If the roles were in reversed this black woman would’ve been arrested and thrown to the ground and handcuffed by the Police….Karen wasn’t arrested and made a false police report….Clearly Karen has done this before.🗣

  43. I’m so over these karens! Crying so loud getting whatever sympathy comes their way Playing the poor victim card, knowing damn well they just embarrassed themselves. Faking and making up shit to get the heat off them, to get other ppl in trouble, acting like a complete child. Crying wolf, then lashing out cuz they are being recorded, showing their true colors of being the aggressor. Imagine if this lady didn’t record this karens actions she WOULD be considered the aggressor, proud of you sweetheart! Standing up an protecting yourself from unlawfulness. And yes plz take this lady to court so she knows better than to do something stupid in public again, to show her that this world doesn’t rotate around her scummy whining ass. I hope this Karen has to pay some type of fine for what she did to this lady for no reason, press on girl! like me an many others out here we hope justice comes your way. An to the incompetent duo dumbass cops( an I support police officers, ones that actually follow the law) that did NOTHING to fix the situation, should have escorted miss Karen off the premises of the mall, to think this could have been resolved much earlier if they ACTED an took ACTION, but instead just pissed in the wind. Didn’t mean for this to be a long rant but I’m just over these snowflake intitled karens reaking havoc over stupid situations that they cause an drag others down with them, because they are so miserable. I would laugh at most of the vids I come across, but this one just hit me the wrong way.

  44. As a white women with anxiety induced depression and anxiety disorder…I would never act this way. If someone got in my face or confronted me I would go cry in a bathroom stall and then book it home. The woman filming said all she said was “excuse me”. That’s the politest way to say back off. I’m not sure how I would react but I would never behave like this Karen, she deserves to be shamed

  45. How did the employees let this get so far wtf 😳I know good and well if the white lady had been colored, she would have had been tazed, guns drawn, to her face within the 1st 3 minutes, these employees should have called the police on this possessed white woman, Victoria secret, please train your employees better wtf.

  46. Tiffany Sullivan

    Omg, I’m a parent, and this is a million times worse than my child’s most extreme tantrum!!! She’s acting like a 2 year old!!!! Guess what, sweetie? You got filmed , smile for the camera!!!! Lol at the piped in store music playing over all this Karen’s drama 😂😂😂😂😂😂 YOU MET THE RIGHT ONE, HONEY😉

  47. what the fuck are the workers doing bro

  48. Karen really is crazy but she was lucid enough to ask her to stop filming. What irks me is that there seemed to be no rush in calling security. Had that situation been reversed, that is, had a black woman hit a white woman out of the blue, guaranteed, security would have automatically been called and they’d be there almost instantaneously. Next stop: jail!

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