Tantrum Video: Victoria’s Secret Karen ‘attacked’ black chick then flipped out

Abigail Elphick throws tantrum/YouTube

Karen snaps in Victoria’s Secret.

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SHORT HILLS — Law enforcement officials in New Jersey are investigating after a white woman spewed a screeching paroxysm while attacking a black lady at Victoria’s Secret. The tantrum transpired inside a mall in Short Hills. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Abigail Elphick (aka Victoria’s Secret Karen) confronting Ijeoma Ukenta who was simply trying to redeem her coupon for complimentary panties. The Nubian shopper was astute enough to record the hissy fit to safeguard herself against white privilege.

“Oh my God! Do you see this?” Ijeoma said while live-streaming the flare-up. “I never thought nothing like this would happen to me. She just tried to run and hit me. Karen had a breakdown. She tried to hit me.”

Realizing she was caught on camera, a lachrymose Abigail snapped. “I didn’t try to hit you, please don’t record me,” she begged as employees and customers watched in disbelief. “Don’t record my mental breakdown, please, please.” Seconds later, Abigail started writhing on the floor in acute agony.

It’s arguably the biggest meltdown in Victoria’s Secret history.

“Get her away from me!” Abigail screamed.

“Get her away from me!”

When another patron asked Ijeoma to put away the phone, she politely declined.

“This is to protect me,” Ijeoma explained.

“Once the law get here who they gone believe? Her white ass or my black ass?”

Abigail is a teacher’s assistant so it’s probably safe to assume her métier’s in jeopardy.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Karen took the vaccine

  2. SoulFlower Peace

    This is why black people need to record…make sure your phone is charged when u go out into public

  3. It’s a good thing she recorded it because they wouldnt have believed her black ass

  4. If that bitch tried to hit me I would just fucking leave store I don’t have time for that shit

  5. Wow. This is a crazy privileged white woman.

  6. Karen is lucky the camera lady didn’t knock Karen out.

  7. olayinka adeyemi

    That tantrum was sooooo fuckin’ faaaaaake bro.🙄🙄🙄

  8. XxMidnight rosexX

    I’ve never seen an adult tantrum go this far

  9. Yasmine Chukwu

    I don’t feel that I could have been as calm as the lady recording.

    As soon as she ran up on me…her ass was running for office and she sure was going to be elected! Lmao! 😂😂😂

    That was an act of aggression, and self defense would have activated upon her translucent doofy ass!

  10. Ruthless Lover

    she the type of bitch who will give a nigga some pussy then say he raped her

  11. Taylor Stryker

    This is unreal and so sad for the black woman. If you see something like this say something!!!! I know if I was in that Victoria’s Secret I would’ve stood there with that black woman until the police and security arrived and explained exactly what I had just witnessed because that’s some bullshit how she was treated

  12. Her screams sound like a fucking banshee

  13. What is wrong with W H I T E W O M E N????????????

  14. Lol and people will argue that there is no such thing as white privilege 🤣🙄


  16. Funny how we have to be composed when they fly off the handle and when both parties are off the handle, it’s the Black person who is seen as the combatant even though the white person was the instigating aggressor in most filmed instances!

  17. “AHHHHHH, SHHHEESS RECORDING MEEEEE” she says as she is practically vibrating to the point that the air around her is now 80+°F, lol.
    Oh, also: “GET AWAY FROOOM MEEE…” she says to the person she is running at.

  18. I’m disgusted with this white woman’s action. And why is security taking so long

  19. Omg this woman screaming and freaking is ridiculous. If she was having a real breakdown she would have left on her own accord.

  20. Wow. I’m impressed.
    I’ve never seen a more perfect example of an adult throwing throwing a child’s tempter tantrum ever.

    I’d love to see what her upbringing and life has been life up until this point. 😂

  21. ManInBlack1988

    Thank god for video recordings now. I’m sorry the woman who recorded went through this. Her commentary was hilarious though. That woman threw a full on temper tantrum and was not having a panic attack.

  22. Some white women are very INTIMIDATED by us black women. I have dealt with it before. Even my OLD BOSS

  23. I smell a civil suit against VS and Abigail Karen. She was literally CHASED around the store!! On camera!! Video contradicts EVERYTHING the she says.

  24. This is highly suspect. The woman recording has to know what she is dealing with, right? The woman having the meltdown obviously has issues. The recorder is taking advantage of this. Another scammer who, instead of deescalating as several there at the time advised her, she got it all on film. And then…go fund me. Follow the money. The woman recording this had an agenda. Just a scammer taking advantage of someone with clearly identifiable mental health issues. Lame

  25. Right on sister! Stand up against white tears and their worthless emotions!

  26. If this wasn’t recorded and the sister was explaining it to me…I wouldn’t believe her…period.

  27. Woooow! What an absolute mess of a person. How disgusting. I feel horrible for the lady that had to deal with this, she was just minding her own business trying to shop.
    Abigail needs to grow up & get out of her victim mentality.

  28. Wow, that girrrll is a straight up Karen! She was telling the 911 operator she was being threatened! Lies! 😒 Can’t believe the way she gently put herself on the ground like she fainted! Gtfoh, fake af! 😁 Guaranteed if the other girl acted like that she would have been escorted out or even worse arrested! 😏 Hopefully Karen did lose her job after the scene she created!

  29. Hector Ballester

    I honestly feel bad for the woman recording, when she got the police report she only said that it was “somewhat true”. Which makes me mad that they didn’t acknowledge that the woman did all these things and yet, doesn’t really have people side with her (correct me if I’m wrong but yeah ahdhshs)

  30. She’s obviously not stable. Why keep pushing her? Just call someone and let her get help. The person recording is def egging it on.

  31. The store employees needed to intercept along with security. This was a total disruption by this nut. She should have been arrested for disorderly conduct, trying to confiscate someone’s property, making false accusations against another person, and delaying service to other customers. And…….she works as a teacher’s assistant!! She took on the character of a child from the classroom. Me personally, I would have pressed charges against her just for GP.

  32. NoneofYourFuckinBusiness

    There was a reason why! She Acted liked that! I don “t think the lady recording didn’t do something. I know she did because of the way she tried to set herself as the victim. I don’t justify that the lady crying to to smack her camera! But how many times did she said DON’t RECORD ME! And on top she went to a expensive store to get freebies!!!! 🤣🤣. Listen to the way she talks to other ladies who try to disfume the situation. There that’s the real her talking. Really! Really she should have gotten arrested for Filming some one with out their consent. Grow up.

  33. ImSofaKingWeTodDead

    She thought doin that white girl cry from tiktok would work

  34. Why didn’t Karen just leave if she didn’t like being recoded. How was she having a mental breakdown but has enough sense to call the police. That’s wild the police didn’t do anything and the woman wasn’t escorted out? Wooow that’s bullshit

  35. This Karen (and many others) really pissed me off because it’s indicative of a pattern of behavior that can have serious consequences for people of color. These nuts play victim falsely and often are believed. And all the workers there AND customers didn’t say shit on behalf of the woman with the phone. This has occurred FOR YEARS and now because we have the benefit of phone cameras it’s being documented in real time.

  36. Aquarius Dragon

    I have extreme anxiety and have had panic attacks only a few in my life. When it hits it is humiliating and you kind of lose control not controlled falls like hers. Only time you would attack someone is if they get up in your face and my first reaction is to get away from people when I have a panic attack because I don’t know how I would react. Everyone reacts differently but if you come down with an attack leave the area to calm down the fact that she kept at it and had no problem standing out there to continue her show tells me a lot that it was not a legit Panic Attack it is “White Privileged so I want to get Black Woman in trouble” Attack. She was freaking out because she couldn’t get her way. If you cannot control your behavior seek help falsely accusing someone is no excuse for anything. The victim was the one filming period.

  37. This fake shit been getting black folks murdered for generations…and some men be really believing Karens are victims… and the whole time…

  38. Christopher Lake

    The Karen chasing the woman was something outta horror movie🤣🤣 I was on the edge of my seat and wanted to run😭

  39. So many black men were murdered in this country because of women like this, black wall street Tulsa Oklahoma, RosRosewood, Emitt Til, so many have died because of women like this. Damn shame

  40. If she had a husband, he beat the shit out of her then just show the judge this…. he’d walk.


  42. WHY do I think this Karen got a Black husband/boyfriend?? 😀

  43. The woman recording knew exactly what she was doing. She was laughing, antagonizing, then making racial comments. I’m in no way excusing the one being recorded actions. No way of knowing what was said or done before the other woman started recording. She was just as much to blame, both being Karens. They were both very much in the wrong.

  44. The African American lady has a you tube channel that has a couple of clips showing her interaction with the security and the cop and her going to the station getting her police report and filing a complaint and how the supervisor at the station acts towards her coming to file her complaint. She reads the statement the Karen gives that said she reacted that way because she didn’t want to lose her job as an elementary teacher nor her apartment. It also gives the Karen’s full name. I believe the channel name is Mama African Muslimah something close to that.

  45. shannon hedden

    Actually this is classic narcissistic behavior…notice she could turn off the waterworks the minute she realized it wasn’t working and changed tactics to “fainting” to force the true victim into a point of self defense from bystanders attack. Narcissists can’t stand not being the center of attention or being ignored…they’ll do anything to be the center of attention including exhibit A….don’t fall for it please.

  46. People Still go to Victoria Secrets? Guess Free Panties got people going cray cray. I’d kick both of them out. Wouldnt have that in the store. They can fight it out in the parking lot.

  47. Charlesetta Paxton

    Why she running from that white girl 😂😂

  48. Derek McCluskey

    Finally found her people. We found her. We found the queen of the Karen’s. Where to start? Karen attacks the lady and realizes the BIG MISTAKE she made. The mistake of Karen exposure. After she swung she realized she would be in a viral Karen video. But then instead of letting that be it, she double’s down and goes Super Karen. This is exactly how an out of control child acts. Each time she wasn’t getting her way she lashed out. Mabey with camera’s the Karen disease will go way. It won’t. Karen’s will still freak out and play the victim. I hope this goes so viral that people on the street recognize her. We can call her Super Karen.

  49. jace jackson and kailee

    On some real shit I wanna know what do white people think when they see whites acting like this

  50. So it’s a thing now to record people and upload that to the internet. * sigh *

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