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Ben Zobrist’s wife “cheated” on him with marriage counselor, now she wants 60%

Pastor Yawn screwed Ben’s wife/Getty

Ben Zobrist’s wife seeking $4 million.

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NASHVILLE — Here’s another reason to remain skeptical of pastors. Ben Zobrist, the cuckold who helped the Kansas City Royals win the 2015 World Series, took a leave of absence from the Chicago Cubs in May 2019 after he found out his wife — Julianna Zobrist — f*cked their minister, Byron Yawn, who also served as their marriage counselor. Now Julianna is suing Ben for lost wages, claiming he’s “guilty of failing to preserve marital assets.” Ain’t that a bitch? Not only did she cheat on Ben, she’s suing his ass for taking time off work to cope.

Not to mention Pastor Yawn defrauded Ben’s charity foundation for which he worked and he f*cked Julianna during counseling sessions while Ben, 40, was on the road playing baseball Now that’s some sexual healing for your ass. Damn, with pulpit pimps like Yawn who needs enemies?

Julianna’s attorney, Marlene Eskind Moses, filed indentures in Williamson County, Tennessee on July 14th seeking an additional $4 million. “In 2019, he had a contract with the Chicago Cubs for ($12 million), but since he only played for 2 months, his salary was prorated and he only earned ($4.5 million) of the ($12 million) he could have earned,” the court document states.

Julianna also told the judge Ben “intentionally and voluntarily stopped working” and “essentially went from the top of his game to basically giving up, which caused a massive loss in income.” Ben’s lawyer, Helen S. Rogers, called Julianna’s lawsuit “utterly absurd” given the fact she gave up the ass to Pastor Yawn.

“Rather than accepting blame for having torn her husband’s heart out by having an affair with their pastor, she expected him to be able to totally focus in an elite athletic job that required (100%) of his physical and mental energy,” Rogers wrote in response.

“It is Mrs. Zobrist, by having the extramarital affair… and not disclosing the true extent of her affair, that caused him such extreme mental distress and difficulty that resulted in an inability to finish his long and very successful career in the way that he had hoped for and planned for.”

Ben claims Julianna, 36, overspent from their marital estate by “at least $691,602.86” and, instead of accepting an even split, she’s seeking 60% of their assets. The Gospel singer even had the audacity to throw Pastor Yawn a soirée that cost $30,000. Ben and Julianna share a trio of young children: 5-year-old Blaise Royal Zobrist, 9-year-old Kruse Allegra Zobrist and 12-year-old Zion Benjamin Zobrist.

Should Ben pay Julianna the extra $4 million?

Or, is it cheaper to remunerate a hitman?

Share your thoughts.

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  1. She can go hit the wall. if she think she going to get. 4 mill from me she fell in bump her damn head. you need to go get your butt a job

  2. The American court system will give it to her to. Shyt is disgusting.
    This situation is also evil as f**k.

  3. Never ever go to church counseling..,ever! Matter of fact…never go to any counseling with a woman. If u need counseling it’s over already

  4. I know the baseball player is rich and should still be financially secure regardless of how much money his wife tries to scheme out of him. But still can’t help but feel sorry for the dude. Imagine some regular working guy getting screwed over for half their income and life savings from some gold digging ex wife…..
    This is why it’s so important that guys realize that marriage in today’s westernized society is is the worst decision a man can even make. Especially a man with a steady income and/or gainful employment.

  5. If the divorce is filed in Missouri, Ben will have to pay whatever she asking. I caught my wife having an 8 month affair with a convicted felon and have to pay her everything. Why? Missouri is a no-fault state and I wasn’t allowed to touch her pension due to my ex working in a school.


  7. If he doesn’t take the red pill after this, I have no clue how a man could not learn female nature from this. Straight cold as Serbia. These broads smh

  8. $4mill is to donate to the pastors Church!🤦🏾‍♂️😖😫🤨

  9. Pimping in the church house. The minister is untouchable. Just real talk.

  10. Who is to say that Ben Zobrist was faithful while on the road as a professional athlete, odds say he was not.

  11. Well he’s been a fool. Hopefully he figures it out. He knows everything he needs to know.

  12. I said it many times, pastor’s and preachers are nothing but pimps, hustlers and con men hiding behind the Bible.

  13. He should be able to win this case & if he doesn’t, than it proves the court system has always been B.S & caters to women.

  14. Call it PASTORIZATION-the partial sterilization of a man, to make it easier to be cucked.

  15. If another man/woman has more say so over your woman, the relationship is doomed.

  16. That’s an easy 25 to life for me. They both would have to go see the lord.

  17. Christians believe Jesus died for there sins and therefore they are going to heaven? So this Woman CheateD on her husband, she sinned but she’s still going to heaven right?

  18. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. Professional athletes don’t need to settle down until after retirement

  19. This is why I stopped being “nice” ….most people have sh*it for a soul.

  20. This woman is foul and disgusting. Typical apostate christian who confuses christian rock with prayer

  21. Some of the biggest slores walking are in the church on Sundays…tell me im lying.. That pastor was slinging that holy wood to get her to spend 30 large for a party for him amongst other things. If theres any equality, she Wont get a stinking dime… She did all the philandering but she’s expecting to get paid from it.. And modern women wonder why men arent getting married

  22. She literally trying to sleep her way to the top to get to Heaven It don’t work like that though😆

  23. Pastors that do these things should be charged with fraud… hiding behind the curtain of religion tax exemption laws, “preaching” something they don’t even follow themselves.

  24. White women invented gold digging and nobody else can beat them at this game.

  25. Reporter: Sir how did you make your millions ?
    Man: Hard work dedication determination consistency.
    Reporter: Maam how did you get your millions?
    Woman: I divorced my husband cleaned him out.
    Reporter: That sums it up.

  26. Just goes to show you women can have EVERYTHING in the world & they will STILL cheat on you! Just like stephs currys wife. Has everything in the world & still wants more validation from other men. It will NEVER be enough. Don’t be that guy that thinks it can’t happen to you bc it can

  27. You gotta have a prenup or a good hit man.
    Guess those two are going to hell.
    The curse of Eve. Genesis. Bible

  28. This story Is crazy……she bangin their pastor and they both taking his money smh

  29. As long as the courts set out to destroy men for the sole benefit of women, men will increasingly refuse to marry, cohabitate or engage in anything other than a short fling. This is the world you wanted, ladies, enjoy it.

  30. The trend of women worshiping & submitting to pastor while disrespecting the value of their husband is VERY popular. We often address the Jezebel spirit in women seeking to rule over their husband but we seldom address the Ahab spirit in women that uplifts things to rule over them that shouldnt be there.

    The way basic bishes worship celebrities & give all their power over to political thieves who smell like these fake pastors is an Ahab spirit. Its the same spirit of a simp giving all his money to some THOT who wouldve done the dirty deed for a $20 bill. The trend of pastors seeking worship or celebrities acting like theyre gods is a Jezebel spirit(wanting to rule over something you have no right to…its truly the complex of Lucifer whom Jezebel pictures).

    Divine order is so sacred its evil to pervert it, like a 10 year old child running her parents via crying & threatening to lie to the police if they soundly punish her because somebody taught her manipulation. Likewise, its evil to let your flesh lead your mind or even let your heart lead your renewed mind. The head above should rule the head below.

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