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The Simpsons released COVID-19 vaccine spoof

Simpsons spoof vaccine rollout.

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HOLLYWOOD — The Simpsons released a cartoon to poke a little fun at the COVID-19 vaccine and the animation has gone mad viral. The 2-minute clip shows an African American doctor attempting to give Bart Simpson the jab by any means necessary. First, the physician tried to inoculate the kid with a pair of syringes. But Bart was simply too fast. “See you later, inoculator!” he said while leaping through a window. The doctor replied, “You can run but nobody escapes the needle.” Not to be outdone, the deranged vax pusher infiltrated Bart’s school and hid inside his locker. Then he commandeered a crop duster and released the bioweapon as Bart ran for his life through a cornfield. Moments later, the clinician followed Bart to a nearby carnival where he accidentally injects Mike Tyson. “Black on black violence must end,” Mike said as he punched the doctor in the jaw. “That was for Dr. King.” The physician and his accomplice eventually held Bart down and jabbed him against his will. The doctor also hoodwinked his dad, Homer Simpson, into signing a negligence disclaimer to thwart litigation.

“That was a malpractice waiver, fool,” said the evil negro as he ran off into the sunset.

The Simpsons, if you recall, predicted the coronavirus pandemic in 1993.

CDC agents are now going door-to-door to give people the vaccine.

Watch the crazy cartoon.

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  1. I swear the creator of simpsons is a either seer or someone teleported from the future

  2. A life without Jesus-Christ is a wasted life , people!
    Believe in Christ now while there’s still time, and get your sins washed away by His redeeming Blood.
    You are being lied to by this satanic self-deceived world, the devil is lying to us
    Only Jesus Christ The savior is going to get us out of this whole mess. No one else can, not even ourselves
    The Bible says in Mark 8:36 ”For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? ”

  3. Why can’t people just plainly say, IT’S NOT FDA APPROVED & I DON’T WANT TO BE A GUINEA PIG!?!?!

  4. The Simpson’s is the most underrated show of all time, they pretty much predicted everything like a rumor spoiler.

  5. it may be a cartoon but its real as fuck……… them mothafuckas going door to door giving people the vax

  6. @Fast Freddie: “vaccine pushers will be violently beaten” sign coming up on my door


  8. Poor Bart. His rights were violated and there ain’t shit we can do about it.

  9. If you trespass on my property you won’t like the response you’ll get. SO MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS COMMUNITY PEOPLE A.K.A LIBTARDS

  10. Isn’t it funny how life sustaining insulin for diabetics costs an arm and a leg, and yet the oh so very necessary vaccines needed to prevent mass extinction at the hands of this pandemic virus is 100% completely free? Especially in America, where insurance companies normally love to screw people out of money?

  11. The rapture will be soon. I’m 99% sure this is the mark of the beast being forced upon unwilling humans.

  12. They gunna hold me down and give it to me? I’m in the military and I’LL NEVER GET IT. Kick me out.

  13. Remember episodes of family guy and the like… where they jokingly tell us scary as shit about different people… and then it turns our they where trying to tell us the truth…. remember stuie running screaming help me help me I just escaped from Kevin space’s basement… that was 12 months before he was outed as a pervert

  14. So, we are going to be forced to take an experimental drug? I do believe that goes against the Nuremberg code of Ethics. Tell your employer that if he signs a contract assuming all responsibility and medical expenses should you have a bad reaction to it, that you’ll take it. Of course, they won’t! Guess they don’t have that much faith in it, do they. You certainly won’t get any help from the companies that made it, or anybody else that pushed it on you. They are all free from liability!

  15. Their gonna learn what getting POPPED is like before I take a jab🖕🖕

  16. they would have a nigga runnin around stabbin little boys with needles

  17. Moral of the story: Stay away from big black men with syringes

  18. Common sense should tell people don’t trust the vaccine! The President of Haiti was recently assassinated because he wouldn’t “vaxx” his people because his country has the lowest covid cases and they use herbs to treat covid. Weeks later now the US is vaccinating Haitians. Also an assassination attempt was recently made on the President of Madagascar because he also refuses to “vaxx” his people because they too have low covid numbers and created their own herbal drink to fight covid. If they’ll go this far to vaxx people there’s a bigger evil plot going on and it’s not one for our benefit.

  19. CEASE & DESIST Nuremberg Trials 2.0 have begun. Guillotines are for everyone PROMOTING, MANDATING, INJECTING… this Covid19 US Military’s bioweapon.

  20. Tell me- why health care workers are only 1/2 vaccinated- they must know something or see stuff that you guys don’t 😉
    You take that as you will…

  21. My wife has had 2 jabs . I have not had any . I don’t even know her anymore she is brain dead!!

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