Slavery-Themed Wedding: Missy unlocks Mandingo’s shackles to run off with him

Mandingo and Missy in love/YouTube

Missy & Mandingo removing shackles.

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JACKSON, Miss — The Twitter world was set ablaze on Wednesday when a swirling couple disseminated engagement photos of their slavery-themed wedding. The conjugal photoshoot took place in what appears to be a sugar plantation. One of the pictures shows a negro slave on his knees kissing the hand of Massa’s white daughter. Another photo shows Missy unlocking the shackles on her Mandingo lover. The blonde popsy is rockin’ a floral frock and white bonnet.

The Kunta Kinte wannabe is decked out in an ivory shirt and straw hat.

The caption of the gallery reads: “1842. Days passed and everything changed, our love got stronger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family.” Twitter reaction was priceless. One user wrote, “A SLAVERY THEMED WEDDING SHOOT?! His whole family has to disown him for this sh*t, Jesus Christ!” Another added, “Who raised this man! These engagement pics are crazy. You fell in love because she freed you from slavery???? So the wedding going to be at the plantation?”

The identity of the monochrome lovebirds is unknown.

Their user names are blocked out.

Do you support the Roots theme?

Do they need their asses kicked?

Is the photoshoot fake?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Ok…first, in the spirit of Johnny Cochran: If no one is named…you’re being gamed! The pictures are obviously real but who’s the photographer? Where’s the venue for this “wedding”? Who is the woman? Who’s the man in the photo? I can’t find that information….can you? Think (⬅️key word) of the message being sent. Historically speaking, the message falls DIRECTLY in line with ultra…and I mean ultra right wing….unnamed…unverified tropes who are vehemently opposed to interracial unions/relations…of ANY sort; on any level. Normally, they vilify the woman…not this time because she’s the “savior”….sound familiar? If one disagrees with interracial dating, marriage, friendships, hook-ups….whatever, fine; to each their own. However, one must be aware that their outward responses may actually support the source…welcome to a troll’s paradise. People don’t think anymore, they don’t research…they just viscerally respond. Most people today have attached themselves to these “movements” without even researching their origins and the people who started them. From that starting point, photos and other unqualified tools like the words “I heard” or “someone said” provide a false source and become useful in sparking outrage and in some cases indirect support…think Q-anon. DON’T BE USED. DO YOUR RESEARCH. STOP AND THINK…..first.

  2. Mango Mussolini

    His ancestors were probably the type that was upset that they had to leave the plantation after the Civil War……

  3. Don’t get it twisted, I don’t care who you date. But damn, this a level of simping that you can’t even classify

  4. They took the vaccine

  5. Between this dude and Trump we have been set back 200 years.. SMH

  6. Welp I guess we see who’s wearing the pants in this relationship 😩😩😩 she’s gonna run all over this man

  7. The Negro is lost.

  8. Like white women were just some powerless bystander who took no part. Whatever.

  9. This man clearly don’t have any homeboys or black family members. He was probably adopted by a white family and is marrying his sister lol

  10. Sick and disgusting… some men and women really need their brains examined.. whether he knows it or not this is how she see’s him and for this young man to go through with these pictures tells you a lot about himself. Very disgusting… im sure they did this for social likes and to go viral.

  11. Stock Market Guy

    Looks like he didn’t get the memo 📝

  12. You know he said when they f*cking “SPIT ON ME! CALL ME A NI$$A!”

  13. Has to be fake. I can’t imagine anyone planning this.

  14. Voice Of Reason

    The black husband is out of his cotton picking mind smh.

  15. Black men with white women is always white supremacy. There are 3 million more black women than black men. The only reason a black man would date out is because of hatred of BW.

  16. Sadly, they will probably reproduce, and those children will be just as effed up.

  17. If thats what they want to do then have at it. I will admit the shyt was shocking to see but at the end of the day,,neither one of them are taking coins out my pockets so let them do what they want.

  18. This is EXACTLY why I don’t protest on niccas behalf! They stay doin the absolute most with whiteness. 💅 The Asians busy making sure they are protected while yall do this.

  19. I wonder how that man gonna feel when he find out a so called white was just as likely to enslaved as a so called black person, slavery had no colorline, his people owned her people, American history prior to 1776, World History prior to 1492, Moorish History, or any other history that contradicts the theme of this wedding

  20. Erin Blockabitch ✨

    When people do stuff like this for attention, the most effective thing you can do is not respond. Some times, SILENCE is so powerful. 😄

  21. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    I wish black women would have kept quiet about this and let the men handle him for making them look like a fool. You know this makes all you niggas look bad right? lol

    Just like if a black woman did this, I’d be ashamed.😵‍💫😵‍💫🤦🏽‍♀️ I can’t stop laughing to be honest. This is why I ALWAYS research before I fight for a black man, black women too. Lol This is how Floyd looked to me plastered all over the tv. Yeah, the black man that was engaged to that white woman and after being killed she told everyone to go home and forgive. Yeah….. 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ A LOT of black women went to jail for that negro because they were out in the streets taking boots to the face for a man that saw them as nothing but a babymomma.💁🏽‍♀️ When they don’t see beauty in you, let WHO THEY CHOSE over you, FIGHT FOR THEM. 🤙🏾

    THIS is why some blacks don’t need reparations. Lol Imagine us getting a check JUST to give it back to another race.😭😭😂😂😂

  22. This is the sickest thing I’ve seen in a long time. I feel sorry for his family, friends and kids who have to claim him but don’t want to.

  23. You would think that his wife would have more sense and tell him it is a bad idea in this socio-political atmosphere where people aren’t afraid anymore to point out white People’s racism

  24. This guy is an embarrassment to the Black race,Smdh!

  25. @The_hoes_force_is_strong: How does this make all of us look bad? That’s his choice! And I doubt this has anything to do with reparations lol y’all just be saying shlt

  26. The Speakers Of Truth

    This is the antithesis of the Black man as God. I simp. Therefore, I am.

  27. whats wrong with these new kneegrows???!!!

  28. Pornography is powerful because symbolism is powerful. Symbols can tell us all we need know about the world around us and how it has changed. No symbol is more powerful than a Black d!ck sliding down a White woman’s throat.

  29. Black Frank White

    This dude and his wife are trolling racist whites and maybe racist blacks as well. Seems like their relationship was hated on by society so they just mocking people. It similar to what Julia Stiles did with the black guy on the train in Save the Last dance.

  30. Yall believe anything the media puts in yall face 🙄….

  31. White Nubian king

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Now down to the original woman the WHITE NUBIAN EMPRESS so beautiful all you McDarkies need to bow to white women everyday your finally learning

  32. This has got to be the biggest troll of 2021 lol because something tells me that they ain’t being serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done this to purposely piss off the people that have probably called him all kinds of sellout names just for dating a white woman and he was like F it go big or go home. It’s ether that or his clinically insain in the worse way. Other than that I’m personally not offended I just think it’s idiotic and funny.


  34. Some fetishes are just plain weird.

  35. I bet she beats him with a whip in bed

  36. I had to put the blunt down to make sure I was seeing what I saw 👀, can we revoke his Black membership?

  37. “He was no longer a slave. He was a part of the family.”

    Lol. Is that how y’all n-ggas feel when you get with white womenz? Like you’re no longer slaves and you’re a part of the family? LMAO! Do you finally feel free when you get a white womanz?

  38. My question is…..
    Where the hell did he or she get those chains from?
    You can still by them ?

  39. I know she enjoyed that s***. What the hell he was thinking and who idea was this.

  40. They got what they want and that is everyone’s attention

  41. This nigga done set us back 400 fucking years.


  42. Lizwi Mgobhozi

    This man’s mind is in chains🤦🏾‍♂️

  43. Ernest Afoakwah

    @Slavemaster: I don’t want to know about how they get down in the bedroom. No!

  44. Elmarie Louise

    What a load of SHIT*

  45. Health-nerd_ROM

    Most disrespectful b.s. that I’ve ever seen. I’ve never heard or seen this type of disrespect from black people ever in my life. This shit is crazy.

  46. Yeah I laid with Caucasian women producing my sons. I learned and he will too, they will lay with men they truly hate. My role play consisted of buffalo soldier/Pocahontas stuff. Maybe that was wrong. That man went plantation deep. She was with it? And she is the type white dudes want too. He watched that teacup too close. Bet there was a seemingly bigoted cop trying to save his sunkin ass at some point. I advocate for Brothas to question Caucasian females showing interest. Even the genuinely good Becky knows she is operating from fetish driven emotions. Not either person issue just the leftover issues of this soil……….and built in system of supremacy. She will show him eventually and shatter his heart on many levels. Just don’t shoot that club up or lose the soul too. Shots deep with this type of thing. Be blessed and learn from me and this man’s misstakes.

  47. I keep saying that African American men love slave movies because they love to see themselves in chains getting beaten by by massa.

  48. Slay gal Styleyy

    Wtf and I bet it was her idea

  49. Hypertension don’t mention Me


  50. YoShinka Western

    They are trippin🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

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