Slavery-Themed Wedding: Missy unlocks Mandingo’s shackles to run off with him

Mandingo and Missy in love/YouTube

Missy & Mandingo removing shackles.

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JACKSON, Miss — The Twitter world was set ablaze on Wednesday when a swirling couple disseminated engagement photos of their slavery-themed wedding. The conjugal photoshoot took place in what appears to be a sugar plantation. One of the pictures shows a negro slave on his knees kissing the hand of Massa’s white daughter. Another photo shows Missy unlocking the shackles on her Mandingo lover. The blonde popsy is rockin’ a floral frock and white bonnet.

The Kunta Kinte wannabe is decked out in an ivory shirt and straw hat.

The caption of the gallery reads: “1842. Days passed and everything changed, our love got stronger and stronger, he was no longer a slave, he was part of the family.” Twitter reaction was priceless. One user wrote, “A SLAVERY THEMED WEDDING SHOOT?! His whole family has to disown him for this sh*t, Jesus Christ!” Another added, “Who raised this man! These engagement pics are crazy. You fell in love because she freed you from slavery???? So the wedding going to be at the plantation?”

The identity of the monochrome lovebirds is unknown.

Their user names are blocked out.

Do you support the Roots theme?

Do they need their asses kicked?

Is the photoshoot fake?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Straight from the bedroom to photos. When role play goes public. 😒

  2. This comes from the depths of the Sunken Place where even Satan dares not tread.

  3. I’m pretty sure it was his idea. She prolly the bosses daughter and he chose this direction to make a point.

  4. PlayStyle Gamer

    I may prefer white women, but I will not indeed marry a white woman who want to do this.

    Also: I forgive both of them. I just want to know their purpose of this cuz what we’re getting from this is something not good at all.

  5. Something wrong with that dude if he was ok with taking these pics

  6. As a black man married to a white woman this theme looks really silly and I’m disappointed no one told them this was not a great idea..

  7. @Leroy Rodgers: Swirlers like you are part of the problem. Enjoy your Becky!

  8. Shitting on the grave of his ancestors!!!

  9. Calvin Brewton

    And he did this thinking it was a good idea? So he disrespected his ancestors and I bet she and her parents laughed about this. I don’t have respect for brothers like this nor do I want to be around him.

  10. Dillan Mohottige

    Candace Owens wedding was like this too

  11. Not cute, smh. What was this so call black man thinking. Smh. 😔

  12. Lakeshia Carter

    “The most dangerous place for a black person to live is in white people’s imagination” -D.L. Hughley

  13. Bob Marley asked us long ago to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery ☹️☹️☹️

  14. Ninjas do anything for a white woman! I’m not surprised.

  15. Disgusting. This is akin to a Nazi taking pity on a Jewish person because they are cute. I have so many comparisons.

  16. Our Black Men have lost it how embarrassing

  17. Aviyah&Ayirah Sisters Squad

    This photo shoot is a disgrace and very disrespectful.

  18. I GUARANTEE YOU IT WAS THE WIFE’S IDEA. she must have a “good head on her shoulders” for a black man to agree to that 😂

  19. Seems like role playing and a fetish

  20. Kimberly Lewis

    Well I’ll be d*mn… 😤😒🙄
    How in all of West H*ll did they come up with this disrespectful trash?! Just when you think you have seen it all, here comes this!

  21. Randale Perryman

    Wow, ok I’m talking to a Caucasian female but I wouldn’t even do this stupid shit right here, this takes the cake. I know they got backlash from all sides. Whoever you love is whoever god puts in front of you.

  22. Just why and how could you be such a Damn fool

  23. What I wonder is if she’s so superior, why doesn’t she get a white man like her?

  24. Tiffany Gilbert

    What in the Roots part 3 is going on here?! Just tragic! 😳He needs to be ashamed!

  25. Homeboy is stuck in the sunken place. Absolutely zero self respect.

  26. Thats how you know Jesus coming soon….cuz the foolishness is thru the roof.

  27. noneofyour damnbusiness

    Lord Have MERCAE!!!!

  28. I also blame the photographer

  29. He’s the one that overslept when Harriet came to free the slaves. SMH

  30. This is the equivalent of a Jewish person marrying a German person and having a holocaust themed photo shoot. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  31. IM just ASKING: “why did HER and HER MOTHER feel its a GOOD IDEA to do this shit??” This shit is NOT a goOd lOok for THEIR RELATIONSHIP………….

  32. Whitney Williams

    I’m not against interracial marriage, but this is disrespectful and simping at it’s best. Not cool.

  33. All Brothas that date/marry white women think exactly like this brotha. They may not take these pics, but they definitely want that white acceptance. They’ll never admit it.

  34. I…I…I am lost for words. What has happened to too many and so many of our black folk? Is it some sort of chemical imbalance? I…I…I am lost for words. I’m tappin out on this one.

  35. @LuvJJ 1814: One black man does some dumb shit and we all hold the L?

  36. Y’all’s Black KANGS🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  37. Jemstar Willis

    There was a black guy on a dating site begging and pleading to find a WW who wasn’t prejudiced! He said ‘Please I need a lady who isn’t racist.🙏🏽’
    This dude would rather plead and beg than be with someone the same color as himself. Very sad…

  38. USNMelanie Daria

    I don’t have a problem with interracial dating because I am in a interracial relationship with an Asian guy. There is no way in hell that our engagement photos would be this disrespectful and sickening!! I want to summon the strength of our ancestors to slap the shit out of them! 🤦🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️😒

  39. What in the Harriet Tubman? 🤯🤯🤯😳

  40. Evangeline Hope

    As a white woman married to a black man for 28 years – #1 why would she think this was appropriate and #2 – why would he marry a white woman that would think this was appropriate??

  41. Imma need my blood pressure meds to digest this, good heavens!

  42. Veronica Allen

    So basically she’s saying I have the power to free him. That means she also has the power to place him back in bondage. Brah she can unshackle your wrist and ankles but your mind, spirit and soon your seed belongs to her.

  43. What the hell…..This Brother has lost his damn mind….I hope she takes all his paper when this shit show marriage ends….Never in my life have I seen this type of crazy.

  44. This is thee most distateful sh!t I ever did see what in the literal h3ll

  45. Dionne Gregory

    As soon as they say I do, her credit score gone drop to 350. His mama and sisters gone have her Netflix and Hulu passwords. On the honeymoon, he gon drop her off at the hotel and take her car to his homeboy house where he will lose track of time

  46. Broken Not Defeated

    😲 This just shows how completely lost…& out of touch some African Americans are. That’s why we have people like him and Candice Cancer Owen & more…… sad to see. This is the freedom your ancestors worked hard/suffered + died for¿ Sad.

  47. she getting married to that sambo based off her fetish….
    he getting married to her because he worship the ground she walk on….. which will not work…..
    i give it 2 yrs….

  48. As F*cked up as that is (and it’s never ok but) the ONLY thing that could possibly ease that insult would be for them to have a picture with her on her knees or bent over with him throwing that dress up from the back. Otherwise it only an insult at his cost.

    And that wouldn’t make it any better but damn.

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