Robot Video: Japanese android displayed exceptional shooting ability at Olympics

Japanese robot showcases skill. 

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TOKYO — During halftime of France’s upset victory over the United States, a Japanese robot stole the show when he sauntered midcourt and took three shots — a free throw, a 3-pointer and a half-court heave — in succession and didn’t miss. He was swish! Automatic. The crowd was stunned. The 7-foot humanoid is equipped with Kawhi Leonard-sized hands and he takes longer to shoot than Giannis Antetokounmpo. But we can’t hate on Japanese officials for showcasing their proficiency in robotics.

After all, the Olympics provide the world’s biggest stage.

“This project will not simply be about exhibiting robots, but showcasing their practical real-life deployment helping people,” said Dr. Hirohisa Hirukawa, researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). The animatronic android, known as Cue3, lacks dribbling skill and I’m not sure he’ll beat an old lady in a foot race. But it’s still impressive as hell. Twitter reaction was priceless.

One user wrote, “I heard the Lakers are interested.”

Another added, “Ben Simmons should learn from this Robot.😄😄😆😆”

Dr. Hirukawa said it’ll be another 20 years before Cue3 can run and jump.

Will humanoids replace basketball players who refuse the vaccine?

Hell, should Team USA purchase one?

Watch the shocking video.

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  1. Just wow !

  2. Steph Curry has left the building.

  3. I wonder if the robots will start kneeling during the National anthem. Since they’ve been oppressed all these years.

  4. Erel muhamad iqbal

    yo philly trade ben simmons for this robot

  5. Omg! Kawhi at Japan now?

  6. Better than Ben simmons

  7. Siddhant Fursule

    I don’t understand why it’s such a big thing that a robot is able to swish a ball into the basketball. That’s the whole point of basketball, we humans sometimes cannot gauge the distance, the power, and the aim, which leads to a miss. The robot has sensors that can gauge all the three things. Due to that, it’s very easy for the robot to swish the ball.

  8. Mark Ian Martin

    Ben Simmons is in danger

  9. This is the Terminator’s grandfather. They should destroy this machine to save mankind.

  10. It can’t be drafted by the NBA until it learns to ‘take a knee’

  11. If they replaced all the dirtbags in the NBA with these Robots, I might actually watch basketball. Until then…I’d rather watch paint dry.

  12. The unabomber was right robots and AI are gonna wipe us off the earth

  13. How incredibly unimpressive.

  14. 76ERS are hiring

  15. Alan Christopher

    LeBron is already recruiting him to the Lakers

  16. Android Robot VS Steph Curry for a 3 Point Contest🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

  17. The minute you think you’re not replaceable at your job. Then you realize even some of the greatest NBA players are going to be replaceable one day

  18. Imagine playing horse with this robot 😂😂💀

  19. Damn NBA, get ready cause these are your replacements lol

  20. LeBOT James

  21. ᴋᴜꜱᴜᴍ ꜱɪɴɢʜ

    Amazing man made technology…😊😊Technology is developing.

  22. Does he even move at all? i mean all he does and stand there and shoot. he doesnt walk or run or anything but still, very epic

  23. Sherry Thompson

    @C wade: I don’t know if it will take over the professionals but it shows their is a technology being used in the pros and NBA to make the players more efficient with their shooting


  25. Made the robot black huh

  26. Darrell Tuttle

    This was a waste of millions of dollars.

  27. So what is the reason for this development honestly. I’m seeing is a bunch of nerd (and I’m one too so I’m not talking crap) building basketball robots but for what tho.
    Robots is not taking over the NBA no time soon.
    I’m honestly tired of seeing robots do this and that. I need tools, Not a machine that can use them

  28. Why do I now see professional robot basketball games becoming a thing in the near future. I mean who will needs to pay athletes millions of dollars if robots can provide the same entertainment? 😫

  29. Giannis should try doing a free throw contest with it.

  30. I hope I live long enough to see a robot basketball game

  31. Not even hittin the rim 🆘

    Nothin but net

  32. 2025 NBA Draft: With the first pick in the draft the Phoenix Suns select Cue3!!!

  33. Kerrie Eversley

    He’s black.. lol

  34. Rumor is that robot can dunk from the 3pt line! 🤖😂

  35. ok here is the start of the robots taking over

  36. Finally a replacement for the racist Lebron James.

  37. Master Blaster

    Wow I bet CUE3 gets all the puss.

  38. So far, still can’t walk like a human and that’s really disappointing. People no matter what will try to improve robots but as long robots cant touch things and walk as humans, just shows how far we are from making a good robot.

  39. Wow, it did not get a perfect swish on the 3rd shot. I am no longer impressed. Step your game up amateur robots.

  40. Make him dunk

  41. Funny that they made the robot tall skinny and black😂

  42. that tall robotic nigga can shoot

  43. Robot be like Uncle Drew! 😁

  44. Creepy AF. Look at the size of those hands.

  45. JAPAN is way ahead of the rest of the world !

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