Woke Rap Video: Biden’s Paradise offers frightening glimpse into future economy

Biden’s Paradise tells scary truth/YouTube

Biden’s Paradise forecasts danger.

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WASHINGTON — Freedom Toons released a Woke rap video titled “Biden’s Paradise” — a parody of Coolio’s hit song “Gangster’s Paradise” — and the conception has gone mad viral. In the cartoon, a braided Joe Biden brags about sniffing children’s hair and selling our souls to China president Xi Jinping. “Damn I’m important. I made a fortune selling you out to China. Yeah, your job’s been exported fool,” he cracks. The video also shows Joe’s son — Hunter Biden — smokin’ crack along with “Black Lives Matter” riots.

Cartoon Joe even predicts the timeline of his own demise. “Death ain’t nothing but a heartbeat away. And Kamala Harris is counting down the days to 2023 or ’24. Will I make it that long? I don’t know,” he raps as he trips on a flight of stairs while boarding Air Force One. FYI, the U.S. national debt is almost $27 trillion.

Is there truth within the burlesque?

Did Freedom Toons go too far?

Watch the crazy video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. This is what USA wants for president, this man is a shame embarrassing for the rest of the world this is a joke

  2. Sylvia Arambula

    Lord keep us safe take over we r in danger !! So scary our enemies r watching how weak America at the white house r acting can not belive how the whole world see biden is very lost an they wont impeach him asap from presedency😞😞😞🙏🙏🙏

  3. It’s one of those videos you want to keep pausing and walk away from.
    The second-hand embarrassment is just too much.

  4. Joe likes to violate kids and put his hands where they pee

  5. He needs to resign and let Cruella Harris take over.

  6. Guillermina Solorio


  7. united states is a national disgrace to human race

  8. this deserves an MTV Video Music Award

  9. idiot!!!! OMG Idiot we are doomed who the hell put this idiot in office. Idiot!!!

  10. If you take the vaccine you will act like Biden

  11. Jesus Christ!!! Why?

  12. My God help him.

  13. God bless America! He is our only hope( God, not Biden!)

  14. Joke Biden

  15. He is nuts

  16. It would be funny if it only wasn’t so scary

  17. So, in history we could only imagine how kings were when they started going insane from syphilis….This is how I picture it.

  18. The madness of Alzheimer’s Joe

  19. This is who folks voted for

  20. Wanda Carpenter

    Where is Biden’s wife in the video?

  21. I’m proud to say that I didn’t vote for this idiot! GOD HELP US!!

  22. What an embarrassment to America.

  23. Best thing to do is put Joe biden is a retirement home or in hospice and FIRE the vice president.

  24. Brandon Riojas

    And this guy got more votes than any other president in history!? Com’on man!!

  25. Dementia or spike protein shedding from vax? Or vax penetrated his brains?

  26. I thought we were on Joe’s “No More Malarkey” tour? The malarkey is about waist high at this point.

  27. Joe Biden is a disgrace to the United States. He is a traitor along with the whole Democrat Party. Joe Biden’s lifetime of corruption has lead him to this attempted takeover of the United States Constitution to turn us into a socialist Nation. The Democrat Party should be tried as traitors and held accountable for their crimes and given a quick death penalty. Then his whole family can pay for the crimes they have committed and are still currently committing today.

  28. Crazy old joe 😱

  29. insane,, the insane Antichrist is here.

  30. Ashley Dunaway

    This administration is DANGEROUS TO AMERICA. BIDEN LOST!!

  31. I want to live in joes reality! I can do whatever I want without taking any responsibility. I can lie about everything and get people to believe any lie I want. Like the lie of racism. Covid, the vaccines, the economy, the immigration crisis, human trafficking, mental illness, the job crisis, the currency crisis, and the oil crisis. As joe Biden, i can create all of these problems and make them sound like they don’t exist, that it’s trumps fault, or that it’s a good thing that this country has now become a cesspool of mentally ill woke people who want nothing more than to become communist. That’s joe bidens America and everyone knows it.

  32. This fool of a president is taking America down. Biden is America’s pandemic this guy
    is a total embarrassment he’s turning America into SCORCHED EARTH. One million
    people have come across our borders illegally and this clown will not lift a finger for the Cuban people. and why???? They will vote REPUBLICAN.

  33. meanwhile the essential workers are sick and tired of busting there A$$ES short handed for 16 months!!!!!! because of all the LOSERS collecting bidens unemployment welfare handouts!!!!!! WE ARE EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!

  34. It still doesn’t feel real

  35. if you put joe bidens brain in a bird it would fly backwards 😩

  36. SENILE IDIOT ruining our country!!!!!!!

  37. This was the most amazing video I’ve ever fucking seen.

  38. Derrick Thompson

    This real shit!

  39. god i hate biden so god damn much

  40. Jonathan DeSemple

    We need 10 hours of this

  41. What’s sad is this isn’t a parody. This is the actual World we live in!

  42. Jesus its just like watching real life

  43. Biden falling upstairs is so freakin funny

  44. omg its so funny and its so real


  46. i couldn’t watch the whole video…GAWD….

  47. Oh my god, this literally gave me a nightmare about living in Bidenz paradise

  48. MudZeePlay Gamer


    Were fucked

    Let’s also hope Kamala Harris doesnt get her way

  49. Remember to stock up on canned food folks. We all know it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better

  50. This is so inaccurate stuttering isn’t in 90% of the lyrics

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