Woke Rap Video: Biden’s Paradise offers frightening glimpse into future economy

Biden’s Paradise tells scary truth/YouTube

Biden’s Paradise forecasts danger.

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WASHINGTON — Freedom Toons released a Woke rap video titled “Biden’s Paradise” — a parody of Coolio’s hit song “Gangster’s Paradise” — and the conception has gone mad viral. In the cartoon, a braided Joe Biden brags about sniffing children’s hair and selling our souls to China president Xi Jinping. “Damn I’m important. I made a fortune selling you out to China. Yeah, your job’s been exported fool,” he cracks. The video also shows Joe’s son — Hunter Biden — smokin’ crack along with “Black Lives Matter” riots.

Cartoon Joe even predicts the timeline of his own demise. “Death ain’t nothing but a heartbeat away. And Kamala Harris is counting down the days to 2023 or ’24. Will I make it that long? I don’t know,” he raps as he trips on a flight of stairs while boarding Air Force One. FYI, the U.S. national debt is almost $27 trillion.

Is there truth within the burlesque?

Did Freedom Toons go too far?

Watch the crazy video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. But where’s the lie?

  2. He fell UP the stairs 😂

  3. This one cracked me up

  4. Jany’s_Brother

    This rap just takes rip after rip after rip at Biden

  5. I think Obama is behind all of this president cheating crap and I think China is paying the democrats money to force everyone to get the vaccine so that China can take over America

  6. Awesome and soooooooooo true 👍👏

  7. This is why i bought a sniper

  8. This just makes me sad


    I don’t know if this is bad to say but I think Biden is gonna get assassinated some time soon. Idk tho.

  10. This is inaccurate.
    How’d he suddenly remember everything he needed to say.

  11. Day 8 of watching Biden’s paradise every day

  12. Someone ought to send him this

  13. If you don’t like this video you ain’t black

  14. It’s to the point where the sky could be turning red but if the Biden administration says it’s okay then no one would give a fuck.

  15. 😆😆😆 eat your heart out Weird Al.

  16. Have you ever seen Creepy Joe sniff a black person or anyone from a minority ethnicity? He’s 100+ times more racist than Trump or his supporters are ACCUSED of being.

  17. HOLLY [email protected] SHIT! That was the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. That’s awesome

  18. The coolio hair, I can’t 😂😂😂

  19. Michael Jenkins

    Its not a paradise its a HELL!

  20. The Mad Carver

    Now hopefully Biden supporters see what they’ve caused

  21. Biden’s Paradise is everyone else’s nightmare.

  22. William Campbell

    Does he smoke crack with Hunter

  23. The Conservative

    This video scares me, man. This isn’t even fiction, it’s all fact based. That’s the worst part.

  24. The Flying Brompton

    A smell a civil war brewing.

  25. More effort was put into this song than the current “administration” is putting into America.

  26. This would be funny if it wasn’t true.

    We’re fucked. We are so fucked. This country is fucked beyond repair.

  27. I fucked hated this. Not because they didn’t do a good job. But because its all happening and true.

  28. Trump doesn’t seem so bad now doesn’t he? Just saying 🤷‍♂️

  29. After the big Afghanistan blunder this song feels… Right.

  30. He’s going to start the next world war

  31. William Rogers

    Goddamn that’s the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while


    All jokes aside, Its actually hard to believe that this funny song is actually the Truth of what America has come to. You look at stuff like this and realize, “holy crap. This is real life”. Its actually insane that people actually voted this horrible man to be our president. This gross mindless kid sniffer is living in the white house, probably swimming in all of your tax money while upping the gas prices. Its just sick.

  33. America elected a child rapist for president and then a child sniffer.

  34. Ugh! I don’t want this to be true. But it soooo is. 🙏😬 Yikes!!! Not much was even exaggerated.

  35. Biden: “I made a fortune selling you out to China yeah your job’s been exported fool..” I’d love to see this line on every CNN report.

  36. Michael Swenor

    Trump tried to warn us about Bidens America……

  37. The debunkers really said fuck this shit we’re out

  38. Colton the absolute Weirdo

    B.I.D.E.N. Biggest Idiot Democrats Ever Nominated. LOL

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    Now turn from your wicked ways towards Jesus Christ and surrender your life to Him!

    God bless you!😊♥️♥️♥️


  41. David Pawlowski


  42. I am still laughing!! Then I realize how true it is, and now I am trying to get my money out of my 401K!!!

  43. Vincent DiMarzio

    I really needed that! Funny as hell

  44. Biden with coolio hair lol

  45. Liam Deschamps

    using Winnie the Pooh as Xi was fucking genius

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