Charles Barkley: ‘Unvaccinated’ folks are “assholes” who deserve to lose their jobs

Barkley hates anti-vaxxers/Clutchpoints

Charles Barkley pushes vaccine. 

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PHOENIX — Cole Beasley and DeAndre Hopkins, two of the NFL’s most revered wideouts, are on record saying they won’t get Bill Gates’ coronavirus vaccine. But if it were up to Charles Barkley, they would either “get the jab” or get fired. During a recent chinwag with CNBC’s Jade Scipioni, the outspoken NBA analyst didn’t mince words when asked to give his two cents on the state of immunizations in professional sports. “Yes, I’m vaccinated. Everybody should be vaccinated, period,” Barkley ranted.

“The only people who are not vaccinated are just assholes.”

“Can you imagine if one of these guys that are not vaccinated, if they get one of these players’ kids, wives, girlfriends, moms and dads sick and they die over some unnecessary conspiracy bullsh*t,” Barkley continued. “I think that would be tragic.”

Barkley, 58, then drew a juxtaposition between professional sports and corporate employment. “There’s sh*t you can’t do at work and there’s sh*t that you have to do at work,” he vented. “So every workplace has rules and I think one of the rules [should be] that guys have to be vaccinated.”

Barkley ain’t the only sports legend to take this stance.

NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin said unvaccinated players don’t want to win. Disgraced tailback O.J. Simpson called out Beasley, telling him, “Don’t play.”  It should be noted, Barkley is old and corpulent so he’s at high risk to contract coronavirus whereas professional athletes are generally young and healthy.

Do you agree with the old-timers?

Are anti-vaxxers a bunch of assholes?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Charles is too stupid to know VACCINATED people can CATCH and SPREAD covid.

  2. DaytonaPrototypes

    Really like Chuck but he’s the asshole for this take. He’s criticized all politicians for being toxic and then he says hateful BS like this. Is anyone really going to change their mind about the jab after hearing his comments? I thought he was a man of the people but apparently not

  3. If charles has an adverse reaction to the vaccine he deserves it.

  4. What about the personal livelihood of the other players …..they should suffer and loose money because you don’t want the vaccine??? No …you dont want it go home ….theres no right to play NFL football

  5. Liberals Are Trash

    I actually agree with Sir Charles on this one, but for a different reason. If these Millennium millionaires want to go woke and be in bed with the CCP, then lead by example, don’t hypocrite it. GET THE DAMN SHOT AND BARCODE!!!!!

  6. Can anyone name a professional or even college athlete died from covid?

  7. So I’m supposed to take a shot that is almost guaranteed to give me blood clots so the same rich people telling you to take it can make millions more. Sorry, but their only concern are more billions, they don’t care how many die. They never have.

  8. How much did Barkley get pay to speak for the liberal left nuts?

  9. Funny how someone like Charles will talk about past racism but is ok with splitting society like this. There are already vaccinated and unvaccinated sections at sporting events in certain states. Hmmm…seems to be similar to something that happened before.

  10. I BET HE WON’T SAY THAT TO SHAQ !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

  11. When it comes out that the vaccines are hurting people to the point that they can’t hide it anymore I’d like to see how many of these clowns will come out and apologize!?!?!

  12. Charles Barkley is not a Role Model

  13. That vaccine is a globalists wet dream!

  14. The old “You’re an asshole if you don’t” argument . Does he think that will convince people? I better get that Jab, don’t want Chuck thinking I’m an asshole!! I tried but the Clinic was full of people saying Chuck sent me!! I like and respect him, he didn’t think this one out.

  15. There has been no long term testing done on the Vac. Even with long term testing, the FDA has revoked approval of over 200 drugs because of side effects. The previous record for approval was 4 years of testing, the average was 7 years. I am not going to take an experimental drug. It may turn out to have no long term side effects, but we don’t know.

  16. This is where Charles shows his ignorance. I think it must be in his contract to say something moronic once a month. I am sure it’s how he feels. But he clearly hasn’t looked at all aspects of his views , So it’s a hit take , but it’s not a smart take.
    How bout this idea . Charles you make your medical decisions and let others make their own choice. Anyone advocating for no choice is 100 percent ignorant . I have the shot for my reasons. But under different circumstances I would view it different because the factors are not all the same for everyone.

  17. The heart of the wise inclines to the right! The heart of a fool to the left. Ecclesiastes 10:2 😇 Barkley is wrong about just about everything😢 the deep state agenda is all about control and dividing the people

  18. Freddie D .Richburg Jr

    CHUCK you need to STFU! This is AMERICA not NAZI GERMANY!

  19. Charles Barkley is an idiot and a jackass, but most people know Charles has some brain screws loose. Poor child, somebody help Charles.

  20. barkley is a fat pig

    who gives af what he thinks

  21. Agree with Barkley………..antivaxxers are selfish assholes

  22. how is it selfish not to want “unproven” substance in their own body case-in-point people that are vaccinated and so called protected is worrying about people’s that’s not vaccinated spreading it to them. to infect someone with covid you of to have Covid…So basically you morons are saying everyone that’s not vaccinated have Covid.. which could be no further from the truth!.one thing for sure Vaccinated people do have it in them “fact” they don’t wear mask and this new spike started when the mask mandate was lifted “facts” you guys logic is like from a toddler. I am a as they called us “essential worker” and I never got to sit on my ass a home worded through this whole pandemic never missed a day follow the mandates at work…never got covid don’t have Covid not vaccinated and not spreading shit!.

  23. I usually respect Charles’ opinions but he is way off on this one. Sounds like Charles wants to return us to the Slave/Master days.

  24. First they tried to bribe you with vaccine lotteries and free strip club performances, then they tried to entertain you with remixed old rap songs, now they’re trying to shame you, next they’re going to “make” you (mandatory vaccine ID to enter events, planes, work, buildings), then they’re going to turn the vaccinated against you (claim you are the reason the pandemic is still going on and they’re gonna have to lockdown everyone). If the government is going through all this effort for your health, every red alert should be…alerted! They’ve been promoting cigarettes, fast food, and poison liquid potions (alcohol) since you can remember, NOW some out the blue character (fauci) and computer geek (gates) care about you and everyone else health and safety? 🤣😂😭 OPEN YOUR DAM EYES!!!

  25. Damn I thought Barkley would be against this vaccine BS given what he’s stood up for in the past!

  26. I mean don’t you think it’s a little strange that the government is more worried about us taking the shot than the people who don’t want to get it for safety perposes like long term effects I’d rather wait a yr or 2 and see what happens b4 I even think about it and idgaf what anyone says feels or anything else push your cards we will just find other ways and tell them amongst ourselves y’all none the wiser and watch nothing happens anyway and you’ll never know the difference..but we will be healthier than the sheeple

  27. Ramond William

    No Chucky I won’t take the poisonous jab. You clown!

  28. Beginning of 666 mark of the beast will be forced on us…. NO BUY, SELL, TRADE OR INTERACT WITH OTHERS!!!!

  29. Dont get that….dont get that dart. That stab…that collection of toxic substances. What happened to my downstairs neighbor is terrifying, after his JOB pressured him to go get IT. He says.. He WILL NOT go get dose #2.

  30. Wow. Thought barkley was one of the good guys. F U chucky, you authoritarian sucker-puppet.

  31. Emerald-Eyez 7 Zemi

    I’ll give Chuck my fuckin vaccine bc I’m not takin that mind control shit. HEY CHUCK, YOU CAN HAVE MY VACCINE! OK BIG GUY! 👌🏿

  32. I’ve been on Chuck side recently but he’s a f**** a**** for saying this s***

  33. HOW the F*** is it selfish to not get tha jab? If you have taken the vaccine for covid good and okay move on with your life. If you haven’t taken it more than likely you watch the news and you know what could happen, chances are EXTREAMLY low of that happening.

    Charles couldn’t pass a 4th grade math test if it was placed in front of him so he has no business talking about anyone else.

  34. F*** Barkley!

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