Vaccine Video: Fox News’ Tucker Carlson confronted by fisherman over COVID-19

Tucker Carlson put on blast/YouTube

Tucker Carlson publicly scolded.

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MONTANA — Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson almost had to call the police when he was accosted by fisherman Dan Bailey for his stance on the coronavirus vaccine. The diatribe transpired in front of Carlson’s daughter at a fishing supplies store in Montana. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Carlson gettin’ excoriated in full view of customers. “Dude, you are the worst human being known to mankind,” Bailey told the newscaster. “I want you to know that.”

Carlson replied, “I appreciate that,” then tried to egress. But the outdoorsman wasn’t having it. “What you have done to this state, to the United States… What you have done to families, what you have done to everybody else in this world. I don’t care that your daughter is here,” Bailey ranted

Carlson then told him to “settle down, son,” before leaving the venue.

Bailey shared the video on Instagram with the caption: “It’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an assh*le! This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American.”

Many viewers labeled Bailey “a hero” for gettin’ in Carlson’s ass.

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  1. Tucker wont be around much longer. Ya cant make a long term career out of pretending to be stupid. Ask peewee herman

  2. Tucker handled this trash with class

  3. Opinions expressed on a nightly basis on TV vs in person with your daughter there are completely different. I would also add that adding to a sentence that you, “don’t care” if someone’s daughter is with them is most definitely a form of aggression. If you don’t have the decency to not be a douche around a child, you are aggressive.

  4. Celebrities can’t hide behind the TV and spew propaganda without consequences.

    Employees get yelled at all the time, sorry celebrities aren’t any different.

  5. all media are scum.deserve everything they get

  6. I don’t know… if someone swears at me, strongly disagreeing with my opinions, using the f*** word I’d feel threatened…

  7. i’d buy that man a beer.

  8. Tucker the worst human being with the highest ratings! Why is that? 😂

  9. Tucker deserves it. Karma is a bit%$. Tucker can dish it out but is a little coward. Tucker is a traitor to America.

  10. Don’t care! If you continually Gaslight the American public that’s what you get. Nothing to do with political opinion, everything to do with being Human Garbage.

  11. Tucker’s chickens came home to roost…

  12. Racism is disgusting, no matter what color the racist is. The guy was wrong for one reason. Even if tuckers daughter herself has been influenced by the ignorant bluffing shit talking. I dont know or like tucker as a person. My view is this. No matter the reason. If you threaten, physically or verbally,any kind of violence in front of children your wrong and undstable.

  13. Calling him out in a public space with his daughter was not the right thing to do. Everyone is entitled to their opinion whether people agree with it or not. That crossed the line. People have suffered during the pandemic and some of the things that are said on the media do make people really angry. It would be really hard for people to hold themselves together with some of the things being said on the media especially mocking regulations and playing down the pandemic so you can actually understand where the guy is coming from. Nowhere is really a safe space during a pandemic whether you wear a mask it not. During the pandemic other folks were being actually assaulted inside stores with the pro and anti mask people.

  14. DoNt fUcKinG cALl mE sOn 👶👶

  15. Larry Archibald

    Tucker deserved every second of it!

  16. It needed to be said! Tucker is killing people with his rhetoric.

  17. Carlson has propagated lies and propaganda which has severely damaged this country. I say he must face the consequences of his lies and deceit on mass media.

  18. Jessica Pudder

    Pretty much Tucker deserves what he gets. Tucker encourages violence. Encourages disrespecting healthcare workers, poc, pretty much anyone. This was some great karma. I’m cool with no one else dealing with this except Tucker.

  19. Jessica Pudder

    I’m with Montana man. Don’t feel sorry for Tucker Carlson a bit.

  20. Gymnasticslover

    He said I don’t give a fuck if your daughter is here!? That’s disgusting

  21. Carlson urged viewers to publicly confront persons wearing masks. Yet when someone confronts him in public, he, like Cruz, hides behind his children. What a fracking wuss!

  22. Civil rights matter Forever

    The guy went way too far. He was in his face.

  23. you reap what you sew.

  24. Tucky has a venue to sprout his ideas on a daily basis. The man who confronted him was calm, collected, articulated his thoughts in a manner that left Tucky in no doubt as to what was thought of him. The man has no other means to ensure Tucky understands that his actions have consequences for others. He didn’t use any violence whatsoever and in no way was it an ambush, did he have prior knowledge that Tucky would be there? I don’t think so, it was simply he was in the right place at the right time.

  25. Fck that

    talkin all that shit, it’s about time.

  26. Tucker’s lies and instigation for profit has cost actual LIVES.

  27. Stephen Erickson

    That dude works for the CIA

  28. He Had That Coming

  29. Ann Salaun Rondou

    Perhaps, the man lost someone he loved.
    He could have asked tucker for a quiet
    Moment away from his family. I agree,
    Tucker is very wrong and spreading misinformation. He nor any TV host
    I HOPE HE MISLEADS someone he loves and they die.

  30. Well….. I don’t approve of confrontation while children and wife is around.
    That is not cool.
    Get him alone….. And tell him how it is….
    He is a moron😡

  31. Maybe you should be careful BOUT what YOU SAY ON T.V.🤷🏾‍♂️

  32. Rusty Shakelford

    Nah, fuck that. Tucker encouraged people to accost other people whose children were wearing masks. The only thing that would make that video more enjoyable is if the guy physically assaulted him.

  33. Danny DoucheBag Bailey is obviously not worried about the WuhanChinaVirus as he is darn near kissing Tucker as he touches Tucker’s chest. He is such a “Manly-Man”


  35. Beta male confronts Tucker Carlson

  36. wotdoesthisbuttondo

    Tucker better get tested for Chinese plague after that commie creep got so close to rant at him without a mask.

  37. “I don’t care that your daughter is here.”
    That dude is going to bark up the wrong tree one day. As a father with daughters, I know some guys don’t have that much patience with some jerk in your face and poking you in the chest.

  38. What a jackass characterization of this intrusion by a very large guy bent on telling you…”you are the worst person in the world”….Carlson handled it about as well as was possible with his kids in the store…

  39. Valerie Schiller

    People have a right to walk up to someone and talk to them. “Peaceful coexistence” only happens when either a) you ignore problems, or b) you hire a body guard to deal with your problems. When you state your opinions publicly, you need to be prepared for the response. Yes, people can protest. No, people don’t have a right to be violent or harmful, but yes, they do have a right to “confront” someone else. That’s called freedom of speech and freedom of movement. It’s part of what makes a system democratic. I guess if these celebrities are so worried about it, they can just have their help go run their errands for them. Seriously, if you can’t deal with people, especially the mild-mannered man featured in the video, you have issues to work out.

  40. To say that Tucker Carlson is the “worst human being in history,” means the guy was OK with Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

  41. All Tucker does is ask questions on his show. Questions that the left does not like. It’s amazing in 2021 that the true rebels and anti-authority torchbearers are libertarians and freethinkers that don’t drink the identity politic and social justice kool aid. The left are the biggest hypocrites. Do as I say, not as I do.

  42. We don’t know everything about these experimental vaccines yet. Tucker isn’t misleading anyone. Dr. Fauci is the reason for all the misinformation, mistrust, and confusion regarding covid, vaccines, masks, etc etc … Fauci flip flops his position on every single issue regarding covid. Carlson is only exposing Fauci

  43. Clinton Miller


  44. Tucker Carlson: I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast!

    Dan Bailey: You eat pieces of shit?

  45. This is simple….
    If you don’t want to be recognized by strangers who want to talk to you?
    Stay out of the public eye.
    If you choose a public job, you sacrifice your right to privacy outside of your home.
    It is true that nobody has a right to put hands on anyone… but this guy didn’t, so that’s irrelevant this time.
    You don’t want those conversations to take place in front of your family?
    Don’t have a family. That was Tuckers choice to take his daughter into that situation.
    Tucker chose a public life, I chose a private life…. You can’t have both, but you do have some choice about which ONE you have.
    At the end of the day this man did nothing wrong.
    This is just one more example of Tucker blaming others for his own bad choices.
    It’s his own damned fault, this isn’t hard to understand… or even to predict.

  46. I would have shaken Tuckers hand!

  47. Tucker took the vaccine because he cant find another job making 6 million dollars a year. He is willing to jeopzrdize his health for that amount of money. I dont think he wanted to take it.

  48. wouldn’t you be pissed if someone confronted you like that while you were on vacation?

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