LeBron’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy” got negative reviews but Jeanie Buss loved it

Jeanie loved LeBron’s movie/Clutchpoints

Jeanie Buss wrote supportive review.

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HOLLYWOOD — LeBron James’ new film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” suffered a savage beating from critics online. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a lowly score of 28% on the Tomatometer. NYC Movie Guru Avi Offer said, “Despite the charisma of Don Cheadle, it’s a dumb, exhausting, poorly acted and silly sequel.” Ouch! But at least one person enjoyed the flick. Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, LeBron’s boss, transcribed an Instagram review in support of the follow-up to Michael Jordan’s 1996 blockbuster.

“Thank you [LeBron] for a creating a fun family movie to enjoy this summer,” Jeanie wrote. “I so appreciate entertainment that brings laughs AND passes on a heartfelt message. Please support your local movie theaters. So much nostalgia for me as my dad took me to the movies 🍿 when I was a kid. When I’m there I feel like a kid again. My favorite #LooneyTunes character is #DaffyDuck because he makes the funniest comments and usually the joke is on him. Who is your favorite character??”

LeBron’s movie reeled in $50 million in box office sales.

But it had a budget of $150 million.

Did you enjoy the film?

Should LeBron stick to basketball?

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  1. Honestly, I enjoyed the movie! I probably liked it alot because I had never seen the first Space Jam, so this was new to me.

  2. this movie was terrible

  3. Lebron James script reading is wack yo😅

  4. This movie is godawful. It’s one big LeBron China James marketing stunt and has barely a logical story let alone looney toons humor.

  5. Heather Thompson

    Yuck LeBron 🤮 why not Michael Jordan again or atleast will Smith or Martin Lawrence wtf

  6. another movie with no soul

  7. Once again Lebron, can’t come up with anything original by himself. He keeps chasing a man he will never catch. Even if Lebron does hold records he is a generic brand in basketball. Can’t even come up with his own number in basketball. Get your own number Lebron and quit being as a child would say a “copy cat”! There is and always will be only one real 23 that made the number what it is and his initials are M.J.

  8. Welp, wish me luck guys. Ima go watch this movie…

  9. I loved this movie. I don’t care what anyone says

  10. Now make one with Giannis Antetokounmpo!

  11. Franklin Turtle

    Lebron sucks… I would rather see Jordan as an old man in a Space Jam 2.

  12. Pedro Guimarães

    Eh,what’s up,doc?

  13. Genuinely one of the worst movies ive ever seen

  14. this movie is for kids so stop hating on it

  15. Smiling Majima

    This is so stupid, I love it.

  16. I wish kobe is still alive 😭 he’s more suited in this movie than lebron.

  17. This movie sucked! I’m so sorry
    The Looney Tunes shine but everything else sucks

  18. Jason the guy who can do stuff

    oh boy this is going to be the biggest lost of money in the galaxy

  19. Péter Szegvári

    Pathetic. Original Space Jam is epic, this is cheap, bottom shelf [email protected]

  20. Just now finish watching and damnn this movie is fireeee❤💥

  21. Omg–look how oppressed LeBron is!!!

  22. Marvin the Martian should’ve been a player.

  23. Pepe le pew will return again as a better skunk

  24. Carlos Armento

    This movie kinda sucks because the looney tunes and LeBron only played for 2 minutes and also LBJ was acting like a bad dad to his own son Dom James

  25. Joseph Schillaci

    There was only 1 space jam. And Lebron is no Michael Jordan

  26. Valerie Cantero

    I bet Michael Jordan is watching

  27. Stabby The Clown

    The only way this would truly represent LeFlop James is if they animated him flopping for 4 fouls a game and traveling literally non stop.

  28. Really, you could not find anyone better than Lebron?

  29. Queen James is the worst! 👸🏾

  30. This movie help us to know that MJ is the real GOAT

  31. saurabh chauhan

    Notorious P.I.G.
    Spits fire 🔥

  32. Good movie love it

  33. I watched this movie it was straight garbage the best thing about the movie was Bugs Bunny. LeBron cant act even when playing himself the Jordan movie was way better.

  34. Lebron haters coming here to hate lol

  35. I just saw the movie and I had mixed feelings, well the animation part in the movie is 8/10 and the reality is 2/10.
    Really bad acting, dumb story line and reality part felt bland.
    So I ignored the reality part, and god damn I enjoyed the movie thanks to the animation… Wubalubadubdub🍻

  36. Jaziah Jones The Angry Bird


  37. Fearless Minded

    Space jam: A new legacy is a BLAST!

    Fun cameos
    Hilarious classic looney tune gags
    Pop culture references
    Aesthetically pleasing visuals
    Great villain
    Great moral
    Family dynamic
    Good sound track
    Great cast
    replay value

    Enjoyed it very much

    Stop looking for horror in a romance and u to will enjoy it.

  38. There are only three white people in this movie. Very very very very wrong! Even the president at the beginning is Obama we all know there’s been two presidents since him so if you ask me this movie is prejudice against white people and I won’t watch it because it’s designed to make me see the world in a light which is pushed by a one world view agenda I’m not interested and it was a horrible movie compared to the original.

  39. Louis Alexander

    Dang yall must be miserable huh lol… it’s for kids, not your 40 year old a$$ lol

  40. Haters gonna hate!! Ballers gonna ball! Yall need to cut it, LeBron was amazing

  41. Just watched this on HBO max it was good I don’t know what these haters are talking about had a lot of funny parts also, put some respect on king James

  42. I don’t care about all the negative reviews, this movie was awesome! Lighten up.

  43. I’m actually surprised that Lebron James recognized Michael B. Jordan but didn’t recognize Don Cheadle….

    here’s my rewrite of the script:
    Lebron saw Al-G Rhythm for the first time:
    Lebron: Don Cheadle?
    Al-G: What? No.. I’m Al-G Rhythm
    Lebron: And why do you look like Don Cheadle? You know the actor?
    Al-G: I don’t know who that is
    Lebron: *sigh* Definitely Don Cheadle…
    It’s not the best but you get the idea this movie needs more self awareness

  44. This movie was not the masterpiece the first one was.

  45. Renato B.S.Martins

    People are way to negative… This movie was fine, if you go to a space jam movie thinking it will be a “masterpiece” as titanic was, you are going with the wrong mindset. This is a family friendly movie and it succeded at it.

  46. I got a tumor from seeing this movie, I belive I have cancer too. Beware of LeBron James acting, it would be like 😐.

  47. David L Wisbiski

    I went back and saw the 1st one with my 21 yr old son. Why? I will never have anything to do with fake Lebron. He will be the guy that destroy the NBA. Worse thing for the NBA was the king. Ratings down 70%. I hope the NBA loves those numbers. Lebron will be the most hated player of all time! 5 yrs nobody be talking about him. Hopefully the nba won’t let him have a team. He’s done enough harm. 10 yrs if you bring up his name ppl going to give you that look don’t go there

  48. theycallmenick

    Absolute HORSESHIT movie

  49. Not at all as good as the original….2 hours of a waste of time.

  50. Labron’s “acting” was a joke…he does a better job pretending to fall on the court.

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