LeBron’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy” got negative reviews but Jeanie Buss loved it

Jeanie loved LeBron’s movie/Clutchpoints

Jeanie Buss wrote supportive review.

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HOLLYWOOD — LeBron James’ new film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” suffered a savage beating from critics online. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a lowly score of 28% on the Tomatometer. NYC Movie Guru Avi Offer said, “Despite the charisma of Don Cheadle, it’s a dumb, exhausting, poorly acted and silly sequel.” Ouch! But at least one person enjoyed the flick. Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss, LeBron’s boss, transcribed an Instagram review in support of the follow-up to Michael Jordan’s 1996 blockbuster.

“Thank you [LeBron] for a creating a fun family movie to enjoy this summer,” Jeanie wrote. “I so appreciate entertainment that brings laughs AND passes on a heartfelt message. Please support your local movie theaters. So much nostalgia for me as my dad took me to the movies 🍿 when I was a kid. When I’m there I feel like a kid again. My favorite #LooneyTunes character is #DaffyDuck because he makes the funniest comments and usually the joke is on him. Who is your favorite character??”

LeBron’s movie reeled in $50 million in box office sales.

But it had a budget of $150 million.

Did you enjoy the film?

Should LeBron stick to basketball?

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  1. I don’t understand why people hate LeBron James I don’t watch NBA so idk

  2. Michael Jordan doesn’t even want to be a part of this trash movie!

  3. John Rodriguez

    This movie SUCKS!!! Couldn’t even finish watching the rest of this dumpster 🔥!!! 😫👎

  4. Even for a kids movie it’s sooooo booooring it sucks

  5. Carter Moran 87

    The movie was ass

  6. This movie sucked

  7. Cathleen O'Connor

    LeChina James sux no matter what!!

  8. The Rollie Show

    People were expecting this movie to be an Oscar winning movie or something. I love the original but it was made because of a SuperBowl commercial. It’s dumb but that’s why it’s so good. Space Jam 2 is exactly what the movie would’ve been in 2021.

  9. It’s NOT a “kids” movie, considering 90% of the references were for people from the 90’s and earlier… 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    But sure.

    It’s just a WB FAIL like normal, unless it’s a DC animated property, or Batman.

  10. Lebron Is a socialist Marxist and supports communism in China. He is also a racist. That’s why everything he does now will flop. People are on to his agenda and ain’t buying it no more. Who wants their children looking up to all that

  11. Monkey Materia

    What killed it for me is when they took out the skunk because he wasn’t”kid friendly” but it was okay to put Rick and Morty in it and other adult cartoons in it like wtf double standards 🤔

  12. Timothy Muldoon

    I wonder how his wife and children felt knowing that Lebron would rather make this terrible movie with a fake family than spend his free time with his actual family…. “Priorities”

  13. This isnt nothing like the first one. The first one is way better and Lebron sucks. They could of used someone else. No one is better then Michael Jordan but trying to say Lebron James is ( hell no) this is a huge disappointment making a sequel to The First One

  14. Is it just me or LJ doesn’t seem like a good actor?

  15. Michael did it better

  16. Supreme Alpha Male

    This movie shouldve been made when Kobe was still with us. Why couldnt it have just been LeCrybaby in that chopper smh

  17. This movie fucking sucks no matter how you slice it and dice it.

  18. Well shit…I liked it. I loved it actually. LeBron acting sucked but he’s not an actor. The movie as a whole was enjoyable.

  19. Lebron is terrible in acting in this movie. You would think that he would be awesome bc he’s such a good flopper on the court

  20. Movie sucked

  21. Rush Broussard

    The Original Space Jam Is Better Than Space Jam 2 I Would Rather Space Jam With Michael Jordan Than Space Jam 2 With LeBron James LeBron James Is Not The G.o.a.t Michael Jordan Is The G.o.a.t

  22. Lebron ain’t Jordan. I would rather Drink piss than watch this movie

  23. Gustavo Freitas

    I think the plot couldn’t be better for a remake, bringing the AI stuff, LeBron’s and cartoons different approaches to the game and the pressure on his son. But the execution fails extremely. Horrible.

  24. people need to know what to fund and what not to fund. who funded this garbage for $150 mill.

  25. Don’t cancel me for this but I actually enjoyed this movie. People are taking Looney Tunes too SERIOUSLY.

  26. Lebron is garbage. The difference between him and MJ is that MJ didn’t call himself the greatest, the people did. Lebron calls himself the greatest and cries about every other game.

  27. The movie was trash but you can’t deny that the technology is cool!

  28. aaron steinbach

    They won’t put Pepe Le Pew in the new Space Jam but they allow Joe Biden to be on TV. Yet both are equally touchy predators.

  29. Anna Hollifield

    So, I just read that Lebron James said that this movie “flopped” because of racism…


    I was excited, until I heard it was you. I mean, damn Shaq would have been my first choice. Definitely NOT Lebron James. Smh. It has nothing to do with racism. If that were a truth then the first Space Jam wouldn’t have been a success, as it was. The problem wasn’t race Mr. James, the “reason” was you.

  30. Came here just to downvote this pile of soulless horseshit cash grab

  31. A Teume EXO-L who has a Fluffy

    Anyone who wanna watch this, don’t. It was sooooo long and boring, not funny at all and the actors can’t act.

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