Dr. Fauci claims vaxxed people spreading coronavirus, Michael Rapaport is pissed

Michael Rapaport is pissed/Clutchpoints

Michael Rapaport lambasted Fauci. 

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NEW YORK — During a recent chinwag on CNN, renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci raised eyebrows when he said vaccinated people are now spreading coronavirus — much to the chagrin of inoculated actor Michael Rapaport who retaliated with a profanity-laced tirade for the ages. Rapaport, if you recall, lambasted anti-vaxxers a few days ago, telling them to “get your f*cking vaccination, dummy.” He also put professional athletes on blast for eschewing Bill Gates’ vaccine. Now he’s singing a different tune.

“Just watched Tony Fauci on CNN and Fox tell me… vaccinated people are now spreading coronavirus,” Rapaport, 51, said in a viral video. “I went from being a hero because I’m vaccinated and now you motherf*ckers are calling me a ‘super spreader?’ I ain’t no f*cking super spreader. Figure this sh*t out!”

President Joe Biden is offering a cash payment of $100 to get the vaccine.

Will you get the jab?

Watch Rapaport’s before and after videos.

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  1. michael morris

    Mask or vaccine you still get covid19

  2. Remember when this dude played a neo-Nazi in the film “Higher Learning”?

  3. In China, there are lots of people who don’t want the vaccine. The government has not pressured anyone…. but the US, former beacon of freedom, is.

  4. If u want to take the Vaccine take it!! , if you don’t want to then don’t!!
    Y the shaming!? If don’t!? what is the whole shaming thing abt!?

  5. Robert Edwards

    What the hell happened to my body my choice or does that only pertain to abortions ?????

  6. How did they not see this coming ? No long term studies. Not to mention wear a mask ,don’t wear a mask , yea wear mask ,now wear two ,now vaccinate, no Vax don’t work . The cdc and our gov. Are clueless fk heads. !

  7. M Rapport has COVID sniffs

  8. Time For Revolution

    This Rapaport dude is straight up disgusting


  10. Stephanie Waggoner

    Just let me die in peace…. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. CyberneticCuldean

    “I was a hero. Now I’m a super spreader?!” No, just a sad bleating sheep.

  12. Christina M.D.

    99.9% of people vaccinated survive COVID. If you are unvaccinated you have a 99.96% chance of SURVIVING COVID?!!!!!! WTF?!!! IM NOT GETTING IT!!!!

  13. Eternal Dragonfly

    People are at home, losing their minds. Stop listening to everybody but yourselves. This shit show is nothing more than a bullying campaign of do this, and do that. Try thinking your own thoughts. 🤣🤣🤣

  14. He’s a superspreader hero 😂

  15. You were never, a hero..just sheep baaaa

  16. China still releasing variants!! When is everyone gonna figure this out?? Virus gets weaker as it evolves..these get stronger???

  17. Blows my mind how if you’re not certain about this new vaccine all of a sudden you’re an anti-vaxxer.

  18. The funniest thing is he thinks he’s a hero 🤣

  19. He has aged 10 years since his shot 💉💉. Damn 👀

  20. Milady Artistic

    Buy canned foods now, people. Get your money from the bank and buy gold, silver, copper, oils, gas and dont tell others u prep. Most important of all: Read the Holy Bible and pray to GOD YAHUAH ❤️ and Fully trust Him!

  21. Micheal is an angry scumbag. He’s a typical liberal “Rosenberg” (if you catch my drift). These leaventine actors are all the same pushing that propaganda

  22. Fake tough guy Rappaport. I get awfully tired of chumps like him and unfortunately there are way too many like him running around. Guys like him need to get smacked from time to time to knock sense back into them. Sometimes though you catch one of em good they’ll crawl under a rock and you don’t hear from em for a long time. Then they eventually crawl out and like magic the tough guy act is over and they learned their lesson.

  23. If the vaccinated people are so mad about people not getting vaccinated .. is it because they are worried the vax doesn’t actually work? If they truly thought it worked, what exactly are they getting mad about? Anyone can spread it.

  24. Midwest Aerial Observation Expert

    Michael put your mask on you SUPERSPREADER! You look like trash after you waited in line to get your SuperSpreader JUICE.. Good luck don’t think that shitty heart YOU GOT is gonna be able to handle the juice once they activated it.

  25. Michael shouldn’t have been so quick to slam people on their own personal choice in regards to vaccination
    However at least had guts to admit he was wrong not like the Government 🤣😅😆

  26. @Mandy Mandy: Amen because never in history has anyone ever pushed a vaccine like this even bribing and paying people. What’s in this shit they want in us so bad. Do your own research make your own choice and let me make mine.

  27. cannabis grower

    China is cooking up the next batch of viruses as we speak as governments are like oh this is an opportunity the terrorist thing isn’t working no more this is our new meal ticket boys let’s go!!! 😂🤡

  28. “The vaccine wont work until everyone is vaxxed.” 😂😂😂

  29. A pandemic of 99% rate of recovery. CDC admits right on their website 95% of those who have the virus on their death certificate, actually had other grave illnesses that they were going to die from without the virus. And some who had other health issues that were worsened because of the virus. The average virus death is 86. I had the virus. I got it from my vaxxed daughter who is a nurse. And no one else got it from me. Not my husband or other adult children, grandchildren or 76 year old mother who has heart problems. My mom has been exposed so many times she lost count. Never got it. They are destroying the country because you can’t build socialism/communism on top of freedom! The masks are to add fear and make sure we all comply.

  30. Lon Louderback

    Michael Rapaport you might want to stop watching cnn. And start reading and educating yourself on what’s going on.

  31. It’s artificial intelligence and it’s reproducing in vaccinated people but can spread to those who aren’t. Look up morgellons. That black cube in Mecca represents a supercomputer and the first beast. Quantum computing in its refined form, is the 2nd beast. Our cell phones, tablets, computers, may very well be the image of the beast. Why 2.4ghz? It causes the pineal gland to open up to invasion of foreign particles sprayed on us by chemtrails. That could very well be the abomination of desolation sitting in the Most Holy Place(our temple). The main chemicals sprayed are Barium and Aluminium. That’s Ba and Al,or BAAL. I’m not saying this to scare you, but to get you to open your eyes to a hard truth.

  32. Raygun_Slinger

    Yup you’re a hero alright. Super Spreader Man.

  33. Thank you vaxxed people. You are putting your life at risk so when I get the vaccine all the kinks will be worked out. And no, when I am the one that was… for lack of better word … Right, I won’t spit vitriol at you the same way you are all spitting it my way. I’ll treat you as a person, something many of you forgot how to do. Mike Tyson is right 100% “Social media made y’all way to comfortable with disrespecting people and not getting punched in the face for it”.

  34. Karen Haselman

    I’m glad he posted this ! Calling out Fauci and the CCD. Give him some credit! Yes, yes you are a super spreader!

  35. looks like he also has herpes. he should definitely mask up 😷

  36. I love how these puppets come on video looking for sympathy after spending weeks mocking & threatening people who didn’t just blindly follow like they did. I don’t feel bad in the slightest

  37. Went from being a hero to a super spreader, that’s the problem with these people they don’t give a shit about the virus or even their health they do everything for praise self righteous asses

  38. Another loud mouth progressive eaten by the communist fists up in the air cult. Rapaport didn’t you get the memo years ago that you can’t have your own mind. Welcome to the apostate club. Next time, check your opinions at the door, remember to shut up, and obey.

  39. I feel sad for the sheeple who don’t see the genocide plan. Maybe they have a hot shower waiting for you.

  40. Lol. People tried to tell folks Fauci and the CDC were full of shit…..but they were called conspiracy theorists……why don’t you look into where Fauci and his money was invested.

  41. I have a question for anyone who won’t get vaccinated because they don’t trust the government, if you don’t trust the government with vaccinations, then why do you go to the doctors to get a check up or surgery in an industry that is federally regulated? If you aren’t afraid to see a doctor or a specialist (they give you shots), then you shouldn’t be afraid to get vaccinated.

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