Evil Auntie killed niece and nephew then transported their bodies several months

Nicole killed her niece and nephew/YouTube

Evil aunt facing murder charges. 

Blog King, Mass Appeal

BALTIMORE — Nicole Michelle Johnson was thrown in the slammer after the cretinous damsel murdered her niece and nephew then drove their decomposed bodies around town for more than a year. The 33-year-old cacodemon was busted Wednesday night around 11 p.m. in Baltimore, Maryland during a routine traffic stop. That’s when a police officer inhaled “the unmistakable odor of decomposition.” The cop then popped the trunk and noticed a valise coupled with a clear trash receptacle infested with maggots.

Nicole lied and said the malodor reeked of dirty blankets. But when the officer opened the suitcase, he discovered the corpse of 7-year-old Joshlyn Marie James Johnson. Nicole tried to run but the cop chased her ass down. As she was being placed in handcuffs, Nicole vowed to commit suicide.

“It don’t matter, I won’t be here in five days,” said the evil aunt as the officer read her rights.

“Y’all going to see me on the news, y’all going to see me on the news making my big debut.”

Homicide detectives later found the remains of Joshlyn’s brother, 5-year-old Larry Darnell O’Neal, inside the plastic tote. During interrogation, Nicole told investigators she drove their cadavers up and down the street for months. Joshlyn, who weighed 18 pounds, had been in the trunk since May 2020.

Larry, who weighed 21 pounds, joined her a few months later.

Both children were emaciated and malnourished.

Nicole’s sister gave up custody so the kids could have a better life.

That backfired big time.

With aunts like Nicole who needs enemies?

The dumb bitch faces multiple charges, including child abuse and neglect.

Should Nicole get the death penalty?

Watch disturbing coverage.

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  1. EnuffWithTheFuckery

    Dont waste my tax dollars. Kill the bitch!

  2. Ryan Waidalowski

    Pure EVIL

  3. Captain Obvious

    She took the vaccine.


    Are we ready to talk about our fallen culture? Maybe help people find a moral compass? Help with mental health? No? Just gonna keep blaming white people? The representatives saying they speak for the poor are the ones responsible for allowing innocent people to die. City council- district attorneys- speak to them when you people are tired of dead babies. Or ya know- go protest racial injustices.

  5. It’s the white man’s fault

  6. Not ashamed of food stamps

    How the fuck did she get away with driving those bodies around for a year????

  7. She killed them then didn’t want those checks to stop and concealed the murders 😔

  8. She is the devil. Devil riding her back and her brain. Dont let her play crazy either..she knew exactly what she was doing . G0D dont sleep

  9. What the actual hell.

  10. Where's My Stimulus Check?

    “Dumb bitch!”

    Blog King tell us how you really feel. Lol.

  11. You would think that there would be a missing child report some sort of amber alert from the mother or other family members. But no! You have to wonder how bad the mother was to have her children taken from her and put in the care of this polyester weave headed Medusa! I mean damn! 😐🖕

  12. EBT Cardholder

    You can tell she’s on welfare

  13. Our hearts 💕 go to kids murdered. Drugs must be involved , she will plea Insanity and given probation and more Government checks !

  14. In cases like this her whole gene pool should go to jail with her. Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, even Gramgrams and Grandpa. They all dropped the ball.

  15. Omg 😱 this awful 😢 what the hell is wrong with these people wow may God help us 😫

  16. Our world is one where animals eat each other alive, natural disasters kill countless of people every day/year, unnatural disasters like war, Covid… Although some may consider Covid natural, and that may be, but my point is that she’s just another part of this “Monster World”, so what should we expect, as we ourselves chop chicken’s heads off and spear live fish to eat them? That gallon of milk in your fridge probably took much brutality to Cows to create? Got milk?🐄 🥛🍼enjoy!

  17. Again, Social Services is ‘on top of the situation’. WTH, children in questionable situations are supposed to be ‘followed’, I thought, no matter which state. They always fall through the cracks. What is it exactly Social Services/foster care/child Welfare Units do?

  18. ☠️⚡️GIVE HER THE CHAIR!!!⚡️☠️

  19. At least she did her hair.

  20. SHeeeeeeeit

  21. Wow. JUST WOW! Watch your children closely because monsters do exist. At least a lion or alligator kills you because it’s hungry. An adult human kills children because it is demented and evil. And politicians are worried about masks and vaccines. How about help for these children that are born to their own families hell.

  22. Why is she still breathing?

  23. That’s sad, the mom believed she couldn’t take care of her children and gave them to her sister so they can have something stable, but turn out the aunt was worse then whatever predicament the mother was in. She probably gotten her life together for her babies then it turns out they were murdered SMH

  24. I Love Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits

    Just think…. the mother must be 100 times worse than the aunt

  25. Shelly Ann Lewis

    What the heck, please somebody give her the needle 💉💉 sooner than later,she is a heartless human being.

  26. Sickening, vomit inducing..what a cruel world this is

  27. there IS no god, whatsoever!!!

  28. @David Bell: There is a God. Shut up.

  29. Blo Xiden is Scum

    That Zombie hairdo says a LOT!

  30. She was mentally stable and aware enough to get her hair done! She better not be able to play an insanity defense!

  31. Rockinghorse Winner

    This is what Democrat inner city policies do: turn people into wretched mutants, who then transmit it to succeeding generations.

  32. this is really sad for the kids may they rest in peace , how come the mother didnt tell the police of her missing children , can you imagine the police man opening the trunk and finding the grim discovery ,he must have had an awful shock on finding this on his work day shift , the woman driver is so sick she needs sorting ,she is so sick up stairs , what is happening in the US its so sad to see whats going on there , im so saddened by what im reading ,

  33. The biological mother couldn’t take care of her 2 children, so the aunt took them, and killed them? Would have been better to just give them up! GEEZ!

  34. She starved & beat those kids ain’t no way a 7 year old only 18lbs🤦🏽‍♂️💔

  35. Relaxation Station

    B’hotches Are Crazy!

  36. Rebekah Kirkendoll

    OMG! This woman is deplorable! How could she you do such a wicked thing to her own flesh and blood! These children were her niece and nephew for crying out loud! I will NEVER be able to comprehend how someone can do something like this without their conscience eating them alive. Are ppl like this really this desensitized? Is she even really human? Like… for real? I just can not process this heartless, despicable and demonic act on these two children. Maybe that’s how her last day’s on earth will be severely malnourished and decomposed behind bars. Good riddance!!!

  37. This is a SICK STORY!!!! She walked around with dead children?!!!!! And worse one could have been dead for a whole year?!! And that mother needs to be charged too YOU try to get back ur children and this woman did NOT show don’t YOU call the police and report the children as kidnapped?!!!! I wish some ppl who would be so careless with children were cursed to never be fertile and leave fertility to women who actually want and can handle caring for their children💔😳

  38. El Dewgz Borracho

    How do you just carry on with your life as normal, knowing you have 2 dead children in your trunk?? This person is obviously not in her mind and deserves to be locked in a trunk of her own.

  39. Elizabeth Shepard

    Her sister couldnt take care of her own kids??? I bet both were collecting benefits at same time, if this is the case they both need to pay consequences!!!! Evil in mind!!! What is wrong with these people!!!! Killing their own blood!!!! Those 2 little kids deserved a better life, may they be in Gods arms!!!

  40. Lilvon Campbell

    Lorttttt have mercy 🥺

  41. Absolutely horrible..but i can’t help but to wonder about a person’s mental state after this situation.. does someone like her get to have a mental evaluation or is she just deemed an absolutely inhumane monster…🤔

  42. Jay's World!🤪²⁰²¹

    What THE F??!!! Nobody…I mean nobody SMELLED that in a whole YEAR???🤔

  43. Seek The LORD While He May Be Found

    Sad but words of wisdom
    Stop judging. Just because your dirty deeds aren’t known like this doesn’t mean your rightouess.

    As it is written:
    No one is rightouess, no not one.
    (Romans 3:10)

    Bible says if your guilty of breaking One commandment, your guilty of breaking them ALL.

    Just like she can still repent & turn to Christ so can you.

  44. Come on just look at her does she look like a good citizen can you imagine how bad things this person has done !

  45. Wtf! Evil times we are living in with evil heartless people. Gotta stay prayed up man. This is awful! Those children didn’t deserve this🤬🤬🤬

  46. She’s fukin SICK 😤😤😤

  47. Christopher Myers

    Prayers for the 2 little children who never got to experience LOVE, but now will in GOD’S arms. 🙏

    As for the DEMONIC woman, there is no sentence strong enough…
    may she suffer eternal mental HELL. 😈

  48. This is the black queens we are supposed to respect and protect huh?…uh no.

  49. Give this woman another 6 months and she’d resort to cannibalism.

  50. Suzann Beverly Hills

    Evil 👿

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