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Police Brutality Video: White cop caught ‘smothering’ a suicidal black teenager

Officer Martin roughed up Nekia/YouTube

White cop stops black teenager. 

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FORNEY — Law enforcement officials in the Lone Star State are investigating after a horny white cop smothered a suicidal black chick to keep her from killing herself. The incident transpired Tuesday afternoon in Forney, Texas. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Kaufman County Sheriff’s deputy Conner Martin straddling 18-year-old Nekia Trigg as she frantically begged for help. The distraught teenager also yelled “I can’t breathe” while foaming at the mouth.

It looked like Officer Martin was humping her. His phallus was adjacent to her vulva.

Nekia’s mom, Antanique Ray, blew a gasket and had to be detained.

“It’s 102 degrees out here,” she yelled.

“She can not breathe!”

A black cop was present. But he was rendered nugatory.

There were no other black men around.

Eyewitnesses said Nekia demonstrated suicidal deportment which prompted a 911 call. She reportedly darted into traffic and jumped in front of moving cars. Officer Martin said he pinned Nekia to the ground then handcuffed her to prevent self-infliction. “I got it all on video,” said a family member.

Nekia was released.

Officer Martin, who had his body camera off, was placed on paid administrative leave.

Antanique was arrested and faces multiple charges.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. I didn’t realize it was a female. Perv move to me. Big FAIL for the cops once again. The clock is probably ticking for them. They gotta realize it.

  2. If she was suicidal, none of this would be helping. A suicidal person is someone in deep distress this would only heighten that distress. This is sooooo wrong. They way the attacked her mom. There is no excuse for this.

  3. The Black cop is caught up in Esau police system he’s part of thier philosophies in other words he’s on the side of the devil

  4. Here I am a black woman who has had four abdominal/pelvic area surgeries. Omg, this is awful! What a shame trying to end another black life that matters. And to see a black cop in the midst of this is appalling.

  5. Sexual assault! We should check the history of the police officer.He did not feel embarased with people around lying on top of her like that….it says a lot about him.
    ….what a barbaric police man

  6. Sickening….more like infuriating, very hard to watch. I’ve never seen a officer do that. Just another way to degrade us. Disgusting

  7. I would have killed them all

  8. This officer is a complete pervert. You put your private parts against me, that’s sexual assault and I’m filing charges against you. Wondering if detainment or arrest justified for “alleged” running in traffic. And why wasn’t his camera on?

  9. It’s a darn shame we have to fight the police for our life!! I would promise that cop I’ll get you…you have children and family also! I would hunt his ass down!

  10. So this officer just likes to sit on ppl… disgusting. He already put the handcuffs on and he’s just sitting on the woman’s butt fixing himself…. wow…. disgusting

    LAWYER UP!!!!!!!!!!

  12. If a call comes in for a mental health issue why wasn’t a mental health certified officer not dispatched?

  13. ⭐ I Swear Looks like He’s Smuthering
    Her With His Chest!!! And WHY Is He Straddling Her! This Looks VERY Wrong!!
    Especially in 102 degree Temperature
    But Still NOT Right!

  14. The fact that he was laying on her like that. It is disgusting, vile and sexual harassment.

  15. How come you never see any black officers? would they stand around and let this man do this to a black queen? and he’s on a paid vacation while we make a little noise.

  16. @mrgregc14: There was a black cop there. Did you read the article? Did you see the video? You must be a blind mothafucka.

  17. The mother both descalated and more so escalated the situation. I understand her emotions but the whole thing was ridiculous. He was molesting her and like impending her breathing. He seems sick. The other officer seemed to know what to do.

  18. This was a sexual assault on these women and the other cops just watched this happen! They did nothing to try to help this family…disgusting!

  19. Im so Upset and Sick an Tired of all if the Mistreatment. If im Not Mistaken he Broke the Protocol 2 Different ways 1 Where and Wasn’t a Female Officer called in to assist with the Arrest of the Young woman 2 Why wasnt EMS Not called to the Seen to give any Medical Assistant when Clearly see the Condition this Young Girl was in. And please Help me understanding if the Officer Felt that she was a Threat why wasn’t she Face down instead of up; which Clearly is Showing that he Sexually Assaulted her right there in the Open like back in the Days when the Slave Master use to do. You CAN’T tell the Officer Didn’t have a Hidden Agenda which is Why he Didn’t Turn or Have Body Cameras on. Texas Chief of Police, DOJ and Attorney General’s, I pray that y’all give this Mom and Daughter Justice. Although theirs No Money that Fix or Help Change the Trauma that the Mom, Daughter hell even the Community was subject to. My Heart Hurts for this Family😪mamashod💔

  20. This makes me want to jump into the screen. What a punk someone who wasn’t shit in school now has the power of hiding behind a badge and thinks he’s tough. She could have had an anxiety attack couple with that position in the heat and died. Where’s humanity?

  21. I feel that this should be filed as a ” hate crime” against these officers. Since none of the officers did anything to get the officer off of the young lady, they should be charged as accomplices !

  22. Still to this day, America dehumanizes its ethnic minorities like no other .. but the US government talking about human rights abuse to China and other countries.?? The level of hypocrisy in this country is just laughable.. (The internet has exposed America for its covert two-face, whitewash lies, and its vile infringement of Human rights against black people for centuries)

  23. I see some disgusting comments on here about the officer getting off sexually on the teen girl. He could be, he couldn’t be, but just because she is a big girl doesn’t mean she is desired. And plus in many rape cases the reason for the rape boils down to control. Many people whom the world deems undesirable are rape victims. Do the ignorance of some of these comments, makes me shake my head. Just the stupidity of minds.

  24. Why is he laying on her private parts, this is not right on any level, I can’t believe what I’m seeing

  25. It seems as if one of the requirements to be a police officer, is to be evil, heartless, and have a messed up sick mind. Take that uniform off and you will see that they are nothing but nothing. May they get the justice that is owed to them.

  26. NO apologies accepted with actions from scary ass horny ass police like this

  27. My personal opinion I’ve never seen someone that detain anyone in that position I truly believe it was sexual turn on……I’m sorry for the trauma this young girl has gone through too satisfy this police officer sexual fantasy and making it look legal by wearing a uniform justice will be served in that young woman’s favor I cannot see otherwise…..

  28. This will not stop until we start hanging these Supremacists. That looked like a sexual assult.

  29. This is a fucking circus, what’s wrong with these people? What a mess.

  30. That BLACK officer need be fired an arrested for allowing that prk to mount the mother
    How do you allow these w.s. to modern day almost lynch a black child without the rope your more a disgrace than white cop for allowing this abuse you should lose everything too house pension college money cars your family left on side of the road homeless too passer by mount your wife and kids

  31. Race soldiers just repeating their ancestors behavior when they were in caves raping and pushing violence behavior towards others.. He just got caught in his ultimate high in dry humping her in public for extra points plain and simple..

  32. Some type of sexual assault should be looked into. It looked like he was rubbing his genitalia on the girl & her mother. I’ve never seen a male or female officer lie on any person like that. Go back to the beginning of how policing started. Chasing down so called slaves & yeah I’m sure some raping was in there somewhere. It’s 2021 & these Thugs still think their rounding up slaves. & comfortable enough to lye on top of teen age girls & then go get a little from the mother (From The Back) while people stood by & had to watch this w/ their own eyes in broad daylight. That whole thing was strange perverted & out right disrespectful. They should press charges on him for attempted rape. Their charges shouldn’t be able to hold water. But they are in Texas. I wish someone was there to stop Predator from molesting those young ladies on the street in broad daylight in front of everyone to see.I hope they go for sexual assault charges. It’s not like they don’t have proof.

  33. Utterly filthy disgusting❗Sleazy cop evidences an overt rape mentality–quite a bit of overt degeneracy, in fact. It’s the cop that needs such appropriate charges & imprisonment❗❗& the lameness of his fellow officers in not intervening. The mother is totally innocent in her astounded outrage❗& the furious growl of the Cop: DON’T PUT YOUR DAMN HANDS ON ME❗🥶🤫😈❗

  34. It was uncomfortable to watch this video. Disturbing how the cop became infuriated when he had to get up off this young girl. If she didn’t have mental issues, she damn sure does now!! This is Sick and Sad SMH

  35. Is this officer trying to sexually assault this young woman in the presence of fellow officers and the public? Why is he lying on her like that in such a position?

  36. Plot twist: They get married start a family and live happily ever after

  37. The BLACK OFFICER stood just as the black fathers and husbands during slavery helpless to do NOTHING!!!

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