“Fresh Prince” star Alfonso Ribeiro feels ostracized for marrying a White woman

Alfonso proud of his mixed family/AmoMama

Alfonso Ribeiro feeling rejected. 

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ATLANTA — “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” star Alfonso Ribeiro is married to a white chick and, for that reason, he believes he’s being ostracized by the black community. The irony is Alfonso’s dramatis personae — Carlton Banks — suffered a homogeneous kismet; mainly because he was a nerdy, privileged, sweater vest-wearing, Tom Jones-lovin’ Republican. His ‘Carlton Dance’ has its own chapter in sitcom history. Alfonso, host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos,” got some sh*t off his chest during a chinwag with Atlanta Black Star. If you’re frownin’ upon his interracial marriage, he loves you anyway.

“I am in a mixed relationship and I get… [mean] looks and comments constantly,” Alfonso said. “And I find it very interesting because you see a lot of things on social media where people say things and people have positions and perspectives. And it’s not easy to make that choice, because you’re not at home in any home. I’m never going to be white and I’m never going to be fully supported in the Black house. So I’m in my own little world with support from almost no one, to be in love with someone I’ve fallen in love with. How does that make sense? It doesn’t.”

“I will support any person that wants to live in a world that they want to live in,” he continued. “I’ll support a racist person to live in a world that they want to live in. They don’t have to be around me. But if that’s the world that they want to live in, they should have a right to live in that world. I live in a mixed world. I love in a mixed world. I live in a Black world, and I love in that world. I feel everyone should be supported.”

Twitter reaction was merciless. One user wrote, “Imma need Alfonso Ribeiro to stop blaming his not being accepted into the black community on his white wife. He needs to come to terms with the fact that he’s just trash on his own merits. He’s been shucking and jiving for white folk his whole career.”

Another added, “At least Carlton was a funny character, Alfonso Ribeiro on the other hand can be intolerable and ignorant.”

Alfonso, 49, and Angela Unkrich got hitched 9 years ago.

They share 3 mulatto children: Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro Jr., Ava Sue Ribeiro and Anders Reyn Ribeiro.

Do you feel sorry for Alfonso?

Does society have a problem with interracial relationships?

Share your thoughts.


  1. He dont like sisters regardless, it dont matter which kind or differences he dont date any of us.. so needs to stfu!

  2. So? We don’t have to support your marriage CARLTON!!! Just do good work Carlton. We don’t support Eddie Murphy’s marriage either. We don’t support the Wayans Brothers’ marriages either. We don’t support Omari Hardwicks’ marriage either. We don’t support Michael Ealy’s marriage either. Buck-o, I could go on and on. And so what is your point again? And besides, your white-bread acting butt wasn’t complaining when you were “white enough” to get hired to host America’s Funniest Home Videos. You got PAID for that gig and you know it. Shaddup Carlton.

  3. Bruh, we don’t care about your white wife.

  4. Mr. Ribeiro certainly understands that his own self-hatred is what makes folks uncomfortable. He has the right to date whomever he likes, and his preference has always been blondes. It doesn’t escape anyone’s notice that he defers to women as White as possible. If he doesn’t like Black skin, why on earth would he expect anyone to like his? I don’t think people reject his relationship as much as they reject him. He does not want to be associated with his Blackness and people generally don’t know how to receive hypocrites.

  5. It’s no surprise that he married a white woman! He’s called Carlton for a reason! sounds like he wants validation for choosing a white woman…this lets me know that he just married her because she’s white

  6. Nobody is sweating this dude. People look at everyone. Hes not the first or the last to be in a interracial relationship. He cares more than others. Michael Strahan not crying and his white wife took everything from him. Nobody is stopping the world looking at Eddie Murphy, charles Barkley, or anyone else.

    If he so sensitive, he should have made a choice he could handle.

  7. Ella Satterwhite

    You really needs to get over yourself! You choose a white woman ! And because some people don’t agree in this day and age you crying because some people don’t except it! Men like you so called black rich men put on a pedestal white and other races of woman to shine in take care of and talk and disrespect black woman! You all a joke!! Some of you ya mama aunts grandmothers are black and you worried about us not accepting you because you married one! It was a time you couldn’t walk on the same sidewalk or look at them for fear of being hung! Even now some people still got that mentality! So why u worried you sleeping with her! Who cares! Get over yourself!!

  8. All these comments hating on what he said and yall are doing exactly what he just said. Alienating him for his choice in a partner. Yall dont want racism but act racist. All these dudes clout chasing like I only date black. Nobody cares what you do sexually…some of us date white black latino and more…disrespect me and mine and you will get equal consequences across the board. you dont get a pass for dating a sister. Theres no award for that. You still are black. Celebrate the man for having a great career and stop hating on him for not being poor. He dont owe nobody nothing for being alive. Miserable mitchasness

  9. Kellsonthe1sand2s

    He needs to worry about why those kids do not look like him.

  10. Antoinette Hackett

    Sticks and stones! You can’t control who you love race color creed religion. Unfortunately this world needs to start accepting who we really are one big melting pot. And stop seeing color and start seeing human beings. Just love your family and the people that are going to love you are going to love you and love them back. We can’t change everybody’s mind there’s evil everywhere but as long as you have good in your heart that’s all that matters

  11. If you’re in a relationship that you love why you cryin’ lookin for attention and acceptance from black folks? You wanna a cookie for marrying outside your race?

  12. I don’t even look at him as a black man. He is a white man in a black mans body. There is not one ounce of soul in him.

  13. How can you say such a thing. Interracial marriages are so common nowadays. Of course there are some who disapprove but really, very few think anything of mix marriages these days. Maybe you Alfonzo or your wife has the problem.

  14. I’m married to a black woman and I haven’t received ANY support from the black community. WTH?

  15. I’ve liked him since his days on silver spoons. Sometimes it’s a matter of how you reach out to people or not . There’s other black men, with white wives and they are well liked. Sometimes when you act distant, people treat you that way..Twitch of the Ellen Show has a white wife and kids and he is well liked. He embraces his blackness, while being loving toward his wife and kids. You have to meet people half way. I may be wrong but he doesn’t seem to do that. I wish he and his family the very best. Is he getting involved in any black causes, is he reaching out, making some type of stand. Well, God Bless.

  16. Rosemary Davis

    Why does he feel that he needs the support of the black community?? that’s his personal life and his choice but he has to know by now that both white black and brown folks are going to feel some kind of way when you choose to marry outside of your race,so that’s nothing new but my advice to him is to stop focusing on all the negativity and focus on his family their life and not what social media says cuz these people don’t know you.

  17. Max Talley-Werner

    He’s entitled to his feelings but c’mon… we know that a lot of people thought he was too square to be cool before he got married. Lol

  18. He need to stand in the fact that he chose who he chose. If he was ostracized for it, he knew there was a chance of that and he took it. Stand in it! His character as ‘Carlton’ didn’t help the fact that he would be clowned for being “Carlton” in real life.

  19. @Rosemary Davis: The thing is ….nobody care about this guy….especially black people. He has never been black to us.

  20. Uh Cole? You stoopid. Seriously man, NO ONE CARES. Unless someone is discussing your character on Fresh Prince, you’re probably NEVER the topic of conversation in the black community. Date whoever tf you want! We don’t care! #AintNobodyComingToSeeYouOtis 😑

  21. What do want? A standing ovation? I honestly don’t give a hoot since I’m a product of a interracial family.

    Grow some balls, man. Crying like a bitch gets you nowhere. Focus on you and your family.

  22. I’m trying to understand: What does he want people to do? I’m sure other mixed race couples go through the same thing, but if you have the courage of your convictions and believe in what you’re doing, you don’t need support. This is what you chose to do, so deal with it. You don’t hear Dave Chappelle, Taye Diggs or Wesley Snipes asking for support, or any other black men who prefer white/exotic women. That’s what they want and they don’t care about “emotional support.”. Be a man about all of this, Alfonso. What Black celebs or causes do you support?

  23. First of all, I never knew he was married. I honestly don’t recall and have never seen his wife. Second of all, baby sorry to this man and those like him who still think we care about the White wives–that’s definitely y’all in your own heads using a few idiots as the whole collective. What bothers me is when these men who marry White women WEAPONIZE it and use it to run off all this mess about Black women and Black society like they didn’t come from a Black or 1/2 Black woman themselves. When they shuck and jive for the White gaze by putting down real issues happening to us as Black folks. Other than that, man marry and love whomever you choose. That doesn’t pay my bills and it doesn’t stop me from seeing you on TV. This was a reach. Nobody cares as much as he thinks or wants to, and imma tell ya–any racist who wants to perpetuate their world onto this one will not be able to live freely and happily in this living world. so he’s wrong for that one. All this talked of worlds makes it seems like maybe he’s cloistered off into his own social spaces and that’s why he thinks and feels as he does. He has a beautiful family….stop trippin. There are too many social fires in this world to be worrying about who is marrying some White lady lol.

  24. Maury somebody should check that youngest

  25. Black men who date the most basic looking white women. Always talmbout, “black people don’t accept me because I date a white woman.” Stfu🙄. You don’t accept your damn self. Black people know the difference black men who is married to a white woman, and a black man who hate himself. White folks are literally the dominate culture, he has assimilated and blames the fact that HE is disconnected from black folks, on us not “accepting Jim.” The excuse is tired and played out.

  26. Alphonso the Black Community has no problem with your relationship, what you should be concerned about is why your kids keep coming out white.

  27. I don’t think 90% of black ppl care. He’s acting like this is 1920. He’s not as special as he thinks. It’s a million interracial couples out here. He needs to get over himself.

  28. He’s exactly who he portrayed on the show. His IG page aint got nothin pertaining to black culture on it, george flloyd, black out tues and whatever else represents black culture. Not saying thats what he needs to do to prove he is black but come on you know what I mean. He ain’t black on the inside.

  29. The_hoes_force_is_strong

    Why would we!?😂😂😂 That’s not what the black family stands for or looks like. I hope he’s just as mad at the white people for not praising him as well.😂😂😂

    That’s like a black woman being with a white man and then being mad the black community isn’t seeing them as the black community. YOU ARE NOT! He’s not putting back into his own. BLACKS are the reason he is where he is today, WHITE GIRLS DID NOT SIT AROUND watching Fresh Prince.😂😂😂

    Sit down…. Like… NOW

  30. By show of hands, who cares about how he chooses to slang his peen? Nobody? Ok I thought so. Bruh, live your life man seriously. I didn’t even know who he was married to.

  31. Literally the majority of famous black men, actors, athletes, etc have white wives. He’s not unique. He is not being ostracized, he just isn’t relevant to anything.

  32. Simmie Williams

    Will Smith is Hollywood royalty, and he’s hasn’t made a film with Alfonso….makes you wonder. Looks like they had chemistry on the fresh Prince of Bel Air…..So why no buddy film(s)? With that said, I won’t cancel dude because he mis spoke. He actually hasn’t done anything to hurt our community…I can name a ton of other artists we continue to support for that.

  33. Sweetdification

    He married A Gentile Woman. Boo. Hoo that’s his fault ⁉💯

  34. Why celebrities always feel like they need support. Hell, we been watching Calton on Fresh Prince and all the other shows he’s on. Isn’t that showing support 🤔 Now, its time for all the celebrities to show their fans support, hell, help someone thats homeless, go buy someone a car or house that need. Hell need to stop talking nonsense 🙄

  35. Christina Perez

    He needs to not give a shit about who he’s offending or who is accepting who. They are human beings not animals. It’s not like he’s a black bear going after a zebra. All bears go together. People need to not make an issue about color. My daughter always likes to play with black baby dolls I don’t care. I just tell her that’s a pretty baby. I don’t say oh no you can’t have that one you need a white one instead. People! 🤦‍♀️

  36. Black men like him are mentally ill. You married white, so go be with them, because that is who you are. … He is trying to say black women don’t support him. He is ridiculous.

  37. Walmart Cashier

    nigga please

  38. He seemed to cater to white audiences maybe because he thought that meant more money and look where that got him! Irrelevant! White people aren’t eating his shit up so he’s now blaming black people for “not accepting him”. Nah, CARLTON, you’re just not entertaining and frankly, you’re boring as hell. It’s not that black people don’t accept him, it’s just that he’s not poppin, that’s all 😂 NO ONE GIVES A SHIT IF HE’S MARRIED TO A WHITE WOMAN LMAO

  39. Mista Chizzles

    Don’t no blacks give a f*ck that Carlton Banks married a Becky

  40. The Lord's Side

    Wasn’t he highly supported on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air? Isn’t he still getting love from Will Smith’s whole world of fans? He’s never, if I can recall, been trashed the way Stacey Dash has been dragged. I don’t recall him being on our bad side. The paycheck must be running on the low side. BM always complain when they aren’t worshipped. Don’t bring Becky into this; it’s all about YOUR FEELINGS, ALFONSO!

  41. antione martin

    Alfonso is repeating the Fresh Prince of Belair episode in real life when his character Carlton tries to Join the Black college frat and the leader isn’t feeling him. Basically Alfonso is playing himself in the Fresh Prince Of Belair.

  42. Jeanette Starling

    Trust me.. I have never heard one blk person make a negative comment about him being married to a Caucasian woman.. I haven’t even heard his name or marriage brought up.. Nobody speaks about him and frankly could care less.. He’s just seeking attention at this point..😒

  43. Queen of The Crossroads

    I don’t get this… “The Black Community don’t Support me”. Well you are part of the white community too being married to one, why not ask this question of them? They are just as much of your community and “family” as the black community is. Why is the black community on trial for where you decided to implant your eggplant? What “support” is he looking for? We don’t own TV networks or have major pull in Hollywood to get you work so Ask them! With all the stuff we have to deal with as black people, we also have to deal with nurturing the emotions of where a black man wants to lay his pipe too? You asked for no community involvement or consensus or “support “ when you decided to married her …why now? Don’t these type of men ever get bored of seeking validation for their penises? Gosh who cares! Next!

  44. He is talking about when he is out and about with his wife, he gets unkind looks from black folk. We all seen it and some of us have done it. Let’s be real for a second, black folks give each other hell for not being “ black enough”. Hell light skinned brothas had it bad for a while. Sometimes when a black woman sees a good looking Brotha with a woman that’s not black they turn up their nose at him. We talk about equality but refuse to provide it to our own people. We turn our backs on each other constantly. I know I’m going down the rabbit hole on this one but it’s all connected. We need stop being so hard on each other. Live and let live.


    Black people are barely down for each other, let alone for some swirling celeb … this here is a NON issue. I’ll bet his wife put him up to this. It’s all about them Bengie$

    *His networth is $7million so you go figure it out 😉👍🏽

  46. He doesn’t deserve my respect. My son is Black and he married a Black woman. I knew from jump Carlton or what ever his name is would marry a white woman.

  47. The truth is that no one is thinking about him. He is hosting and appearing on shows that Black people don’t watch. That’s not Black people’s fault. That’s his. No one is shunning him. If he appeared on a show or movie Black people watched, the audience would be there with no bad feelings and would be happy to see him. He was celebrated for doing the Fresh Prince “reunion.” Everyone was glad to see him. This issue he has is only in his head.

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