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Police Brutality Video: Jaxson Hayes got manhandled by LAPD after burglary call

Jaxson Hayes lost his mind/Clutchpoints

Jaxson Hayes is zapped by cops.

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LOS ANGELES — Law enforcement officials in Los Angeles are investigating after New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes got tased by police for showin’ his ass. The electrocution transpired around 3 a.m. on July 28th. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a trio of officers tussling with a barefoot Jaxson as they attempt to place him in handcuffs. Seconds later, one of the cops pulled out a taser and zapped the 7-footer in the torso. Backup cops arrived and that’s where the video reached its cessation. Jaxson, 21, tried to burglarize his girlfriend’s home after a domestic dispute.

He also assaulted an officer and used racial slurs.

“Body worn video captured Hayes repeatedly attempting to enter the residence despite officers blocking his path and verbal commands for him to remain outside,” LAPD officials said in a statement. “Officers requested a backup and they attempted to place Hayes’ hands behind his back; however, Hayes broke free of the officers’ grasp and pushed one of the officers into a wall.” 

Jaxson is the son of former Kansas City Chiefs tight end Jonathan Hayes.

He’s tall, but only weighs 220 pounds soaking wet.

How y’all feel about this?

Was excessive force used?

Should the Pelicans give Jaxson a second chance?

Should NBA Commissioner Adam Silver get involved?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. This is very disturbing, i hope he gets justice for this on going bulls%$#

  2. Things like this wouldn’t happen if people would stop resisting arrest. Your arrest is not up for debate in the moment. Go with the process and figure it out in court. If the arrest was found to be unlawful then sue the police. Be smart, be safe.

  3. The real question is why did he get tased ? He was probably resisting arrest and was non compliant to lawful orders. Cops usually never tase someone without a reason.

  4. Poor jaxson. Hes skinny why on earth they need that many police. Thats brutal.

  5. Police work isn’t pretty…the cops all have there cameras operations so I’m sure they were within Policy…like u said dude is like 7ft tall…I’m sure if u we’re trying to arrest someone that big ur use of force would be swift and hard…a lot of people don’t realize that police work isn’t always nice sometimes people get hurt when they resist…facts

  6. His girlfriend called the police from inside the house. He tried to stop the police from speaking to her.

    Sounds kinda scary tbh. Imagine a 7ft monster not letting you out the house.

  7. Why were one of the cowards trying too stop the guy that was videoing what’s was going down knew they were wrong called a lawyer I hope they lose their JOBS makes good cops look bad it’s very sad when children are afraid of cops a bunch of cowards this is what hatred looks like

  8. All ….should be fired …excessive force to the max….them Ego robots don’t give a fuck….

  9. Need to see the body cams and why they were called. Figured people would learn by now not to jump to conclusions with partial cell phone footage and no information on what was going on. I saw police struggling to subdue a 7 ft. man and they used non-lethal means to do it. No punches. No choking. No knee to the neck. So, what we talking about here? You think you can’t get your ass detained if you don’t comply with LE or you choose to escalate the situation when it could have been handled easily? We’ll see if Hayes was wrongly treated, but don’t spread around this half baked video without context or the full fucking story.

    Some of y’all with a platform are part of the damn problem with all of this shit because you speak like you are hurt seeing something happen to a “black” man and don’t know why it is happening in the first place. Allow the damn facts to come out and not ask your audience “How y’all feel about this?” as if the cops just showed up for no reason to that man’s house just to taser and wrestle him to the ground without justification. Let the facts come out first.

  10. Someone called the cops for a domestic violence and when they arrived they asked jaxson to stay outside so they can speak to the victim…he refused to do so and pushed a cop into a wall which started a scuffle…..all these events could’ve been prevented if he could control his alcohol cause idk who tf thinks it’s a good idea to push a cop into a wall especially with the events going on nowadays…why tf would he do that. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Prayers for Jaxson and anyone involved tho

  11. These ‘woke’ NBA players are a collective of entitled mama’s boys who do not have the mental wherewithal to think critically. Outside of mainstream media, they do not have a clue of what is going on nor how to solve any of the societal ills in which they claim to be victimized by.

  12. Another black athlete that gets to do what they want…I’m sure he won’t face any harsh charges…They will make it the cops fault

  13. No home training! My dad would’ve kicked my ass if I ever got arrested for fighting the police. I would rather have a police beating than my dad getting my ass for being that damn stupid! He only got my ass a few times in my life but when he did I deserved it and will never forget it. Rest In Peace dad!

  14. Is his girlfriend Caucasian? Because that would explain why the cops reacted the way they did.

  15. I dont know what happened before the video starts but there was no need to hit him with the tazer when he is on the ground with 3 cops on him….thats not called for at all

  16. Don’t commit crimes and don’t resist arrest, the day to fight is in court, not when being arrested.

  17. Homeboy shouldn’t have been fighting with the cops. He’s lucky he didn’t really get hurt

  18. @Bob Skillet: You know Spineless Silver won’t do a damn thing. Now if it were a white player that did it, he’d be banned from the NBA for life, but since it was a black kid they won’t do a goddamn thing to him because they’re TERRIFIED of being called “racist” and they’re TERRIFIED of LeBigot James too!! I will bet everything I have that NOTHING HAPPENS TO HIM! Also can they legally (I mean in relation to their CBA) do anything to him since it wasn’t during anything NBA related? I mean I realize they can suspend him if he was involved in the domestic violence incident but can they actually fine him for being a racist? I sure hope so. Of course the players and coaches are probably saluting him because they love when guys are racist towards white people and especially Law Enforcement

  19. Jaxson has showed signs in his short nba career that he doesn’t respect authority, lacks good decision making and is still mentally a child. He has a ton of growing up to do. He is a liability for the Pelicans. I would cut him. Let him be another teams problem. Shame too because he has some talent. His parents should sit his ass down to read him the riot act.

  20. Keystone cops. They all look incompetent. It is clear an aptitude test isn’t required to join the police force but they should be able to pass a physical. They don’t look like they know how to arrest someone. Any longer and he would have been dead. A taser to the chest serves what purpose?

  21. YOU got to listen to the police man!! If they say don’t come in then don’t you fool. You may have had a decent career bouncing a ball and trying to get it in a basket for 2 points….sometimes 3 but now you’ve blown it by not listening to authority. Stoupid

  22. If everything is 100% true with him resisting arrest first of all the police should put him in jail for a short time and also the NBA should fine or suspend him but probably nothing will happen to him.

  23. Everybody in the comments has the story wrong him and his girlfriend have dogs and the dogs got into a fight. Then him and his girlfriend started arguing because one of the dogs were hurt. The neighbors heard them arguing and called the police. There is no domestic dispute people call the police all the time for the wrong reasons and shit like this happens leave your neighbors alone. Why would he slam a cop against the wall he would risk his whole NBA career for that?? No, my guy is 6’11 250+ pounds they were scared of him and tackled him to the ground. His friend has a right to record but the cop still rushed him to the ground like there was something terrible happening. All I see is a bunch of bootlickers in this comment section. Wait till the police treat you the same way you’re going to be singing a whole different tune. These police are militarized and former vets we do not need them in our communities this is not a war zone.

  24. That’s how you know the cops fucked up because they always try to stop the person from recording

  25. Adam Silver is a coward and won’t do anything. He has no balls at all. And Hayes will just cry racism so it all goes away. We know that as soon as a black person cries racism there is no further investigation.

  26. Interesting title, officers were responding up a domestic call and of course young brotha gets all puffed up and resists arrest and injured an officer. Going into your house doesn’t make you safe just because you’re at home base. If it bothers you, then brothas shouldn’t resist.

  27. I don’t know what’s going on with these athletes nowadays. Just cuz he’s tall and big got to remember though he’s still a kid he’s only 21 years old kids are dumb. I just missed the good old days in the ’80s and ’90s when athletes were about playing the game and making their money. Seems like these athletes nowadays are just on some self-sabotage stuff trying to ruin their own careers. If I was 7 ft I would have gotten to college gig playing basketball got a good job or went further playing basketball. These kids are throwing away blessings sent right from God to them.

  28. So arrogant just because he is an NBA player! He should be put in his place! Arrogant idiot!

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