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Drug dealers targeted in commercial for vaccine

Richard Johnson says get the jab/YouTube

Drug dealer says vaccine needed.

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LITTLE ROCK — First they proffered weed, liquor and lap dances as COVID-19 vaccine incentives. Now we’ve learned bureaucrats in Arkansas funded a community outreach commercial aimed at enticing drug dealers to “get the jab.” The public service announcement shows street pharmacist Richard Johnson elucidating his decision to get inoculated. “You have to understand I’m a hustler,” he explained. “I’m a legit entrepreneur. I sell things. I come in contact with people all the time. I have to stay safe.” “I didn’t have a choice but to trust the vaccine,” Richard continued. “If you live the type of lifestyle that I live, and you’re out here in these streets and you’re hustling… why not do it safely? So I want everybody to take this seriously. Take a shot at staying healthy. Get the vaccine.” Social media reaction was priceless. One user wrote, “Yeah that’s going to have folks running to get the shot……uhhhh nope.” Another added, “Why the push for black people to get vaccinated when we only make up 11% of the population in America? Where is the push for whites?”

Have government officials gone too far?

Do you suspect something’s up?

Watch the disturbing commercial.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. im fine with people not getting vaccinated
    but when they catch covid and need hospital care…..i dont want to pay for it
    why arent we allowed to simply let them die?….
    why are taxpayers forced to cover people who cant afford their medical bills but are also stupid and caught covid?

    dont take the vaxx….but your death should be quick and not annoying

  2. Im fully vaccinated, long story short get vaccine and start living again without the fear you might catch it and spread it to your family members. Anyways have a bless day peeps

  3. If he selling drugs and known drug dealer and he telling on himself on media. Shouldn’t it make the cops job easier to arrest him.? why did they give him a commercial gig. This is all false . They’ve gon too far with the comedy不不不. Just paid actors portraying a character they want for a commercial. This proves that the world is staged

  4. I swear our own people always selling us out, since the beginning

  5. @WelikecarsthatgoBoom!!!: Hes selling mixtapes out the trunk. Cmon man!


  7. Y’all the Government is behind drugs, gangs, and mind control tactics as Government means mind control in Latin.
    New World Order is written in Latin on our currency. USD MEANS Under Satan’s Directions as USA means Under Satan’s Authority.


  9. Have the black drug dealer mix the vaccine with crack and have the white drug dealer mix the vaccine with meth. Hell Pfizer should mix their vaccine in Viagra, within a week all the numbers would go down.

  10. So these are the type of negros they think they need to use to appeal to the black community?That’s kinda disturbing.

    The commerical kinda makes my skin crawl… but if it helps motivate somebody to get vaccinated, and saves a few lives, then so be it.

  11. Insults stay coming from this administration. Wait until Joe releases a grocery store shelf ad for black women. Kamala will be in the background eating chicken and listening to Tupac.

  12. Crazy they want you to take the shot soooooo desperately it’s free like f l u shots but insulin chemotherapy is through the roof in prices? Yea they just want you to be “Healthy.” 打打打


  14. Im vaccinated and i know plenty others vaccinated and we fine. Im not going round convincing anyone to get the vaccine cause honestly i dont really care if you get it or not. 仄賤儭

    My point is why are yall that are so adamant about not getting it so riled up lol its not that deep. I can hear yall yelling through my phone, some of yall need to log off the internet and relax and live your life.

  15. “Richard Johnson” LOL that’s the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of Black men

  16. This is getting out of hand…the way they’re peddling this got me a little nervous, and i’m vaccinated. I definitely risked it all for a clinical trial.

  17. I noticed the authorities keep records on race, gender, income and medical history before administering the shot. They may have reasons for it but it seems like cataloging which should not be a issue if this is not a man made virus. A person’s race and gender should not matter. jmo

  18. If we can get the vaccine in the vial we can test it ourselves. On mice of course.

  19. He said he sells things just because he has a gold chain does that means he sells drugs? Maybe he sells cars, Maybe he sells electronics, Maybe he sells clothes. Always generalizing us.

  20. This isn’t outreach. This is propaganda. Same as Juveniles ‘Vax That Thing Up’ debacle. They’re getting so desperate and pathetic. Their desperation is only making people even less likely to take the shot.

  21. OK. Don’t take the vaccine. Simple. No one is forcing you.

    Just note that once the vax gets full FDA approval,
    full vaccination will be required to rent, work, shop in-person,
    lease, travel abroad, access public transportation, etc.

    Since I have a known allergic reaction to polysorbate, I’m not eligible for the vaccine unfortunately.
    But my doctors provided alternatives to it, so I would be allowed to do those activities without a vax.

    Good luck.

  22. Church, barbershop, drug dealers, that’s how they aim a message to black ppl

  23. This was a message from your Democrat, good ole Joe. Get it done YOU people. Got to be kidding me with this. Between this and Juve and them … they’re saying how they perceive Blacks.

  24. No I will not get vaccinated. Not me nor my immediate family members. Fk vaccine promotion propaganda!

  25. Put the vaccine in alcohol beer weed cigarettes and coffee everybody in America will then be vaccinated

  26. @Darius: Tell that to my beautiful 26 year old ex co-worker who died of covid she shared the same mentality as you and died unnecessarily because of ignorance and thinking that the government was trying to kill Black people she told me that many times and refused to get the vaccine. What’s sad about it is thousands of others shared her same mindset died and will continue to die because they rather believe and spread nonsense than get a vaccine that saves lives.

  27. All of this but you trust the govt with your lives?

    -Tuskegee Syphilis Study 1932-1972

    – California prison sterilization program 1997-2013

    -The eugenics sterilization program of North Carolina

    – Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, who was a vocal eugenics supporter. It targeted poor melanated people. Sanger determined that the poor were both stupid and immoral, which helped promote campaigns for sterilization during the Depression.

    – Tetanus vaccine under the guidance of the World Health Organization (sponsered by Bill Gates) was found to be laced with anti-fertility drug. It sterilized over 1/2 million African women. (1993)

    -Public Health England admitted that 34k people died from a failed flu jab between Dec 2016 and Mar 2017.

    – 200k children were guinea pigs for the first polio vaccine in 1955. 40k ended up getting it.

    – From 1955 to 1963, between 10% and 30% of polio vaccines (grown from monkey tissue) were contaminated with simian virus 40 (SV40).

    – The MMR vaccine gave young black males autism 236% more than young white males. (2004)

  28. History of Medical Experiments
    1. Tuskegee syphilis experiment
    2. USA forced sterilizations
    3. Nazi experiments
    4. India forced sterilizations
    5. China forced abortions
    5. Japan biological & chemical prisoner experiments
    6. USA & Guatamala syphilis experiment
    7. Covid mRNA vaxx

  29. What race of people would even have a commercial like that? I tell ya were our worse enemy.

  30. I didn’t like the “script” they gave him, saying he’s in “these streets.” It def has a slight connotation.

    I don’t care if I sold products door-to-door, I still wouldn’t say I’m in these streets. I’d say I provide personal service. LOL!

  31. Around all that vax advertisement craze that specifically targets African-Americans, I do changed my point of view on race relations. The mainstream, the American society as a whole is educated in a way to prescribe the lowest layer of human existence to African-Americans. And when people of that specific group do live up to these expectations, politicians use their situation for a campaigning platform, mostly Democrats and their progressive members. Republicans on the other hand, are either mildly imitating this or straight up honest about the condition(leftist often define that honesty as racist and it could be, not saying otherwise).
    I don’t see any other community in the United States who are told to do something as whole and being motivated by the filth of their surroundings, neither Africans born in Africa, nor Latinos, nor any other minority, nor the downtrodden of the majority.
    Vax that thing up, make vaccines available at fast food chains like a popeyes, few others fucked up ads, and now straight up a street “entrepreneur”… 不 being automatically correlated with the social filth and many idolizing them will always be in the way of improving no matter what laws and privileges are implemented

  32. Just shows how aware they are of their racist policies and what it has led the black community to resort to. They know what the occupation for most black males there is…sad

  33. Whats next. 50% off your next crack purchase if you show proof that youve been jabbed?

  34. I got a letter from Walmart saying Pfizer is on recall today!!!! This sht getting scary mane!!!!

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