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Drug dealers targeted in commercial for vaccine

Richard Johnson says get the jab/YouTube

Drug dealer says vaccine needed.

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LITTLE ROCK — First they proffered weed, liquor and lap dances as COVID-19 vaccine incentives. Now we’ve learned bureaucrats in Arkansas funded a community outreach commercial aimed at enticing drug dealers to “get the jab.” The public service announcement shows street pharmacist Richard Johnson elucidating his decision to get inoculated. “You have to understand I’m a hustler,” he explained. “I’m a legit entrepreneur. I sell things. I come in contact with people all the time. I have to stay safe.” “I didn’t have a choice but to trust the vaccine,” Richard continued. “If you live the type of lifestyle that I live, and you’re out here in these streets and you’re hustling… why not do it safely? So I want everybody to take this seriously. Take a shot at staying healthy. Get the vaccine.” Social media reaction was priceless. One user wrote, “Yeah that’s going to have folks running to get the shot……uhhhh nope.” Another added, “Why the push for black people to get vaccinated when we only make up 11% of the population in America? Where is the push for whites?”

Have government officials gone too far?

Do you suspect something’s up?

Watch the disturbing commercial.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. Just like the Democraps think black folks don’t have IDs cause they don’t know where the DMV is.

  2. Don’t forget that the video was made by a leftist vax pusher. That’s what they think of black people. How cringe is that

  3. “I need y’all healthy enough so you can overdose on my heroin, or become so incredibly depressed for being addicted to crack for decades that you blow your head off. Get the vaccine!”

  4. What’s next. 50% off your next crack purchase if you show proof that you’ve been jabbed?

  5. He selling drugs killing mfs but worried about a dam vaccine 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️

  6. I can’t even say shit 💩💩💩😂😂😂. I was dying when seen that damn commercial. 🤣🤣🤣

  7. @natashka1982: Conservatives hate black people too. They literally laugh at black people dying at the hands of police.

  8. This is what they think of you black folks…
    & you MF’s STILL vote Democrat

  9. He said he’s a hustler, and he said things? He look like a damn snitch, he’ll be the first one to call and tell the Feds that you’re not vaccinated 😂😂😂

  10. What next crackheads asking you to get the vaccine so they can get high safely… Smh I never laughed so hard this is so wrong on so many levels

  11. They are really trying to push BS on us. Push some reparations on us if you want us to get in line about something.

  12. Our own people always selling out for a buck & don’t see that they are being used

  13. So you could go to prison or get shot in the streets but you gotta stay safe. Weird and dumb, looks like a parody.

  14. Take your blood clot jab. Bill Gates is rubbing his hands patiently waiting for you to do it. 🙂

  15. For the people who trying to convince others to take the evil vaccine you are doing the work of Satan. You are evil and not a bit of good is inside you. These rich elites want to kill off poor people and the doctors and nurses have chosen money and profit. Look at the hospitals they are empty. The pandemic is on TV only, the hysteria is coming from MSM who are Satanist and nazis themselves

  16. Why is the government doing the most to get people to get the concoction when they did little or nothing to create a vac for HIV, or to keep people from smoking, eating bad foods that give them heart disease and diabetes, or keep people from doing drugs? And I’m not asking for watered down answers or the same MO. Until y’all answer that, I’m not engaging in the buffoonery.

  17. Look like a comedy-sketch from the Chappelle show. Crackhead get vaxxed commercial coming soon.

  18. Every time I get close to getting the vaccine, I see some bs like THIS……and think of all da non melanin people sitting at a table like, “how we gonna get these n#$$% 2trust us”!???
    Me: That ain’t it mfr’s. Stick ur momma wit it. Hard pass.

  19. I wasn’t going to take that poison, but after seeing this fuckery I’m for sure NEVER TAKING IT. 🤡💩

  20. The commercial seem like a skit on Saturday Night Live. Racist and tasteless. Shame Shame Shame.

  21. Sadly an ad like this could save some ignorant peoples (Imma just goin and say IGNANT FOLKS) lives, Micheal Jai White’s oldest son just died of Covid not too long ago. He said he was still running the streets maskless and unvaxxed some people you have to just speak to them in their own language for it to click.

  22. Lmao what a contradicting message. You should be stay safe by getting the shit while doing illegal things for which you will probably get shot 😂.

  23. What are young so-called black.people supposed to get from this? The friendly neighborhood dope man is concerned for our health? 🤔

  24. They want folks to self identify with him…see his skin color, he saying stuff black folks hear daily or have heard from family, or close guy friend that be in them streets… hell…he could be your cousin, brother…or child’s father… (you get the point)… thing is they got this cat out here wanting to convince you to get the vax…do they have this same energy when you want a loan from the bank to start a business, what about this same energy when you need fair representation in court, let alone a lawyer…don’t fall for the bs…stay woke.

  25. Being vaccinated will not stop death. Getting the vaccine will not stop you from dying. Live your life without fear. No body know anything about this vaccine you people believe everything you hear from the media.

  26. Idc what he does, people need to be vaccinated. I’m a 52 year old substitute teacher that lives in the inner city. I have adult children, Godchildren, grandchildren and great grandchildren, my friends have adult and small children. I have neighbors that are all ages. I also work at a local warehouse. I have asthma, high blood pressure and severely high anxiety, ADD and Bipolar Depression. I have no time for any COVID-19 original and variant shenanigans!

  27. Ok. We have Choices. This young man could of Chose to Not do this video. He could of chose to Not represent black culture in this way. At some point as a culture of people we have got to start saying No to anything that represents us in a neagative or downgrading way. Then again most of us do not take pride in ourselves and respect one another. So. Guess I am wasting words here.

  28. It sure is suspicious how blacks are so targeted in all these experimental jab ads. You barely saw us on tv til the virus hit. Now we are so popular. . .Better start seeing this for what it is fam.

  29. He selling Vaccinations out of the trunk of that car🤣…hit him up on the Cornor of 85th and Getthatshiot lane🤣

  30. Close to 70% of israel is vaccinated and they have an explosion of covid.

  31. It’s called acting! Smh! From lotteries, fries, burgers, weed, pizza, strip club packages, tickets to sporting events, and the list goes on. The question is why go through all this stuff to give something free ( poison)

  32. He should of just said he was a legit street pharmacist, it would of been better then “ I sell things “ 🤣

  33. Joe Biden said “I need a BLACK MAN from the hood” to sell the vaccine to the black community…..just like he said he needs a BLACK WOMAN to be his Vice President to sway the BLACK vote….

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